Thursday, June 16, 2011

Markos Moulitsas on Weiner

Markos Moulitsas shares my view on Anthony Weiner. I was more than happy to throw Weiner under the bus. If Weiner stayed I could easily live with that.

Moulitsas dismissed that talk.

"No one gives a sh-t," he said. "Who cares? It's a sensationalistic story."

He said Republicans will have a hard time making hay out of Weiner's stepping down. He said he "wouldn't have cared" if Weiner stayed, and added that Republicans have no cause to say anything about it.

"If the Republicans are gonna talk that trash about getting David Vitter to resign, then maybe we can talk about me calling for Anthony Weiner to resign," he said.

Side note: is it a coincidence that Weiner resigned the day after Ginger Lee said she would corporate with the House ethics committee?

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