Sunday, November 25, 2007

Climate change = War?

Studying periods of temperature shifts during the "Little Ice Age" (from 1400-1900), scientists from the US, Britain, Hong Kong, and China have drawn some interesting parallels between climate change and war:
The researchers examined the time period between 1400 and 1900, or the Little Ice Age, which recorded the lowest average global temperatures around 1450, 1650 and 1820, each separated by slight warming intervals.

“When such ecological situations occur, people tend to move to another place. Such mass movement leads to war, like in the 13th century, when the Mongolians suffered a drought and they invaded China,” David Zhang, geography professor at the University of Hong Kong, said in an interview on Thursday.

“Or the Manchurians who moved into central China in 17th century because conditions in the northeast were terrible during the cooling period,” he said.
While some may criticize this study as not being relevant to today's climate events since it analyzed global cooling and we're currently in a period of global warming, I'll reiterate that the study focuses on climate change in general. Both global cooling and warming can cause droughts. That's a fact one must keep in the back of their minds while reading stories about Atlanta's water supply drying up, and other stories related to the southern US being "in the grip of an epic drought." And that last quote comes directly from Fox News, so you know it must be true!

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At November 26, 2007 2:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

For your overall knowledge, I think this would be a refreshing view, than the ICCP end of world scenarios, especially since there are so many material flaws in the reports. YOu will not find the famous "hockeystick" graph in the latest ICCP report, as it is incorrect. These two reports I have given links to, are just a few of the many unheard voices from the scientific community, unless you have an alarmist report, you won't get funding.

At November 26, 2007 7:36 AM , Blogger tas said...

Why don't you cite some specifics there, bunky? Because I'd really love to hear you defend the arguments you're trumping.


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