Tuesday, February 20, 2007

British Plan to Withdraw From Iraq

The BBC reports that Tony Blair has will announce a time table to pull out of Iraq. The plan is to have 3,000 British soldiers out of Iraq by the end of this year. There are currently 7,100 British troops stationed in Iraq.

Wednesday's expected statement comes days after Mr Blair said the operation to allow Iraqis to take the lead in frontline security in Basra - Operation Sinbad - had been "completed" and "successful".

Oh really.

BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) - British forces clashed with gunmen armed with machineguns and rocket-propelled grenades in a Shi'ite militia stronghold of the southern Iraqi city of Basra on Sunday, killing at least three, Iraqi police said.

The British military confirmed the clashes, saying its soldiers had been supporting Iraqi troops on a "strike operation" in the northern slum area of Hayaniya when they came under attack.

"There were numerous attacks with small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades," said British military spokesman Major David Gell.

Blair is stealing a page from Richard Nixon's playbook. Announce victory and leave.

In related news: the British have handed Basra security responsibilities over to Iraqis. Denmark and South Korea are also planning on pulling out.


At February 02, 2011 3:06 PM , Anonymous Buy Cialis said...

It is a delicate situation or decision this one, leave or not leave form Iraq, I think that if all military forces leave Iraq, in just months chaos will rise in the streets because of politics will want to control the country.


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