Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama's Inaction on Blackwater

Democracy Now has an excellent story on how Barack Obama has no plans to end the use of Blackwater and other private contractors. Obama states that private mercenaries can not be replaced because of the lack of U.S. troops.

Obama: Here's the problem. We have a 140,000 right there (in Iraq.) Unless we want to replace all or a big chunk of those with U.S. troops; we can't draw down the contractors faster than we can draw down the troops.

What Obama fails to realize that Blackwater's actions make U.S. troops and diplomats less safe. Blackwater's actions and illegal killings galvanizes extremists. Osama bin Laden attacks the United States because of her policies. He has made that clear in his messages. He has portrayed U.S. troops in the Middle East as crusaders. Blackwater helps feeds bin Laden's propaganda. Obama is foolish to think the Blackwater USA will be U.S. interests safer in Iraq.

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At August 30, 2008 8:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was not happy with the initial response either, and like many, would like to see this immoral activity cease very soon. The political reality, not to mention the current logistical reality apparently calls for a bit more of a phasing out plan, although some investigations and regulation need to happen immediately as some of the existing atrocities and corruption are beyond the pale.

I believe Biden when he says that the "rules are about to change" with concerns to these "for hire" soldiers, and their involvement. I think once they get things under control, a dem administration will be more likely to apply standards and stringent contractual form to these operators. Not to mention, when the gravy train don't run the way it was with Bush/co, most of this ilk will leave the theater on their own. This will clear the table of corruption, graft and out of control mercenary types with little if any negative blow-back on the Dems. (for the most part).

Unfortunately, and especially due to the nature of politics today and the corporatist press, the power they hold...the Dems will need to be very crafty in how they achieve cleaning this mess up. I do agree that any progressive brokers, citizens and pundits should continue to lean on the Dems in correcting this problem asap (not to mention all the other malfeasance)...but we must remain patient in the strategies & tactics our new leadership may be using...for the time being.



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