Friday, July 27, 2007

Karen Thurman Q & A

Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman answers the questions of Democratic activists.

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At July 29, 2007 10:27 PM , Blogger John said...

Re: Karen Thurman and her "moonlighting."

The claim that the conversation was secretly taped is laughable. The video camera was obviously on in a darkened room, and Karen should by this time be aware that as a public figure she is always under scrutiny.

She continued talking even after inquiring about the camera being on and being advised that the people want to hear her on the record... She continued to talk, eventually responding as she had in the past with the "whopper" concerning FDP support for her son.

Two questions for Karen... If you did not want to be on the record why not just stop talking?

If there was nothing wrong with the support given to your son Macky through FDP, then why not just tell the truth? There would then not be so big of a story... There are other issues of veracity on the tape, but Macky would not be one surely, if you had owned up to the FDP support.

When telling the truth it just does not matter if your conversation is overheard or taped now does it?

Links to the story and to YOUTUBE video are below. Everyone please watch, read and listen and then think for yourself. Thanks, J R…

Michael Collins article…Florida Citizens Versus Party Insiders…
St. Pete Times story on Karen Thurman…
Miami Herald article on Karen Thurman…
Link to original Miami Herald article on Karen Thurman

A public conversation with Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen L. Thurman. Further analysis however, succinctly speaking makes clear very quickly that the aspiration” of many a congressman, or woman is not to write legislation… but to become a lobbyist.

Prompted by the recent revelation in the Miami Herald article published July 4, 2007, Karen Thurman’s “extracurricular” activities as a lobbyist working with ex Florida Republican Chair Al Cardenas has resulted in a storm of controversy surrounding the embattled Florida Democratic Party chairwoman.

The glee with which the chair speaks of all the jobs being created for Democratic lobbyists on “K” Street in D.C. is testimonial to the contention that today there is but one political party… “The MONEY Party!”


Karen Thurman represents the Democratic side of the “MONEY Party” and Al Cardenas represents the Republican side.

Today America has a Democratic congress. Where are the policies that the voters “lobbied” for by casting their votes? Where is the seat at the table for the people?

If the major aspiration of many of our legislators is to become a lobbyist… (because that’s where the “real $$$” is), then where do the people go for representation if THEY cannot “buy” the favor of their representative like corporate America does.

The chair has been enjoying traveling the state discussing how well Democrats did here in Florida in 2006. Notwithstanding the many fine Democratic candidates for state and local office who were not supported in 2006; while Macky Thurman, the son of the chairwoman, received a declared 15,000 dollars from the FDP… in in-kind and financial support.

Most certainly there are of course others…Please listen to the chair’s response to questions concerning the support from the Florida Democratic Party for her son toward the end of the video, while other candidates qualified by more than a family connection went begging… Her answer is telling…

The “wave” missed Florida in 2006 because unless you were a go along get along “insider”… as noted above, you were not supported by your party.

Just think how well Florida might perform for Democrats if the FDP had a focused and determined FULL TIME chair who was not distracted by a desire to “go for the MONEY” full time and act as chair with somewhat less vigor and determination. You be the judge. Updates to follow.

More to come… Video is unremarkable until the end but audio is dramatic and enlightening throughout… (JUST SIT BACK AND LISTEN…) to all who fight for truly Democratic Principles.


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