Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Passion of The Donald

Whenever I see Donald Trump with his latest fashion model girlfriend/wife or on Celebrity Apprentice, I always said to myself, "This is a man defined by his deep Christian faith." Trump's appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Network confirmed by suspicion. How else would Trump be able to say such profound thing as, "I think my religion is a wonderful religion"? I can feel the Holy Spirit moving through Trump's hair.

Trump even has a secret location for his Bibles. Most people would have one Bible. Not the Donald. He must have several that he doesn't read.

TRUMP: There's no way I would ever throw anything, to do anything negative to a Bible, so what we do is keep all the Bibles.

I would have a fear of doing something other than very positive so I actually store them and keep them and sometimes give them away to other people but I do get sent a lot of Bibles and I like that. I think that's great.

Trump is so busy storing and giving away Bibles that he doesn't have time to read the good book.

You can sense Trumps's faith growing during the course of the interview. Trump answer that he goes to church "as much as I can." A few sentences later Trumps says, "I'm a Sunday church person."

TRUMP: Well, I go as much as I can. Always on Christmas. Always on Easter. Always when there's a major occasion. And during the Sundays. I'm a Sunday church person. I'll go when I can.

What a concise answer. Unlike other politicians, Trump has been a lifelong Christian and not someone who suddenly found Jesus when he announced he is running for elected office. Trump believes so strongly in the sanctity of marriage that he married three times. No other presidential candidate is better qualified to represent the interests of social conservatives than Donald Trump.

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