Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Florida Felons Will Get Faster Review Process

Good for Attorney General Bill McCollum. I still have problems with the way Florida handles the voting rights of felons. That said, McCollum's ideas are a step in the right direction.

These backlogs are unacceptable. The key of getting rid of them and moving the clemency process at a faster pace is providing the Parole Commission with sufficient staff to get their investigations and reports completed on all the applicants right away, and for the Clemency Board to hold more frequent hearings until the backlog is worked off. The Chairman of the Parole Commission has advised me ten additional temporary personal the Parole Commission could do its investigations and complete the reports to eliminate the backlogs within a year. At that point the Chairman and the Clemency Board staff believe that, with rare exceptions, no other applicant would have wait more than a year for restoration for restoration with or without a hearing.

To eliminate the backlog of civil rights restoration applications, to strengthen the list under the Clemency Board rules of those felons convicted of extremely serious crimes who are required to have a hearing, to prevent the revolving door effect of granting civil rights only then to revoke them because of a new conviction for career criminals, and to provide the Parole Commission with the resources to do its principal task of shepherding the successful re-entry of criminal offenders into our society after their sentences are completed, as well as support the Clemency Board, I propose the following:

1) Each member of the Cabinet commit two personnel or FTE slots to the Parole
Commission for one year to assist in working off the backlog, and at least two
other personnel and/or FTE slots be loaned for a year to the Parole Commission
for this purpose by the Department of Corrections, the Florida Department of Law
Enforcement, and/or the Department of Juvenile Justice. This would provide the
necessary temporary personnel without the need for legislative or budgetary

2) Schedule meetings of the Clemency Board monthly, or more frequently if
necessary, until the backlog is worked off;

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At March 01, 2007 1:58 PM , Blogger Vox Populi said...

Jeb started this once .. he had some big deal about how he asked the cabinet for more money and it just couldn't be found. A simple executive order would suffice but if this is actually done it's better than NOTHING. Charlie made a campaign promise to restore civil rights and this is probably HIS way to pass the buck and avoid doing so. There is no other way for this to be done than by changing the arcane law. Maybe they are waiting til they can make some more arrests to prevent people from getting their rights back like they arrested all the top UHURU before they exonerated the st pete cop for murdering tyron lewis. I knew when charlie uttered the key word 'may' when he said he 'may' issue an executive order that he was just trying to shut the caucus up. I will be his undying fan if he proves me wrong. Come ON charlie, prove me wrong. I KNOW you read my emails. hehe


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