Monday, September 17, 2007

John Kerry Coming to University of Florida

John Kerry

John Kerry will speak at the University of Florida this Monday.. The Senator will dicuss Iraq and national security. He will take questions from the audince.

For those wondering: this is not a paid speaking engagement for Kerry.

In related news: Kerry made a point on Meet the Press that I realized a long time ago. Iraqis will never allow al-Qaeda to gain a foothold in Iraq. They will slaughter them first. The Iraqis view al-Qaeda as foreign occupiers. The Sunnis were fighting al-Qaeda before U.S. Troops came into the Anbar province.

Kerry on Meet the Press:

Tim, al-Qaeda views Shia as apostates. They are not legitimate Muslims. The fact is you’re better off as a Christian or as a Jew than as a Shia in the eyes of al-Qaeda. And Iran, linked as it is already to Maliki, who was in Iran a month ago, holding hands with the leader of Iraq, they’re already linked. The Shia will never allow al-Qaeda to take over Iraq. The Kurds will never allow al-Qaeda to take over Iraq. That’s 80 to 85 percent of the country. And the Sunni in Anbar have now decided they don’t want al-Qaeda. We are the attraction for al-Qaeda. And if we begin to reduce our footprint, as the Iraq Study Group has said we should do, as General Jones said we should do, as those seven soldiers of the 82nd Airborne, two of whom were just recently killed, wrote in The New York Times the other day, as we should do, then al-Qaeda, believe me, will be driven out by the Iraqis themselves.

The entire Meet the Press transcript is worth reading. John McCain comes off as completely delussional. He should quit the Senate and become a Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

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