Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Republicans Still Heart Ray Sansom

Florida House Republicans just don't get it. Sansom got into a major trouble for budgeting money to Northwest Florida College. The money was suppose to build a Community Services Complex for the school. The money actually went to building a hanger for Jay Odom's private planes. Odom has been a longtime campaign contributor to Sansom.

Northwest Florida College received money for questionable projects. NFC President Bob Richburg gave Sansom a no-bid job with the school. The job opening was advertised only a day in advance. The meeting was closed to the public. Sansom set up the office for the job interview at Florida State University. Richburg waited ten months to file the minutes of the meeting.

Sansom got a well-paying job. Odom got a hanger. Richburg got money for the school. Sansom, Richburg and Jay Odom ended up being indicted. When Sansom stepped down as House Speaker, his Republican colleagues gave him a standing ovation. House Republicans are still singing the praises of Sansom.

But apparently some lawmakers see it differently. Reps. Juan Zapata, Mary Bradenburg and Baxter Troutman all thanked Sansom for his leadership and friendship. It's striking given that most House members were reluctant to defend Sansom as the criminal investigation unfolded.

On Tuesday, Troutman, a Winter Haven Republican, called the Sansom scandal an "unnecessary witch hunt."

These people are unbelievable.

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