Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck v. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the $150 thousand spent on Sarah Palin's wardrobe, hair and makeup.

I said in between that I believe the focus on her wardrobe has been deliberately sexist. I said, following that, so let me speak in terms that they – meaning those who have been criticizing her – might understand and then I followed with those examples. And I just wanted to parallel the tone that I thought and had been set by the media and use that right back at them.

Hasselbeck on Barack Obama's television ads.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Obviously both sides are trying to run and create image. So if we use this as, so they both have funds and are creating an image, making sure their candidates are where they need to be seen, as they need to be. I find it completely then repulsive to then - if we want to look at spending - see how Barack Obama now is going to spend what $3 million on two thirty minute ads that are going to run this week.

BARBARA WALTERS: He’s got the money and he wants to win.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: That to me is, in terms of the economy is - that is repulsive.

I'm looking forward to McCain supporter Heidi Montag to weigh in on the wardrobe controversy.

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