Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama Bristol Townhall Meeting


Obama is doing a good job explaining the nuances of his health care proposal. What is striking is how subdued the crowd is. Health care doesn't generate the same excited as a presidential campaign.

Can someone explain why this townhall meeting in a supermarket?

Obama gives a shout out to Medicare. He is correct that conservatives tried to stop Medicare by labeling it socialized medicine.

Obama wonders why government gives $177 billion to insurers for Medicare Advantage. The money could be used in other ways.

Obama emphasises the "option" in public option.

From a lady in auience: Medicare is a human right.

Q: Is this a plan you would be willing to put your family on?

Pay or play for health insurance. Bigger companies that don't offer health insurance will have to pay more in taxes.

Obama: Yes!

Obama hits on expense of health care is stagnating wages. Companies have to deal with increasing health care cost.

Obama: Nothing burns me up more than these scare tactics aimed at seniors.

Obama: In 8 years from now Medicare is gonna be in the red.

Obama hitting on why U.S. paying more for prescription drugs. Wal-Mart is a perfect example of bartering drug companies down.

Obama is his with a question on tort reform.

Obama: defensive medicine is small part of cost increase. Texas (torm reform state) highest health care cost per person.

Woman in audience: Medicare is a human right.

Obama making health care personal. Talking about families. Good message.

Obama: We are the wealthiest country on earth and everyone can't count on health care is shameful.

Obama admits single payer plan would be politically and financially difficult.

Last question: Obama talks about drug companies lowering prices and scholarships for medical students.

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