Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why A Gitmo Prosecutor Quit

Former Army Reserve lieutenant colonel Darrel J. Vandeveld served as a prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay. Vandeveld was placed in charge of prosecuting Mohammed Jawad. Vandeveld discovered Jawad was likely tortured. Vandeveld became disillusioned and wanted to quit.

"How do I get myself out of this office?" Vandeveld asked Major David J.R. Frakt of the Air Force Reserve, who represented the young Afghan Vandeveld was prosecuting for an attack on U.S. soldiers -- despite Vandeveld's doubts about whether Mohammed Jawad would get a fair trial. Vandeveld said he was seeking a "practical way of extricating myself from this mess."

Last month, Vandeveld did just that, resigning from the Jawad case, the military commissions overall and, ultimately, active military duty. In doing so, he has become even more of a central figure in the "mess" he considers Guantanamo to be.

Vandeveld talked to Lara Logan about the Jawad case.

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