Friday, August 24, 2007

FDP and DNC Draw Battle Lines

Florida Democrats are unleashing tough rhetoric against DNC Chairman Howard Dean.

The DNC "is poised to assault the basic right of a person to vote at its meeting tomorrow," Florida Sen. Bill Nelson told reporters on a conference call Friday morning. He threatened to sue the national party to prevent the sanctions from being imposed.

"I hope that cooler heads are going to prevail tomorrow," Nelson said. "If they don't, and if the full DNC were to then take that position, then certainly we will have to assert what we think are important rights."

The Washington Post reports the the DNC rules committee will sanction the Florida Democratic Party. This means the state's Jan. 29 democratic primary will be meaningless. The FDP has no plans on holding a caucus for only 120,000 registered Democrats. It looks like this is going to the courts.

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