Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes They Can

I just thought I give a shout out to Sine.Qua.Non and Litbrit. These ladies have been spending their free time working the phones for the Obama campaign. These women are politically astute and dedicated.

McCain female supporters have to phone their parents on how to vote. One of the women told Creative Loafing's Franki Weddington she knows that McCain and Palin would hurt women's rights. She still was voting for McCain.

To save my voting mates the embarrassment that I hope they will someday experience for their insane “Decision ‘08″ I will call them Girl 1 and Girl 2. Girl 1 told us that her roommate tried to convince her to vote Obama, asking why she would vote for a candidate who wouldn’t help her in any way.

“That’s just great,” Girl 1 said. “If we all voted for the candidate who would benefit us personally, we would be screwed. We have to vote for who is best for the country as a whole.”

Oh, really? A McCain supporter is making the argument that he’s the best candidate for the country as a whole, and not just for a small fraction of American citizens? That’s rich. But it got better (and by better I mean much, much worse) when Girl 2 decided to share her political beliefs. Which exactly mirror the beliefs of her parents.

She said that she joked that she would be voting for Obama, to which her loving mother replied that she wouldn’t “if you want a place to come home to.” I had the pleasure of hearing Girl 2’s phone conversation with her mother, whom she called to ask how she voted on the amendments (so that she could be sure to vote the same way.) MOG2 (Mother of Girl 2) had apparently misunderstood the language in several of them and voted incorrectly.

Voting for the candidate that won't help you hasn't worked too well for the Log Cabin Republicans.

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