Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Just How Bad Is Fred Armisen

It is no secret that Saturday Night Live guru Lorne Michaels refuses to cast black actors and women. The few that do become cast members have little screen time or play stereotypical roles. Male black cast members have often worn dresses because Michaels refuses to hire a black actress. Eddie Murphy was the only black comedian who became a star on the show. Michaels was not executive producer during Murphy's tenure on SNL.

Which brings us to why Fred Armisen is still playing Obama. SNL did a casting call for black actors to play Obama. Michaels decided to stay with Armisen. There are numerous problems with this decision. In 2008, America elected a black president. Michaels is still slamming the door in the face of black actors. Another problem is Armisen's Obama impression is terrible. Armisen can not do Obama's voice or mannerisms. I watch Armisen's Obama and wonder if he is doing a Forrest Gump impression. Armisen is also a bad comedian. So bad that he was booed off the stage of the Bowery Ballroom. The blog Brooklyn Vegen from people who saw his performance are telling.


Dude he is that bad. This guys doesn't understand what it means to be funny. The Native America comedian bit he was doing, was so bad I couldn't believe that this guy actually has a profesional career.


Fred Armisen is not funny. I hope he doesn't play Obama on SNL again this year; it's hard to watch.

Jordan Peele auditioned to be Obama. He spent several seasons on Mad TV and in the improv company Boom Chicago. More imporatantly: Peele is black, funny and a great impressionist. I would love to personally ask Michaels how he could justify not hiring Peele and other qualified black actors and retain Armisen as Obama.

Here is a video of Peele as Obama.

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Chris Rock.


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