Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gov. Scott Coached During TV Interviews

It is not unusual for politicians to get media coaching before an interview. It is unusual to get coaching on policy before interviews. For instance: Rick Scott spent the day before his WESH 2 News Sunrise interview promoting the web site GulfSafe. Scott couldn't remember the web site's name. What is even worse was Scott had to be coached on why he wasn't suing Transocan for the BP spill.

Not only did Scott receive coaching about whether or not Orlando residents vacation in the Panhandle, he also got advise on how to explain why he accepted $30 million in marketing money from BP instead of going after potentially billions from TransOcean.

"Just continue to say that what's best for Florida is to continue to work through the process," an adviser said.

That has what Scott has been saying about BP since he came into office. Why does he need to be reminded of a message he repeated countless times? I don't think Scott is dumb. I just think he doesn't give a shit about the job.



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