Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pat Robertson Hearts Stoning of Gays

Pat Robertson gets misty-eyed over the Biblical days when gay men could be stoned to death.

“I think you got to remember from the Bible, if you look carefully at the Bible what would have happened in Jesus’ time if two men decided they wanted to cohabit together, they would have been stoned to death,” Robertson said. “So Jesus would not have baked them a wedding cake nor would he have made them a bed to sleep in because they wouldn’t have been there. But we don’t have that in this country here so that’s the way it is," Robertson continued.

In 2003, Robertson made a creepy prediction that three Supreme Court Justices would retire because of health problems.

"One justice is 83-years-old, another has cancer and another has a heart condition. Would it not be possible for God to put it in the minds of these three judges that the time has come to retire?"

Robertson did not publicly wish for death of these Justices. On the other hand, Robertson wasn't praying for their good health.

Pat Robertson is a bad man.

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Compassionate Conservatism: Lucille Kring

"The shooting saved us a trial. Always a good outcome."

Lucille Kring, (R) Anaheim City Councilwoman.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Robert Moreno Jr. was involved in a shootout with the local Orange County police. Moreno was shot dead by the police. Kring responded by stating that Moreno's death "saved us a trial." Some local residents are asking for Kring to resign from City Council and the Mayor's race.

Genevieve Huizar, who recently lost a wrongful death lawsuit for the officer-involved shooting of her son Manuel Diaz, called Kring’s statements sickening.

“Lucille, apology not accepted,” Huizar said. “How dare you? How dare you?”

Kring is backpedaling now from her statement. That has more to do with her political future being uncertain than getting a sudden doze of compassion.

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Charlie Crist Ad Defends Obamacare

Running away from Obamacare didn't help Alex Sink win her congressional race. Charlie Crist has released an ad defending Obamacare and attacking Rick Scott's position. This is text from the voiceover in the ad.

“Rick Scott wants to take us back to the days of insurance companies denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, where women are charged more than men, and lifetime caps limit care even for kids with cancer.’’

President Harry Truman said, "Given the choice between a Republican and sonmeone who acts like a Republican --- People will vote for the real Republican all the time." Crist is a Democrat now. Republican voters aren't going to flock to Crist if he flip flops on Obamacare. Crist has lost those voters forever. Democrats have to defend Obamacare. There is no other viable political option.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The Daily Show has fun with #McConnelling on Istagram.

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Quote of the Day

"If anyone knows about grandstanding, it’s him with his 6-foot yardstick."

Frank Reddick, Tampa City Councilman

Mayor Bob Buckhorn accused members of the Tampa City Council of "grandstanding" on the red light camera program. There has been consesus to kill the program. Buckhorn and the City Council have disagreed on how revenue from tickets acquired from the program should be spent.

Reddick 's comment referred to Buckhorn's support for a six foot limit law between patrons and dancers in strip clubs. Buckhorn attempted to outlaw lap dances when he was on the Tampa City Council. Strip club owner Joe Redner vowed to take every arrest of his dancers to trial. The City of Tampa hasn't enforced the law in years.

Reddick's quote perfectly called out Buckhorn for grandstanding.

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Fallout From Mike Fernandez Emails

Miguel "Mike" Fernandez is the chairman of MBF Healthcare Partners, L.P. Fernandez was the finance co-chairman of the Gov. Rick Scott campaign util a fallout with campaign staffers. The Miami Herald reports that Fernandez accused staffers of racial insensitivity in an email.

In his Feb. 20 email, Fernandez said a business partner, identified only as Luis, heard a Scott campaign staff member “mimicking a Mexican accent.”

“It’s culturally insensitive for him to hear a senior staff members (sic) mimicking a Mexican accent on the way to Chipotle. It shows that the team does not understand the culture YOU need to win,” Fernandez wrote on his iPad.

Fernandez was not present when the alleged comments were made. Fernandez believes comments like this will alienate the Hispanic vote.

uis works with me, he is my partner and it's culturally insensitive for him to hear a senior staff members mimicking a Mexican accent on the way to Chipolte. It shows that the team does not understand the culture YOU need to win. Would you hire me to manage a campaign in Mississippi for a country bumpkin? I hope not. We have one Texan, one guy from Wisconsin, I don't know where Tim (a brilliant guy) is from, but I guarantee you he is not from Florida, and one smart mercenary strategist. I truly believe that the difference in this race is the Hispanic vote. But what do I know, I have only made over a billion selling to this population.

In 2010, Scott to promised sign anti-immigration law like the law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer. The law would allow Arizona police to detain anyone they suspected of being an undocumented immigrant. The Supreme Court ruled that Arizona was overstepping their legal authority. Immigration status is decided by the federal government. Scott won no fans in the Hispanic community by supporting Arizona's law.

The Florida Democratic establishment is pouncing on the Fernandez controversy.

"Rick Scott’s campaign staff mocked Florida Hispanics like school children. That’s unacceptable from the people trying to elect a governor in one of the most diverse states in the nation,'' said Rivas Logan, now a Miami Democrat, in a conference call with reporters. "These anti-Hispanic comments are exactly the kind of comments that made up my mind to leave the Republican Party."

Logan urged Scott to fire the campaign staffers who made the alleged remarks. Melissa Sellers, Scott's spokesperson, did a less than thorough investigation.

“Mike (Fernandez) was not in the van,” Scott’s campaign manager, Melissa Sellers, told the Herald.

“I spoke to every staffer in the van,” she added. “If something was said in an accent, no one remembers what it was. We are a diverse organization and we do not tolerate inappropriate comments.”
The Scott campaign has handled this scandal badly. The usual Scott response is to ignore the situation and hope that it fades from the news cycle. We will see if that is the case.

Update: At the West Tampa Sandwich Shop, Charlie Crist attacked Rick Scott's handling of the Fernandez email controversy.

"If I were the head of the campaign on the other side, Rick Scott, and something would have happened like that in my campaign, those people would have been fired already.," the former governor said of the current one. "If Rick Scott’s aides are making fun of how Hispanics talk? That’s unconscionable. And they need to get to the bottom of it, and you need to as well," he said to the reporters recording his comments.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Red Collar - Jinx Removing

A really great country cover of the classic Jawbreaker song. The great thing about Blake Schwarzenbach songs is they can be taken out of the punk rock musical settings and still hold up well. This slowed down version of Jinx Removing brings out the romantic longing of the lyrics.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Lions, tigers and a hyena cub together. The cubs will be separated when they reach maturity.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Quote of the Day

"If men were having babies, we'd have different policies."

President Barack Obama, during his speech in Orlando for " Improving Economic Opportunity for Women and Working Families."

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Headline of the Day

This is from Media Matters.

O'Reilly: Media Covering Malaysian Airliner Because It "Doesn't Want To Cover Important Stories Like The IRS And Benghazi"

O'Reilly has been on this rant that that networks are refusing to cover real news by covering the missing Malaysian airliner. O'Reilly shouldn't talk. O'Reilly works for a network that reported Noah's Ark has been found. This happened when Fox News host Bill Hemmer was covering the Malaysian airliner story. I thought O'Reilly said Fox News wasn't wasting time covering this story.

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Wingnut of the Day: Susanne Atanus

Susanne Atanus just won the Republican nomination for the Illinois 9th Congressional District. Atanus will likely get crushed in the general election against Democratic incumbent Rep. Jan Schakowsky. That is a good thing. Atanus is is a major homophobe. Atanus claims God is angry at gay people.

"God is angry. We are provoking him with abortions and same-sex marriage and civil unions," she added, blaming natural disasters like tornadoes and diseases including autism and dementia on recent advances in the LGBT movement. "Same-sex activity is going to increase AIDS. If it's in our military it will weaken our military. We need to respect God."

Atanus actually believes gay marriage is causing tornadoes. I wonder what her views on climate change are.

Atanus is so extreme that the Illinois Republican Party tried to make her dropout. Atanus refused.

On Thursday, Atanus said she will not drop out of the primary against David Earl Williams III. "I'm not withdrawing from the race. I don't know why they are not standing behind me," Atanus said. "They should talk to me personally/ I will not back out of the race."

The Illinois Republican Party denounced Atanus in an official statement.
Jack Dorgan, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, said in a statement on Thursday, "The offensive statements by Susanne Atanus have no place in the modern political debate, and she has no place on the ballot as a Republican,"

The GOP is going to back Atanus now that she is the nominee. Republicans will fight for every seat during the midterms. It is important that Atanus never serves a day in Congress. People need to be made aware of how extreme Atanus is.

Update: The Young Turks has audio of Atanus.

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Rep. John Lewis Gets Happy

It is not everyday you see Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis dance to Pharrell's Happy. Buzzfeed posted Rep Lewis getting "happy" feet to "his jam."

Part 1

Part 2

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quote of the Day

"In Part I, I made the argument that any woman who is married to a good man and who wants a happy marriage ought to consent to at least some form of sexual relations as much as possible. (Men need to understand that intercourse should not necessarily be the goal of every sexual encounter.)"

Dennis Prager, conservative radio host.

Prager's sexist op-ed from is getting attention because he is hosting a fundraiser for Sen. Mitch McConnell. The McConnell campaign brushes off questions about the Prager op-ed.

"Sen. McConnell has a long and distinguished record of defending and empowering Kentucky women and he's proud to run on that record. No one stands stronger for [Kentucky] women than Sen. McConnell," McConnell spokeswoman Allison Moore said in a statement according to The Hill in response to questions about Prager.

McConnell's connection to Prager isn't helping Republicans distance themselves from accusations that they are declaring war on women. McConnell also hurts himself by repeatedly filibustering and voting against the Violence Against Women Act. These are Republicans who voted against the final passage of the VAWA.

Senators who voted against the bill included Republicans John Barrasso (Wyo.), Roy Blunt (Mo.), John Boozman (Ark.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Cornyn (Texas), Ted Cruz (Texas), Mike Enzi (Wyo.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Orrin Hatch (Utah), James Inhofe (Okla.), Mike Johanns (Neb.), Ron Johnson (Wisc.), Mike Lee (Utah), Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Rand Paul (Ky.), Jim Risch (Idaho), Pat Roberts (Kansas), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Jeff Sessions (Ala.), John Thune (S.D.) and Tim Scott (S.C.).

The McConnell campaign have rather bizarre ideas about how their candidate has a "long and distinguished record" of empowering the women of Kentucky.

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Bill Maher on Noah's Ark

Bill Maher rants on how the Genesis story of Noah's Ark. Maher saves most of his snark for God.

"What kind of tyrant punishes everyone just to get back at the few he's mad at? I mean, besides Chris Christie." "Hey, God, you know you're kind of a dick when you're in a movie with Russell Crowe and you're the one with anger issues."

"You know conservatives are always going on about how Americans are losing their values and their morality, well maybe it's because you worship a guy who drowns babies." "If we were a dog and God owned us, the cops would come and take us away."

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Jim DeFede Interview of Nan Rich

Jim Defede interview Nan Rich about her Democratic gubernatorial candidacy. Rich discusses her stance on the issues. DeFede also questions Rich's lack of fundraising.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Peter Schorsch Brags on Facebook

My good friend Peter Schorsch has posted this wonderful message on Facebook. Apparently, the Pinellas Sheriff's Office has dismissed the complaint Michael Pinson filed against Schorsch. My dear friend is wondering why The Tampa Bay Times hasn't patted Schorsch on the back. It might be because The Times has a highly negative view of Schorsch. Adam Smith wrote this about Schorsch.

Still, for his very campaign event Crist turned to Scorsch who routinely and unapologetically lies publicly to the press, who owes nearly $68,000 in outstanding fines to the Florida Elections Commission, who six years pleaded no contest to grand thef and scheming to defraud charges. Really?


Schorsch has written highly negative blog posts about conservative activist Michael Pinson. Schorsch then asked Pinson for payment to remove these posts. It is all in the Florida Bar complaint Pinson filed against Schorsch's former attorney Paul Phillips.

The document below contains messages between Pinson and Phillips on the removal of posts. Phillips even claimed that Schorsch would delete a negative post about him on Pushing Rope. The post was later deleted after it was discovered in the Florida Bar complaint that Schorsch, Phillips and their friend Chris Kapper were sources of a negative WTSP story. From the Bar complaint.

“I did provide the information in that email to my client [Peter Schorsch], and any news stories which occurred based on that information, complaints filed with the State of Florida, were done by my client and Channel 10 News Personnel.”- Paul Phillips, Florida Bar Complaint, TFB No.: 2013-10,093 (13E)

There is no law against Schorsch writing negatively against Pinson and then seeking payment to remove the post. I don't know another blogger who would even consider doing such a thing. Libel is a hard thing to proof in a court of law. Ironically, Schorsch has repeatedly threatened me with libel suits. If Schorsch having a criminal investigation against dismissed is a victory then he can knock himself out. To me it seems like a hollow victory.

Phillips - Additional Info - Part 1 by Michael Robert Hussey

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Van Morrison - Cypress Avenue

You can't have St. Patrick's Day without Van Morrison. You just can't.

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Quote of the Day

This George Orwell quote will now be the official motto of Pushing Rope.


Jack Latvala Blows Off Voter Reform

In what is a shock to no one who wants voter reform in Florida. Sen. Jack Latvala, (R-Clearwater) chair of the Florida Senate’s Ethics and Elections committee, latvala-senates-elections-bill-temporarily-postponed/has postponed a bill for online voter registration. The bill would also clarify what sites could be used to drop off absentee ballots. Latvala told that he " didn’t want to deal with it today." What an inspiring work ethic from the Senator.

Latvala was vague on when the bill would come up again.

“When you see it on the calendar again, it’ll be coming back,” he said after the meeting. “I’m just not sure what we’re doing with that yet.”

Don't hold your breath on this bill coming before the Ethics and Elections committee again. Republicans have been fighting against online voter registration since the early "Rock the Vote" days. Republicans have fought against being able to register to vote when you get your driver's licence or state ID. Republicans are trying to keep young and poor people from voting. Remember Florida State Sen. Mike Bennett's bizarre and racially tinged rant that voting should be made harder.

“Do you read the stories about the people in Africa? The people in the desert, who literally walk two and three hundred miles so they can have the opportunity to do what we do, and we want to make it more convenient? How much more convenient do you want to make it?” he said. “Do we want to go to their house? Take the polling booth with us?”

“This is a hard-fought privilege,” he added. “This is something people die for. You want to make it convenient? The guy who died to give you that right, it was not convenient. Why would we make it any easier? I want ‘em to fight for it. I want ‘em to know what it’s like. I want them to go down there, and have to walk across town to go over and vote,” he said.

Gov. Rick Scott shorten early voting in 2012. Here is Lawrence Fishburne visiting voters standing in an outrageously long voting line in Florida. How exactly did these long lines stop voter fraud?

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Alex Sink and Obamacare Messaging

This will give credence to Alex Sink supporters who felt the Washington establishment is responsible for her horrible messaging on Obamacare.

A Democratic Party aide, speaking on the condition he not be identified by name, said Senate Democrats received a memo from pollster Geoff Garin in recent days alerting them of a poll taken in conjunction with this week's Florida special election.

The poll found that "keeping parts" of the Affordable Care Act that work and "fixing those that don't" drew higher numbers than "the Republican message of repeal," the aide said, adding that this is the message senators are urged to campaign on.

I doubt Sink would have defended Obamacare 1005 if the DCCC told her. This is the same Alex Sink who supports the Simpson-Bowles plan. Even though the Simpson-Bowles plan cuts Social Security. Under the plan, some low paid workers may not even qualify for Social Security. Cost of living adjustments would reduce under the plan. Alex Sink campaigns for protecting Social Security and backing a plan that cuts Social Security. This was Sink's idea of playing 3-D chess against David Jolly.

Democrats have a messaging problem with Social Security. That alone isn't the reason for Alex Sink's defeat. Others will surely disagree. I will note that this the same Alex Sink that ducked the media the last week of her campaign. Any candidate who can't face the media during crunch time has no business running for Congress.

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The Homeless Child Experiment

A filmmaker conducted an experiment to see if anyone would help a homeless child. Most people ignored the child. The Youtube filmmaker fouseyTUBE later gave a homeless man a $100.00 and offered to him the homeless man get his dog back.

Sadly, the lack of compassion from people doesn't even shock me anymore.

Hat tip to Stogie.

Related: Homeless Children in Florida.

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Russia's Bill O'Reilly

It is nice to know Russia has their own version of Bill O'Reilly. Dmitry Kiselev, a host of the Russian news show News Hour told his audience that Russia could reduce the United States to "radioactive ash." It's nice to see that Kiselev is trying to be the voice of reason.

Politisite has the English translation.

“Russia – the only country in the world, capable of transforming the U.S. into radioactive ash ! I do not know whether the match , but Obama called Putin on January 21 , but the next day , literally January 22, as the official organ of the Russian government appears article [ in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" ], where quite lucidly chewed how our system works guaranteed nuclear retaliation “Perimeter” . In the U.S., call her dead hand – « dead hand .” Even if all the people in our command posts after enemy nuclear attack silenced , invulnerable system will automatically send to our strategic missile flight from mines and submarines in the right direction “, – announced Kiselev , recommending interesting to read in ” Rossiyskaya Gazeta ” , calling it ” extremely interesting . ”

Kiselev is either extremely stupid or a total Russian propaganda tool. Kiselev is discussing nuclear warfare as a viable option to end the diplomatic disagreement between the United States and Russia over the Ukraine. What nuclear war would likely do is kill every single person on the planet.

The good news is Russia has television pundits just as stupid as America's talking heads.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wingnut of the Day: Tea Party Candidate Jim Brown

Jim Brown (R), congressional candidate, published a post on how slave owners treated their slaves well. Who in their right mind would write such nonsense?

Brown received backlash and quickly backtracked on Facebook.

Slaves weren't paid. Medicaid and Social Security are benefits given to American citizens. How is people receiving food through the SNAP Program a form of slavery? Brown doesn't bother to explain. In Brown's mind efforts to lift people out of poverty are a greater sin than slavery.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Daily Show Mocks Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

A rare video of a bobcat with a domestic cat.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Young Turks Rips Alex Sink

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feel this way about Alex Sink. She is a horrible politician.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quote of the Day

"I'm going to take all my money and buy toys for all the kids who don't have toys."

Emmy, daughter of Benjamin Kirby

Nan Rich Interview

The online radio show Women On the Move interviewed Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich. You can listen to the interview here.


Apartments and Minimum Wage

Upworthy has an interesting chart of how many minimum wage hours does it take to afford a two bedroom apartment. In Florida a couple needs to work 98 hours or more to afford an apartment. We definitively need to raise the minimum wage.


Dumb Answer by Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott is stuck on talking points and cannot speak like a normal human being. Case in point is Scott being questioned on a Tampa Bay Times investigative article on Scott's former company Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). Turns out HCA has been overcharging patients who come into trauma centers.

As the Times' investigation noted, since trauma center response fees were created in 2002, the tab has steadily ballooned, increasing at 20 times the rate of inflation since 2006. Today the average non-HCA trauma center response fee is about $6,754. But HCA can charge as much as $33,000 — the highest in the state.

Scott was questioned by the press corp. on the overbilling of HCA. Scott went into usual conservative talking points about competition.

Q: The Tampa Bay Times just published an investigation regarding the fees that trauma centers can charge patients the moment they arrive. It can go up to $33,000 before any procedure is done. Is this proper in your mind? And what should the government’s role be to monitor these fees?

Scott: What I’ve always believed in healthcare is people need to know what it’s going to cost. You know, let’s create competition so patients have an option. Let’s make sure people can afford to buy the insurance they want to buy, at least make sure to reward people for taking care of themselves so in the case of health care I want to make sure that it’s transparent people know what it’s going to cost them.

Q: With trauma centers, you can’t determine which you are going to and usually there is an accident that you can’t control to become a trauma patient, so what should government’s role be in regulating these fees?

Scott: I believe in transparency. I think people ought to know what things are going to cost.

Scott does not believe in transparency. Scott's staff have used nongovernment email addresses, refused to release his travel schedule, and with held information on the TB outbreak all to avoid complying with Florida's Sunshine laws.

Furthermore, Scott was forced to resign from HCA because the company massively overbilled Medicare. the Justice Department found HCA guilty of fraud.

Previously, on December 14, 2000, HCA subsidiaries pled guilty to substantial criminal conduct and paid more than $840 million in criminal fines, civil restitution and penalties. Combined with today's separate administrative settlement with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), under which HCA will pay an additional $250 million to resolve overpayment claims arising from certain of its cost reporting practices, the government will have recovered $1.7 billion from HCA, by far the largest recovery ever reached by the government in a health care fraud investigation.

Still believe Rick Scott cares about transparency?

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Scrap the Florida Teacher Evaluation System

The Bradenton Herald has a good op-ed on the serious flaws of the Florida's teacher evaluation system

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Michele Bachmann's Latest Rant

Apparently Michele Bachmann is only a fan of the First Amendment when it suits herpurposes. Bachmann proposes to use the RICO Act to prosecute anyone who criticizes the Koch brotherd. You can't make batshit crazy stuff like this up.

I just thank God that there’s a billionaire or two on our side. All the billionaires seem to be on the radical left, so I’m glad that we have a couple on ours. I hope we get a few more that are willing that come out but realize also this is an intimidation movement, I’m sure that the donors on our side don’t like to have their names vilified and that’s what this is about, intimidating people from giving money to our cause, that’s it. There’s something called the RICO statute, the racketeering law, that should be applied against them for doing this."

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Write A Caption: Fox News

The geniuses at Fox News misspelled misspelled spelling bee. Fox News also isn't good at geography or math.

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Quote of the Day

"This should be a lesson learned: Never have a three-way with a gun."

Anomaly One Hundred

Talking Points Memo reports a couple in Alabama were shot in their bed.

Jeff David Massey was preparing to clean the gun when it went off, shooting himself in his left hand and his girlfriend, Tammy Lynn Harris, in her right leg, Detective Joshua Fisher told the Decatur Daily.

I'm speechless.

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Jawbreaker - Equalized

This is a classic Jawbreaker performance from 1992. Blake Schwarzenbach's was shot. So he brought fans from the audience to sing. I wish I knew the name of the instrumental before Equalized. It is fantastic.

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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Republican Party Minority Outreach At CPAC

As you can see the CPAC minority outreach wasn't a fullhouse.

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Friday, March 07, 2014

Write A Caption

Will do!

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Friday Cat Blogging

A bobcat and a rottweiler groom each other.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Dumb - Two Bottles

Dumb is from Birmingham, England. They create some incredibly catchy power pop. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

As an added bonus.

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Paul Ryan's Brown Bag Story at CPAC

Rep. Paul Ryan spoke at CPAC and made this bizarre statement.

He then told an anecdote he said was relayed to him by Eloise Anderson, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's (R) Department of Children and Families secretary.

"She once met a young boy from a very poor family, and every day at school, he would get a free lunch from a government program," Ryan said.

"He told Eloise he didn’t want a free lunch. He wanted his own lunch, one in a brown-paper bag just like the other kids," he continued. "He wanted one, he said, because he knew a kid with a brown-paper bag had someone who cared for him. This is what the left does not understand."

I previously wrote before about a 60 Minutes piece on homeless children in Florida suffering with hunger. These children need a free lunch. Ryan offers these children no solutions.

The Wire reports Ryan's story may not have happened. Ryan's story is very similar to a scene in author Laura Schroff's book An Invisible Thread." Here is the excerpt.

This reminds me of when Ryan showed up to a soup kitchen unannounced and washed already clean dishes for a photo-op.

I agree with Cenk Uygur in the second video. Ryan is a fraud.

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Pussy Riot Attacked in a McDonalds

This is a brutal attack of members of Pussy Riot by organized Vladimir Putin supporters.

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Is Alex Sink Trying to Lose?

I wrote before that Alex Sink is making false promises by guaranteeing she can make Congress bipartisan as a freshman member of Congress. If Sink wins the general election she would be a back bencher in Congress. Short answer: Sink would have little power. John Boehner and Eric Cantor aren't going to listen to a first term Democrat. Never the less: Sink continues to campaign on bipartisanship.

Sink did this campaign ad with her father Kester.

Transcript of the ad.

Kester Sink: You’ve probably heard all the nasty things Washington is saying about my daughter

Alex Sink: That’s my dad, Kester Sink.

Kester: I know Alex is a big girl, she can defend herself.

Alex: All that fighting and lying is why Washington doesn’t get anything done.

Kester: So what are we going to do about it?

Alex: Democrats and Republicans have to work together to cap flood insurance and protect Social Security and Medicare.

Kester: She always did know how to solve problems. Got that from her mom.

Alex: Thanks dad. I’m Alex Sink and I approve this message.

Kester: And so do I.

Does Sink seriously believe that Republicans are going to help her "protect Social Security and Medicare"? The Center of Budget and Policy Priorities did a study of Rep. Paul Ryan's budget. Social Security would be cut under the the Ryan Plan.

The first element is price indexing. Under current law, Social Security benefits for new retirees are designed to keep pace with the growth of average wages. Under Rep. Ryan’s plan, initial benefits for 70 percent of earners would instead be related to the growth in prices, which in the long run grow less rapidly than wages.

Rep. Ryan’s indexing proposal imposes the greatest reductions on those with the highest earnings, and it exempts those with the very lowest earnings, so it is sometimes called “progressive” price indexing. Nonetheless, it would affect fully 70 percent of all Social Security beneficiaries — everyone with earnings above $22,000 in today’s terms. Over time, price indexing would turn Social Security into a program that provides only a small retirement benefit — and one that is largely unrelated to prior earnings.

The problem is Sink is terrified to state her policy positions so she retreats to empty rhetoric. Sink's "On The Issues" pages is filled with talking points but lacks policy proposals. Here is an example.

Improving the Affordable Care Act: Keep the Good, Fix the Bad

The rollout of the website and problems that have arisen with the implementation are unacceptable: The Obama Administration needs to be held accountable to get the website running, and making any necessary changes to fix any problems with the law. If these changes cannot be made in a timely way, then components of the law should be delayed until these issues are addressed.

But we cannot go back to a time when individuals with pre-existing conditions were denied care, seniors were forced to pay more for medicine, or insurance companies could do whatever they wanted – including kicking families off their plans because they got sick.

What is not helpful in Congress’ conversation about America’s healthcare was the government shutdown, or the gridlock in Washington that is holding Republicans and Democrats back from working together to get results and solutions – and it’s exactly this culture of dysfunction that I’m running to change.

If we delay the law there are Americans with pre-existing conditions would be denied health care coverage. Employees would not be able to get coverage through their employees by buying from exchanges. Alex Sink doesn't have a proposal for how Americans will get coverage if the law is delayed a year. The Obama administration has already delayed the penalties against employers that don't provide health care coverage. Does Sink support delaying penalties against employers for two years? Sink is more concerned with throwing talking points about the shutdown than outlining health care proposals.

Proof that Sink is scared of stating her policy positions is her avoidance of the media. Curtis Krueger reports that Sink hasn't held a press conference since Feb. 26. Sink did not stay to speak to the media after a recent candidate forum. Sink's opponents Republican David Jolly and Libertarian Lucas Overby stayed to talk to the media. Candidates speak to the media because they view it as free publicity. It is obvious that Sink has become spooked after her misconstrued statement on immigration.

Sink has denied this.

In an interview Wednesday, Sink denied taking a cautious approach in the last week of the race and stressed she wasn't avoiding the media.

"I have been all over the place" urging supporters to vote, she said, and also to "find every undecided voter that we possibly can." As examples, she said she went to the Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg, a festival in Pass-a-Grille and spent a few hours knocking on doors.

Sink's campaign has been scant on details to the media on where she will campaign. That is definitely a sign Sink is avoiding the media.

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Bonus Quote of the Day

Is that a flip or a flop we hear from Dubious Rubio?

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Quote of the Day

"I mean this president has continued the policies of supporting Nazis in Ukraine…That's what he's doing right now."

Kesha Rogers, fringe Democratic candidate running for John Cornyn's Senate seat.

Rogers has been running on a platform of impeaching President Barack Obama. The Democratic establishment has been working to make sure she doesn't become the nominee. Rogers will be in a Democratic runoff election against David Alameel. The winner will have the honor of being crushed by John Cornyn in the general election. I am so glad I do not live in Texas.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Video Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Filmmaker Caleb Slain created this loving tribute to the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. What the lips from Hoffman's movies show is the magnificent range he had as an actor. The video also has audio of Hoffman's 2010 KNOW interview.

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Sharkmuffin - First Date

I'm a sucker for noisy girl punk rock bands.

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Liz Wahl Quits Russia Today On-Air

Russia Today anchor Liz Wahl quit Russia Today on-air.

"And that is why, personally, I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin," Wahl said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Wahl told Anderson Cooper that staffers at Russia Today were forced to whitewash the coverage of the international crisis in the Ukraine.

"RT is not about the truth; it's about promoting a Putinist agenda," Wahl told CNN. "And I can tell you firsthand, it's about bashing America."

Russia Today is funded by the Russian government. Wahl is an American journalist. She was formerly employed in the RT Washington bureau.

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Boca Raton Racist Flies KKK Flag

Only in Florida.

A Boca Raton resident going by the name "Mr. Hayes" is flying the Klu Klux Klan flag, a noose and the Confederate flag in his front yard. This guy is proud of being a racist.

"As many people know, the white families are producing less children because the father and mother work and you have interracial marriages and gay marriages, so there are less and less white children being born every day," the man, who would only identify himself as Mr. Hayes, told Local 10's Roger Lohse. "So we're against that."

"Mr. Hayes" says he does not practice violence. However, the noose is a symbol of the lynching of black people during the ugly Jim Crow era of American history. Mr. Hayes is from New York yet hangs a Conferate flag. He isn't hanging that flag to celebrate his Southern heritage. That is for damn sure.

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Will Weatherford's Won't Move on Medicaid

Like Paul Ryan, Will Weatherford is a Ayn Rand devotee. Weatherford has been against Medicaid expansion in Florida. Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago pointed out the hypocrisy in Weatherford's stance. Weatherford's father said that the family took Medicaid money for a family medical crisis.

According to his father, the family accepted more than $100,000 in Medicaid dollars to pay the bills of Weatherford’s cancer-stricken 13-month-old brother, who died in 1995. Weatherford has said he was too young to remember how the finances were handled, yet he remembers enough to cast doubt on his father’s recollection, and avoid judgment on his position. But he’s catering to the point of view of wealthy supporters and the powerful father-in-law who put him in office, Tallahassee royalty.

Weatherford has refused to consider having Florida accept $51.3 billion in Medicaid funds. Weatherford has vowed that no bill for increased Medicaid dollars will pass through the Florida House of Representatives. There are currently 3.3 million uninsured in Florida.

Rene Garcia, R-Miami, and Rep. Amanda Murphy, D-New Port Richey have filed bills in the House and the Senate for Medicaid expansion. Murphy will need to convince Rep. Richard Corcoran, the chair of two health committees.

"I'll have a conversation with anyone, anytime, any place about public policy," Corcoran, R-Trinity, said today. But he would not commit to allowing Murphy's proposal to be heard in his committees.

Republicans have campaigned against Obamacare. They fear getting ripped by the tea party if they vote for Medicaid expansion. Far right conservative polotics is getting in the way of good policy. Floridians are still getting taxed for Medicaid. Regardless of whether or not they receive the benefits.

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Guacapocalypse Now: Chipotle Warns Investors of Climate Change

Chipotle Inc. has warned investors that climate change may change the ingredients of items on its menu.

“Increasing weather volatility or other long-term changes in global weather patterns, including any changes associated with global climate change, could have a significant impact on the price or availability of some of our ingredients,” the popular chain, whose Sofritas vegan tofu dish recently went national, said in its annual report released last month. “In the event of cost increases with respect to one or more of our raw ingredients we may choose to temporarily suspend serving menu items, such as guacamole or one or more of our salsas, rather than paying the increased cost for the ingredients.”

Chipotle fans can take heart. There is no looming guacamole crisis. Side note: I never thought I would type that last sentence.

But there's no reason for Chipotle fans to panic, says company spokesman Chris Arnold. He tells us that the warning included in the SEC filing is just a routine disclosure of risk factors that could impact business.

"There is no looming 'guacapocalypse' and I wouldn't read too much into this," Arnold tells The Salt in an email.

Chipotle Inc. has been committed to green business policies. The Chipotle restaurants in your area buy produce from local organic farmers. In Tampa, Chipotle has teamed up with Truck Farm Tampa to educate people on organic food. You can learn more about Truck Farm Tampa by contacting visiting

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Darrell Issa Cuts Off Mic

During the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) took exception with how Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) was handling the hearing on the IRS targeting of political groups. Issa responded by shutting off Cummings' microphone and calling the hearing to an end. It was rather childish on Issa's part.

The hearing started off strangely with former Former IRS official Lois Lerner pleading the fifth.

In response to a series of pointed questions from Issa on Wednesday, Lerner repeatedly said, "On the advice of my counsel, I respectfully exercise my Fifth Amendment right and decline to answer that question." Over the weekend, Lerner's attorney had apparently been negotiating with the committee over a possible deal that would have allowed her to testify, which had raised the possibility that she would speak Wednesday.

Cummings chimed in afterwards and Issa eventually shut off his microphone. What a disaster.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Lawrence Summers Blast From the Past

This is the letter Lawrence Summers wrote about the financial benefits of more pollution. Summers penned this disaster when he was the chief economist of the World Bank. Clink the image to enlarge.

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Revisiting the Financial Crisis: Meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee on September 16, 2008 Part 2

This is part 2 of the my thoughts on the Federal Open Market Committee on September 16, 2008. You can read part 1 here. This meeting of the FOMC took place after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

William C. Dudley had a laughably bad read of how the financial industry would react to the Federal Reserve not lowing the interest federal funds rates. This is the interest rate set by the Federal Reserve for banks lending to each other. Banks were desperate for credit after the Lehman Brothers announcement. Dudley thought banks would support the Fed not lowering the federal funds rates.

MR. DUDLEY. Well, I think the market participants would gain some comfort to the extent that the Federal Reserve as an institution indicates concern about what’s going on in the financial markets. But in some ways the Desk has already signaled that concern by its intervention, so I’m not sure that additional indications are needed. But in the language you might want to indicate to market participants that, if things were to materially worsen in the financial markets, the Committee might revisit the issue of where the federal funds rate should be.

Dennis P. Lockhart, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, believed that the economy would start to recover in 2009.

With that as prologue, let me make just a couple of comments on regional soundings from the last couple of weeks. Anecdotal reports from the Sixth District support the view that the economy is quite weak but not deteriorating markedly. The CFO of a large retailer of housing-related goods said that they think they see a bottom forming. I am also starting to hear some reports that housing markets feel as though they are beginning to stabilize; but, really, it is a little too early to say that a bottom has formed in any of our housing markets. My overall sense from District contacts and our surveys is of an economy that is quite weak, with no clear trend evident.

Turning to the national outlook, like most forecasts, my view on the likely path for the economy has not changed materially since our August meeting. I see nothing in the data and hear nothing from District reports that alters my views that the second half will be very weak. I expect this weak period to be followed by a slow recovery gathering in 2009, but the foundation of a recovery starting around year-end or early 2009 may be far from solid. The contraction of credit availability that is confirmed by both surveys and anecdotal evidence could deepen as financial institutions face tight liquidity and difficulty recapitalizing. A protracted credit crunch would likely operate as a substantial drag on the economy.

The economic stimulus package, signed into law by President Barack Obama, helped keep a recession from turning into a depression. We can see that the unemployment rate ticked up after the September meeting of the FOMC.

Lockhart was also wrong in his prediction of the federal funds rate.

My view of the appropriate policy path is consistent with the Greenbook—that the fed funds rate target will remain stable at or close to the current level for several months going into 2009. My preference is to hold the fed funds rate at the current level of 2 percent. Among the reasons is that a ¼ percentage point drop, as suggested by alternative A, is really not clearly called for by a changed outlook for the real economy. Inflation risks are still in play, and I think we should give credit markets more time to digest events and sort out rate relationships.

The Federal Reserve changed course and have kept federal fund rates near zero percent. From the Federal Reserve website.

To support continued progress toward maximum employment and price stability, the Federal Open Market Committee expects that a highly accommodative stance of monetary policy will remain appropriate for a considerable time after the economic recovery strengthens. In its December 2013 statement, the Committee reaffirmed its expectation that the current exceptionally low target range for the federal funds rate of 0 to 1/4 percent will be appropriate at least as long as the unemployment rate remains above 6-1/2 percent, inflation between one and two years ahead is projected to be no more than half a percentage point above the Committee's 2 percent longer-run goal, and longer-term inflation expectations continue to be well anchored. In addition, at its December 2013 meeting, the Committee indicated that, based on its assessment of measures of labor market conditions, indicators of inflation pressures and inflation expectations, and readings on financial developments, it will likely be appropriate to maintain the current target range for the federal funds rate well past the time that the unemployment rate declines below 6-1/2 percent, especially if projected inflation continues to run below the Committee's 2 percent longer-run goal.

The Federal Reserve has kept fund rates near zero percent to keep credit moving between the banks. The fourth quarter of the 2008 was projected to have low GDP. Unemployment has showed signs of increasing. The housing bubble had popped. Banks were starting to go into panic mode after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. What was Lockhart thinking that the 2 percent federal fund rate could be maintained?

Future Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen was correct in her projection unemployment and housing construction numbers would dip.

Recent data also suggest that labor markets are weakening across the board—a development that will cast a pall on household income and spending. The interaction of higher unemployment with the housing and financial markets raises the potential for even worse news—namely, an intensification of the adverse feedback loop we have long worried about and are now experiencing. Indeed, delinquencies have risen substantially across the spectrum of consumer loans, and credit availability continues to decline. One ray of hope is that the changes at Fannie and Freddie have caused a notable drop in mortgage rates. Another is that the decline in home prices has become somewhat less steep, and we have seen an outright improvement in home inventories relative to sales. But my contacts are very pessimistic about the prospects for nonresidential construction. They note that construction is continuing on projects in the pipeline with committed funding, but new projects are all but impossible to finance.

Unfortunately, Yellen mistakenly back keeping the federal fund rates at 2 percent.

What is fascinating is the FOMC was obsessed with inflation during the meeting. Inflation turned out to be the least of the America's economic problems in 2009. Inflation actually dropped to 1.1 percent in November of 2008 In December the rate was 0.1 percent. Inflation stayed below 3 percent in 2009.

Meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee on September 16, 2008 by Michael Robert Hussey

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Monday, March 03, 2014

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Ted Leo does a great cover of a song I always hated. I could never stand Tears For Fears. This video was recorded as part of the A.V. Club cover series.

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Rick Kriseman Endorses Alex Sink

You really didn't think St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman was going to endorse Republican David Jolly? The Alex Sink campaign sent out this email.

“I am proud to support Alex Sink because I know she will bring the bipartisan, results oriented values she’s practiced all her life to Washington and finally get Congress focused on solving problems that matter,” said St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman. “At City Hall, we know firsthand that the challenges facing our community are not partisan issues – that’s why we need a leader like Alex Sink who will bring Republicans, Democrats and Independents together to tackle our most pressing problems, and I know we can trust Alex to take the voices of every Pinellas resident to Washington.”

“Every day Mayors and local leaders across Pinellas put problem solving over politics to serve residents – and I’m running to bring this same brand of bipartisan leadership back to Washington,” said Alex Sink. “From protecting Social Security and Medicare, to cutting wasteful spending, to helping businesses create jobs, the challenges facing are community are too important to let partisan finger-pointing stand in the way of getting results. I am honored to receive the support of Mayor Rick Kriseman, and I look forward to serving as an effective partner for Pinellas residents in Congress.”

Sink is running for the Florida congressional District 13 seat. The seat is currently empty after the passing of Bill Young.

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Rick Scott's Contempt of the Press Increases

This should leave no doubt Gov. Rick Scott is doing everything he can to avoid Florida's "Sunshine Law." Tia Mitchell reports both she and photographer Scott Keeler were asked to leave the Florida House Press Gallery. Mitchell and Keller were covering Scott practicing his State of the State speech. The House Sergeant-at-Arms staff told Mitchell and Keller that Scott requested that they be removed.

Mitchell reports that Keller covered Scott's 2012 and 2013 State of the State rehearsal with no incident. The only explanation that was given on why Keller and Mitchell couldn't cover Scott's State of the State rehearsal was that the event is private.

Scott came into the Governor's mansion intent on limiting access by the media. Scott has only gotten worse. The Miami Herald reports Scott uses his own private plane to avoid logging where he travels to the media. Scott may use his own plane but taxpayers are paying for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents that provide security for the Governor. Scott released details of his flight travel last year to the media. Scott has now cited the need for security as the reason not to release his flight travel to the media. Governors Charlie Crist, Jeb Bush and Lawton Chiles all shared their flight travel destinations with the media.

Scott is now waging full war against media access. Pissing off the media is not the best way to get positive coverage. Maybe Scott doesn't even care anymore.

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Stockman Threatening Legal Action Against Cornyn Campaign

This is something you don't see everyday. Rep. Steve Stockman is running in the Texas Senate Republican primary against incumbent John Cornyn. Stockman is threatening to press charges against anyone associated with the Cornyn campaign that publishes his mugshot.

According to Michigan Compiled Laws 28.214, "(3) A person shall not access, use, or disclose nonpublic information governed under this act for personal use or gain. ... (5) A person shall not disclose information governed under this act in a manner that is not authorized by law or rule. (6) A person who intentionally violates subsection (3) or (5) is guilty of a crime as follows: (a) For a first offense, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment ... (b) For a second or subsequent offense, the person is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 4 years ...."

Austin attorney Randy Cubriel, a Cornyn associate and head of TCM, may also face repercussions. Texas law (e.g., Art. 55.03 provides: "(1) the release, maintenance, dissemination, or use of the expunged records and files for any purpose is prohibited; (2) except as provided in Subdivision (3) of this article, the person arrested may deny the occurrence of the arrest and the existence of the expunction order; and (3) the person arrested or any other person, when questioned under oath in a criminal proceeding about an arrest for which the records have been expunged, may state only that the matter in question has been expunged.").

Stockman spokesperson Donny Ferguson wrote the press release for the Stockman campaign website. According to Ferguson, an unnamed Michigan official stated that Stockman could press charges against anyone publishing Stockman's 1977 arrest for possession of Valium. Talking Points Memo asked Ferguson for more details. Ferguson did not respond to follow-up questions.

What this illustrates is the war on drugs can destroy careers. Worse case scerario for Stockman is he loses the election and becomes a lobbyist. For other Americans a drug arrest or conviction could mean having a hard time finding a minimum wage job.

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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Politics Is Not A Sporting Event

Adam Smith of The Tampa Bay Times announced his political winners and losers of the week. This is a weekly column by Smith. I have nothing against Smith. However, I think this column reduces politics to a spectator sport when more attention should be paid attention to policy.

Did Floridians win this week because Sen. Marco Rubio fired off some bluster against the Nicolás Maduro government of Venezuela on Twitter.

Does anyone really believe Maduro reads Rubio's Twitter feed and tremble in fear. Maduro has reacted harshly to protesters in his country. I actually don't have a problem with Rubio voicing his displeasure. Madoro has jailed protest leader Leopoldo Lopez and 17 protesters have been killed. This is a serious international matter. Smith's column scoring Rubio's rhetoric as a win trivializes to serious matters in Venezuela. What is more important in Smith's column is which political figure is coming out on top.

According to Smith, David Jolly is the loser of the week. Jolly's camp falsely accused opponent Alex Sink of racism. It would be better if Smith informed his readers on how Sink's comments on immigration were taken out of context by a political tracker. Instead, Smith evaluates politicians as if they were a potential NFL draft pick at a scouting combine.

The Tampa Bay Times shouldn't treat politicians as if they were making odds for Vegas bookies. Media is too obsessed with the horse race. Media thinks people will be bored if policy wonkery was explained. Ezra Klein wrote a successful economic policy blog at the Washington Post. The blog was so successful that Klein has decided to branch out and start the Vox Media project. There is a place for policy driven journalism. The Tampa Bay Times should produce more policy posts to expand their internet reach. Let's face it. No one is going to remember who were Adam Smith's political winner and loser of March 2, 2014 were.

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Profile In Courage: Dubious Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio is too scared to come out for or against the Arizona bill SB 1062. Rubio goes to great lengths to split hairs and try not to offend anyone. Short version: Rubio doesn't believe that gays should be discriminated against and Christian fundamentalists should be able to discriminate against gays. What a crystal clear position.

“Well, I don't believe that gay Americans should be denied services at a restaurant or hotel or anything of that nature. I also don't believe however that a caterer or photographer should be punished by the state for refusing to provide services for a gay wedding because of their religious held believes. We've got to figure out a way to the protect that, as well.”

Rubio doesn't have to worry about being challenged for babbling nonsense. Meet The Press anchor David Gregory is more likely to bust a move than ask a follow-up question.

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Wingnut of the Day: Judson Phillips

Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation has penned another comedy masterpiece. Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed SB 1062. Brewer came under immense pressure from the business community. The NFL moved the 1993 Super Bowl because of Arizona refusing to recogize Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday. The NFL was prepared to move the 2015 from Arizona if Brewer didn't veto SB 1062. An NFL source was quoted by Deadspin.

No one wants to do this, but if the league's hand is forced, it would have to begin preparing for that process,'' the source close to the situation said. "If this doesn't get vetoed, it has to know, what has to be done next? That discussion has begun.

"Two weeks ago no one would have been discussing who finished second in the 2014 Super Bowl bid process. So that's what changed. The NFL has to know the possibility, however remote, that it would have to move the game and begin preparations to do that. It would be imprudent not to begin that process.''

Brewer realized the NFL and many other businesses would stay clear from Arizona. Money is more important to the Republican establishment than social conservatives. That doesn't make Judson Phillips happy. He went off on Tea Party Nation. Mediaite has posted Phillips' post.

Should a devout baker be required to create a cake for a homosexual wedding that has a giant phallic symbol on it or should a baker be required to create pastries for a homosexual wedding in the shape of genitallia? (sp) Or should a photographer be required to photograph a homosexual wedding where the participants decide they want to be nude or engage in sexual behavior? Would they force a Jewish photographer to work a Klan or Nazi event? How about forcing a Muslim caterer to work a pork barbeque dinner?

Phillips apparently spends way too much time thinking about penises. How many gay couples are rushing to their local baker and asking, "Can you make me a cock cake?" What Nazi or member of the Klu Klux Klan would ask for a Jewish photographer? The problem is nonexistent. Judson is just mad because Arizona cannot legally discriminate against gays.

Don't believe Phillips is homophobic? Phillips accused President Barack Obama of being a gay crack addict.

A man named Larry Sinclair claims that in 1999 he and Barack Obama had sex and then smoked crack cocaine. This is 1999, nine years before Obama would run for President.

Crack cocaine is very addictive. It is very destructive. Addiction specialist will tell you that a crack addiction is very tough to break.

Is Obama an addict? Was he an addict in the past?

These are all legitimate questions to ask about a man who has his hands on the nuclear trigger.

Pjillips didn't bother to fact-check Sinclair because that wouldn't help his agenda. Politico reports Sinclair has a lengthy criminal record. Sinclair has forgery charges in two states. He has 13 aliases on his Colorado criminal record. Sinclair served a year of jail in Florida for theft and forging a bad check. It goes on and on.

Phillips is willing to cite someone as discredited as Sinclair to falsely gay bash President Obama. Phillips is a bigot. Plain and simple.

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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Gaetz & Weatherford Claim Lobbying Money Has No Influence On Them

Florida Senate President Don Gaetz and House Speaker Will Weatherford laughably tell Adam Smith that campaign contributions have no influence on them.

According to Follow the Money, Gaetz has received $18,736 from lawyers and lobbyists. Weatherford received a whooping $56,625 from lawyers and lobbyists. Do you really believe lobbyists are going to give money to Gaetz and Weatherford and then not expect any favors in return? That doesn't pass the laugh test.

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Seth Rogan Open Statement to Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services

Good for Seth Rogan to bring awareness to Alzheimer's Disease. Here are some places in Tampa that deal with Alzheimer. Please check them out if you know a friend or loved one suffering from the disease.

USF Health Byrd Alzheimer's Institute

Florida Gulf Coast Chapter | Alzheimer's Association

Florida Department of Elder Affairs - Alzheimer's Disease Initiative

Tampa FL Geriatrician Doctors - Alzheimer's Disease Causes

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