Monday, March 07, 2011

Quote of the Day

With all of current our problems, anyone that would hurt Obama's chances of reelection is simply stupid—or a plant.

Shoq, popular progressive on Twitter.

It is so bad that Obama apologists are resorting to conspiracy theories. This goes back to my post that Obama apologists are resorting to the "less horrible" than the Republicans argument. I don't want a president that is less horrible. I want an actual leader that will deal with the problems facing America.

Apparently, Shoq got called out on his nutty tweet. His backtrack is horrible.

Not because they're a plant. But because they're foolish, naive, idealistic, and cultural suicidal. We are fighting for our survival.

People in Sudan and the WWII concentration camps were fighting for their survival. America is facing tough challenges but let's keep things in perspective. Apparantly, Shoq can't because he goes back into conspiracy land.

@pushingrope LOL You think it's conspiracy theory that the right has left tweeters and operatives? Really?

Someone has been taking the drug called Charlie Sheen.

Seriously, if people have to choose less horrible and vote for Obama then so be it. I am certainly not endorsing the horrible policies and potential candidates of the Republican Party. In fact: just the opposite. However, we live in a democracy. We have a right to voice disapproval when we disagree with him. The truth is Obama's re-election hopes hinge more on the economy then what people write on Twitter.

It is interesting that the Obama apologists are sounding like tea baggers. Wow.

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