Monday, November 27, 2006

Stem Cell Debate Hits Florida

The stem cell debate has gotten more interesting. Floridians for Stem Cell Research & Cures have launched a petition drive to put stem cell research funding on the Florida 2008 ballot. They failed to do so in 2006. Citizens for Science and Ethics have launched a counter drive for a 2008 ballot measure to ban Florida from stem cell research funding. If both grassroots group get 600,000 certified signatures they will still need 60 percent of the voters to vote yes.

The one thing that may doom the Christian Right is that stem cell research supporters have made their presence felt with campaign donations.

Proponents of Missouri constitutional amendment to protect embryonic stem cell research have broken every record on political spending for statewide races, with one billionaire couple bankrolling nearly all of the $28.7 million campaign.

That total price tag is staggering when compared to even the most expensive campaigns in Missouri history. The stem cell campaign is already more than twice as costly as any campaign for a Missouri ballot measure.

The amount spent by proponents of the stem cell measure is greater that the total spent by all candidates combined in any race to date for statewide office, including governor or U.S. senator.

Newly elected politicans, from both parties, have heard the money jingle and are tripping over each to see who can promise to spend the most. Poll after poll shows the majority of Americans support stem cell research. The Christian Right will drive a wedge into the Republican Party on this issue. Democrats can use stem cell research to fundraise and get-out-the-vote.


At November 27, 2006 11:09 PM , Blogger Sine.Qua.Non said...

Damn good point. And, they need to push it over and over and over again until even the Republicans are sick to death of the subject and give up their nonsense.

At November 28, 2006 4:08 PM , Blogger Truth or Death said...

Just wanted to offer a clarification to your statement that

"Citizens for Science and Ethics have launched a counter drive for a 2008 ballot measure to ban Florida from stem cell research funding."

The proposed amendment only places a restriction on embryonic stem cell research, that is, research that uses human embryos which, coincidentally, has yielded no favorable results other than causing cancer in test animals. Adult stem cell research, which has made great advances, would not be affected.

Further, the "ban" as you put it, applies only to state funding. Privately funded stem cell research of any kind is, and would still be permissible.

As for the support by proponents of the measure in MO, that one couple that single-handedly funded the initiative, guess where that money comes from? That's right, a biotech firm that stands to make a fortune off of the huge demand for human embryos that embryonic research produces because of the immense number of embryos require for such research.


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