Monday, January 24, 2011

Homeless Beating In Seminole County

Justin Collison, 21, of Seminole County attacked and knocked out a homeless man. Collison attacked the man from behind. Collison's father is a Sanford police officer. Which might explain why he was able to avoid jail time for previous incidents.

At 16, Collison flipped his father's Ford pickup. Collison was cited for careless driving. He was not given a ticket or blood or breath test.

At 17, Collison was charged with beating and choking his girlfriend. Police found bruise marks on the girl and Collison was reportedly using drugs at the time. The girlfriend stopped cooperating with the police after Collison's family agreed to pay for property damage. Charges were dropped.

In 2007, Collison was investigated for shooting a man in the chest.

Collison had gotten drunk and after escorting a carload of friends off the property, fired a rifle at their vehicle as it drove away on State Road 415, according to a Volusia County Sheriff's Office incident report.

A 20-year-old Sanford man, Jon Regan, was seriously wounded.

Collison and the other man in his vehicle, Brandon Hilliard, were arrested, accused of aggravated battery, aggravated assault and shooting into a vehicle, but prosecutors never filed charges and abandoned the case six months later.

I have a hard time believing that if Collison's father wasn't a police officer that he wouldn't have done jail time by now.

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