Thursday, May 28, 2009

RedState.con v. Crist is running an online petition against Gov. Charlie Crist and the NRSC. It is so much fun watching conservatives self-destruct.

We pledge that we will give no funds or other support to the NRSC and will reach out to NRSC donors to encourage them to withhold giving funds until the NRSC publicly pledges that it will expend zeros resources either directly or indirectly to help Charlie Crist win the Republican nomination for the United States Senate in Florida.

The Right does not have it's own version of the netroots. is not (and likely never will be) the right-wing version of Daily Kos. This will not intimidate Crist or NRSC Chairman John Cornyn.

Peter Schorsch wrote that Crist leads Marco Rubio 53 percent to 18 percent in the latest Mason Dixon poll. Cornyn said, "Gov. Crist is the strongest candidate that will enable us to hold the seat." NRSC is in the business of winning elections. Cornyn isn't confident Rubio can beat Kendrick Meek or Dan Gelber in the general election. I would love to see the NRSC internal polling on Rubio. (That is a hint for someone to leak it to me.)

Side note: Why is Rubio so obsessed with running against Crist? Bill McCollum is a weak candidate. Rubio could beat McCollum in the primary and give Republicans a better chance against Sink. That is the best bet for keeping the Governor's mansion and Martinez's Senate seat. Republicans are more concerned with appeasing their dwindling base then winning elections. Democrats have a 600,000 voter registration advantage in Florida. The 2008 election shifted Florida Hispanics to the Democratic Party. Hard Right Republicans decide the best course of action is to call Hispanic Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor a racist. That is not building a big tent. That is political suicide.

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