Saturday, April 07, 2007

FastTrack Marissa Amora Settlement

The Panama City News has a good article about the stark contrasts between the way the state is handing the Marissa Amora and Martin Anderson cases. Both are horrible tragedies. The difference is restitution has been fast-tracked for Anderson's family.

The Department of Children and Families under Jeb Bush has fought against giving Marissa a settlement. The young girl was repeatedly abused under her biological mother's care. THE DCF put Marissa back in her mother's home after a broken collarbone. She is now brain-damaged and suffers from other medical problems from a beating from her mother's boyfriend.

Marissa's adoptive mother won a $26.8 million lawsuit against the DCF. The fallacy is settlements over $100,000 must be approved by the Florida legislature and the Governor. What business does the legislative and executive branch have interfering with the judicial branch. This is not what the Founding Fathers wanting. The state is deciding whether they should pay after they have been found at fault in the Amora and Anderson cases. How fucking redicious is that?

What is even more redicious is the DCF never did an investigation after Marissa's collarbone was broken. The Florida Legislature is sitting on deciding on the settlement while Medicaid puts a $400,000 lien against Marissa's future health coverage.

Fasttrack. Now.

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At April 09, 2007 10:45 AM , Anonymous Dawn Amora said...

Thank you Michael. We want a trust/annuity set up for her and will continue to fight. This is just plain disgraceful.
Her adoptive mom. Dawn
No disrespect to the Andersons, however we went through the legal process, both by Grand Jury, Civil Jury and two appelate courts. This has been going on for six years and we are being crushed financially as more and more attorneys make money off of my daughter's blood.


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