Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quotes of the Day

"Obama whines about inherited debt & lack of GOP budget alternative. Here's..."

Michelle Malkin, faling to complete her thought.

"Dear NRCC supporter,

"House Republicans have pledged to stop to the “Pelosi Recession” caused by a bloated Democratic budget that spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much. We are working each day toward real economic reform to help create new jobs instead of digging our country deeper in debt. Each Republican vote in Congress puts our nation on strong footing to rebuild the economy with sound and fair fiscal principles."

NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions, in a fundraising e-mail letter.

Thanks to the wonderful invention that is Google, we can have fun with Malkin's and Session's past statements on the Bush budget and economy.

Sessions in 2005

We are now in the ninth month of this year’s federal budget, and things are looking up. The economy is growing, federal tax receipts are surging, and the budget deficit is shrinking. Considering what was predicted at the beginning of this budget year, these facts should be big news. After all, the “experts” had projected a deficit of more than $460 billion for the current budget. Instead, it looks like it will come in at $300 billion – maybe less.

Once again, budget experts were proven wrong by the dynamic and entrepreneurial American economy. I have nothing against the professionals at the Congressional Budget Office and their colleagues in other federal agencies; they’re honest and hard working, but they have a history of underestimating the productive capacity and agility of the private sector in the U.S.

"This should be shouted from the rooftops," Malkin wrote on her blog. "'Instead of shovel-ready spending, let’s focus on ax-ready waste!'"

I'm all for cutting waste. The problem is stimulus is needed to create jobs. Unsurprisingly, Malkin hardly touched the deficit during the Bush years. I know because I checked her blog. There is only five pages of Malkin blog posts containing the words "tax cuts." It is mostly Malkin defending GOP positions. She doesn't delve into wonkery.

Sessions and Malkin weren't worried about the deficit and economy during the Bush administration. Their sudden interest is because Barack Obama is in office. The anti-liberal Wall Street Journal reports only 3 million job were created during George W. Bush's tenure. The Congressional Budget Office study found the federal budget would have been balanced in 2005. What prevented this was the Bush tax cuts and increased spending. During that time, Sessions was saying everything was hunky dory. Malkin was blaming illegal immigrants for America's fiscal problems. There is no reason we should listen to these people.

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