Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marco Rubio Protests Too Much

Marco Rubio is complaining those mean Democrats are picking on him. Rubio's campaign obitted what Rubio's latest controversy is about.

So it’s no surprise that Democrats are now targeting Marco with the first of many political stunts to distract voters’ attention from their flawed ObamaCare plan and the massive, out-of-control spending that has taken place on their watch.

The smears and attacks against Marco get more ridiculous each day. Today’s stunt is to enlist a maxed out Hillary Clinton supporter to file a frivolous complaint against Marco. It’s so frivolous that this individual wasn’t even willing to sign it.

Sadly, these stunts actually cost you, the taxpayer, money because government bureaucrats actually have to waste time on them. But worse, this illustrates the problem with politics today. When people can’t defend their indefensible big government policies, they turn to the same old politics-as-usual playbook of misleading, negative and false personal attacks.

What the Rubio campaign fails to mention is Rubio and his Chief-of-Staff during a two month period they spent $60,000 with a Republican Party of Florida credit card. Charges including a $600-a-night hotel and a limo. Chief of Staff Richard Corcoran had the audacity to say, ""Every penny was worth it." Talk about fiscal conservatism.

Rubio is being evasive about his lavish expensises.

"There might have been some that he paid, but I don't know which ones,'' Rubio said. "You're asking me about a (credit card) statement I've never seen.''

We are to believe Rubio doesn't know who paid his haircut or his $400 airline ticket for his (aborted) family vacation to Spain. That doesn't pass the laugh test. If we are to take Rubio at his word: how can voters expect Rubio to control federal spending when he is ignorant of his own finances?

Update: Fort Lauderdale resident Michael D. Ryan has filed an ethics complaint against Rubio. Usually, Florida ethics complaints don't go anywhere. However, the Ray Sansom credit card controversy and indictment is fresh in many people's memory. Ryan throws an interesting accusation about Rubio's political action committee.

Before he became speaker, Rubio and his wife started two political committees to support conservative candidates that raised about $600,000. Rubio failed to disclose tens of thousands of dollars in expenses and concealed other purchases by lumping them in credit card charges.

"It appears that Mr. Rubio believes that PAC stands for 'personal access to cash,' " Ryan says in the complaint, calling it a 'fraud upon his donors whose donations were solicited for political purposes, not to subsidize his lifestyle."

Ryan also implies that Rubio got an "Florida International University" during a time of lowoffs. Ryans is clearly linking Rubio's behavior to Sansom's. Ryan contends he doesn't have a political agenda.

Anyone involved with politics or files ethics complaints has a political agenda. Ask Kenneth Quinnell. My pet peeve is people having political agendas and saying they don't. I don't write this blog because the world of golf blogging is too tough. I write because I have a political agenda. I try to be fair and diss my side when it's deserved. I have a progressive idealogy and don't feel the need to hide that.

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