Monday, November 22, 2010

Chris Knight Leaves Scott's Transition Team

Chris Knight was forced to resign from the Florida Highway Patrol in 2007. Electra Bustle, executive director of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, found that Knight had falsified a document. A six month investigation showed that Knight had discriminated against black employees under his command. Elgin Jones of the South Florida Times scanned the FHP web site during Knight's tenure and noticed something interesting.

Whether he discriminated against blacks or not can be debated, but a visit to the FHP website this week showed Knight giving out all sorts of awards to FHP troopers and staff over the past few years. Maybe it’s me, but I could not find a single black person on the website receiving any awards from Knight. You would think the FHP had more sense than this, and while I may not be the sharpest tack in the box, you can’t tell me there are no blacks in the department who are deserving of recognition.

One would think anyone in government would keep his or her distance from Knight. Rick Scott made Knight a member of his transition team. Of course, Knight's past caught up with him.

Chris Knight was let go from the transition team after the Herald/Times asked about his qualifications. Knight was forced to resign from the Florida Highway Patrol in 2007 after falsifying a memo and using it to justify the firing of a commander. The state eventually paid $525,000 to end a lawsuit filed by the commander.

Welcome to the new world order according to Rick Scott. The media should ask the anti-government Scott why he would hire someone with a dismal government track record. I love to see video of Scott trying to stay on his banal talking points. Voters will see Scott has an allergic reaction to straight forward answers.

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