Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lara Logan Coming to USF

CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Logan will speak at the USF Marshall Center on April 3. The lecture is free. I would advise you to get there early to get a seat.

Logan has been one of the few journalists in American media to provide insights to the ugly side of war. This is a must see lecure.

University Lecture Series Presents Lara Logan
When: April 3, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.
Where: Marshall Student Center Ballroom, USF Tampa campus

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Special Interest Politics v. Reality

If the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, I would like one card-carrying member of the left -- just one -- to admit that this is about the Constitutionality of the law; not health care.

After admitting that, I would then like that one honest member of the left to admit that the Obama administration royally fucked up by forcing through a health care bill that was unlawful; and instead of advancing the cause of health coverage for all, the Obama administration set this cause back by decades because they fucked up.

This is no longer about idealism, this is about reality. The time for cheerleaders, pom-poms, rah-rahs and sis-boom-fucking-bahs is over. We may vote for a politician, and we may generally like a politician, but if they royally fuck up then it's about time we hold them accountable.

Just saying.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trayvon Martin Rally in Sanford

Video of the Trayvon Martin rally held in Samford, Florida yesterday. Protesters marched from a local church to the Sanford police station. The protesters called for the resignation of Police Chief Bill Lee. In an effort to keep his job, Lee temporarily resigned. Lee is kidding himself, if he thinks he can keep his job.

T-shirts calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman were seen at the rally. I'm not sure if this is an act of protest or a vender making money off of a tragedy.

In what will come as a shock to one. Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos will not have a special committee to examine Martin's death, and the Stand Your Ground law.

UPDATE: Senate President Mike Haridopolos also says “no” to a special committee on the use of the “stand your ground” law.

“The Senate President feels that Governor Scott is currently taking all of the appropriate steps to address the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin. Additionally, the Senate President is confident that the circumstances surrounding this shooting will be closely examined by lawmakers, and if the Senate concludes that laws need to be revised they will be addressed in the future,” Haridopolos’s spokeswoman Lyndsey Cruley said in an e-mail.

Haridopolos was forced to drop out of the U.S. Senate race because of his shady book deal. Haridopolos' book for Breward Community College had the appearance of a payoff to Haridopolos for school funding. Haridopolos also was admonished by the by the Commission of Ethics. Haridopolos failed to disclose his consulting firm's business. The interesting thing was Haridopolos was the only employee with MJH Consulting Company. The clients of MJH often lobbied the Florida legislature. Haridopolos was getting paid by people lobbying the Florida legislature.

Haridopolos won't have a special committee for Martin, unless there is something in it for him.

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Worst Marketing Idea Ever

Abercrombie and Fitch have long been known for bad customer service and overpriced clothes. A&F is now adding racism to their sins with their line of N****r pants. This is actually what A&F are calling the pants on their web site.

Update: Abercrombie and Fitch is not selling these pants. The site I linked was a bogus web site. Sorry about that.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Portishead - Glory Box (Roseland NYC)

My favorite Portishead song. Beth Gibbons' vocals are amazing live. Performing with an orchestra adds an epic feel to Glory Box. I would have loved to have been at this performance.

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Wingnut of the Day: Randall Terry

Randall Terry wishes eternal damnation on the progressive bloggers that (rightfully) accused him of being a hatemonger and anti-woman. Terry has always been strange. I didn't think it was possible for Terry to be more insane. I was wrong.

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Jason Mattera: Worst Journalist Ever

Andrew Breitbart lackey Jason Mattera grills a Bono impersonator. Mattera complains about the liberal media. If Mattera was an actual journalist and not a partisan hack, he would have realized he did an ambush interview on someone who actually isn't Bono. editor Joel Pollack refused to admit to NY Magazine that they interviewed a fake Bono.

"We went through a vetting process on this and appropiate questions were raised and appropiate answers were given," editor Joel Pollack assured us by phone. "But the videographer then asked us to take it down, so we did." But Pollack said he would neither "confirm or deny" that mistaken identity was the reason for the scrubbing.

I would love to sit in on a editorial meeting to find out what the vetting process is. It surely doesn't involve posting corrections on the web site. I look forward to future posts at about how the liberal media doesn't fact-check.

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Cliff Stearns: Birther

Rep. Cliff Stearns currently embroiled in a corruption scandal
. With Stearns facing so many problems, he has found the time to launch a potential investigation into President Barack Obama's citizenship.

“I am, shall we say, looking at all the evidence,” Stearns told reporters in the Capitol Tuesday, comments that come after he expressed similar doubts at a meeting with constituents in February.

Stearns has decided to join the birther movement. This list of fellow birthers includes Donald Trump, Judson Phillips, and the utterly bizarre Orly Taitz. Sterns has joined an all-star team of conspiracy theorists. The perfect reason for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to give Sterns a vote of confidence.

"I think Cliff Stearns does a good job with the chairmanship of his subcommittee,” Cantor told The Hill in the Capitol Wednesday. “He has my full confidence.”

Well, that settles that.

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Quote of the Day

"The bottom line is, I could argue that I don't have to create any jobs. I just have to make sure we don't lose jobs."

Gov. Rick Scott, last year on the Bud Hedingger Live radio show.

Scott has backed away from his campaign promise to create 700,000 jobs in seven years. I blogged before about how unserious the 7-7-7 plan was. There were a lot of pretty pictures but a lack of numbers on how jobs would be created.

Donna Arduin was paid $170,000 to lend her name to the 7-7-7 plan. I doubt that Arduin crunched any numbers. The published plan is a campaign pamphlet. The proof that Arduin got paid for an economic plan, she failed to crunch numbers for, a study showed that natural job growth in Florida would be 1,000,000 during the seven year span. The Scott campaign quickly realized they promised negative 300,000 jobs from expected job growth. The Scott camp revised the 7-7-7 plan to be 1,700,000 jobs. Now Scott is backtracking.

Side note: can we all agree that Arduin should not be taken seriously as an economist. If she is going to get paid $170,000, the least she could do is a jobs growth projection. The Scott campaign would have never gotten tripped up. That is what happens when you hire an unserious hack.

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Are There Any St. Pete Rallies for Trayvon Martin?

Litbrit asked this question on Facebook. Is Occupy St. Petersburg or Awake the State holding any rallies for Trayvon Martin. Litbrit feels Tampa Bay residents need to express their outrage over the slaying of Martin. Feel free to leave comments about any upcoming rallies for Martin.

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Jeb's Late Endorsement of Romney

Rick Klein of ABC News added a siren to his tweet. This is the most unsurprising endorsement ever.

SIREN. Jeb Bush statement: "I am endorsing Mitt Romney for our Party’s nomination."

Bush is at his core an establishment Republican. Bush views Romney as the most responsible adult in the field. Ron Paul is not a consideration for Bush. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are not Bush's kind of Republican, in the way Katherine Harris did not meet the Bush standard.

Mitt Romney has the most delegates and will become the nominee. Did Klein think Bush was going to endorse Herman Cain? This endorsement isn't a major news story. The fact that Jeb waited so long to endorse Romney shows a lack of faith in Romney's ability to secure the nomination. The Bush endorsement would have been huge news before New Hampshire. The timing of the endorsement now will last one day in the news cycle.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Orange Shirts & Florida's Anti-Union Law

14 people were fired from a Florida law firm. Thanks to Florida being a right to work state this is perfectly legal. Remember that the next time Republicans claim that workers rights hurts job growth. Republicans hate regulations. Except when the right to work law regulates unions.

(1) Because of the activities of labor unions affecting the economic conditions of the country and the state, entering as they do into practically every business and industrial enterprise, it is the sense of the Legislature that such organizations affect the public interest and are charged with a public use. The working person, unionist or nonunionist, must be protected. The right to work is the right to live.

(2) It is here now declared to be the policy of the state, in the exercise of its sovereign constitutional police power, to regulate the activities and affairs of labor unions, their officers, agents, organizers and other representatives, in the manner, and to the extent hereafter set forth. (Enacted 1943, amended effective July 1, 1997.)

Funny how regulating unions didn't stop Florida from being one of the highest states with employment during the past few years. On the bright side, employers can fire employees wearing bright orange shirts without cause.

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Office of Democratic Texas Legislator Attacked

The office of Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) was attacked by an arsonist. What makes matters worse is people were in the office at the time of the attack.

The Fort Worth Fire Department is investigating an arson attack at State Sen. Wendy Davis’ legislative office.

Fire officials said someone threw two Molotov cocktails into the third-floor office on West 7th Street.

Witnesses said the unknown person fled the scene and was chased by a maintenance worker after igniting the fire.

Another report indicates that several Molotov cocktails were used. The flames and smoke was intense enough to set off the smoke detector. A female staffer said she opened a door to find flames up to her waist.

Yet another news report indicate that the arsonist was in Davis's office. The arsonist threw the Molotov cocktails into a room. One person had to jump over the flames to escape. This appears to be attempted murder. Video below.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

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Trayvon Martin Update

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

MSNBC host Martin Bashir talks to Rep. Gwen Moore, (D-Wis.) about the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Recordings from Martin's phone logs reveal that Zimmerman was less than candid with his claims of self-defense. Martin made phone calls to his girlfriend as Zimmerman followed him.

"She says: `Run.' He says, `I'm not going to run, I'm just going to walk fast,'" Crump says, quoting the girl.

After Martin encountered Zimmerman, the girl thinks she heard a scuffle "because his voice changes like something interrupted his speech," Crump said. The phone call ended before the girl heard gunshots.

The last call was at 7:12 p.m. Police arrived at 7:17 p.m. to find Martin lying face down on the ground.

It appears that Martin may have been running away from Zimmerman.

"Trayvon tells her, 'I think I lost him,' but then he says, "He is right behind me,'" Crump said. "She hears him say, 'Why are you following me?' Then she hears, 'What are you doing here?'"

Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher not to follow Martin.

"Are you following him? the dispatcher asked. Zimmerman replied: "Yep."

"Okay, we don't need to do that," the dispatcher warned.

State Attorney Norm Wolfinger has opened an investigation into the shooting. Wolfinger released this statement to the media.

"I share in the desire of the family and the community to accurately collect and evaluate all the facts surrounding the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. That is why I directed the expeditious review of the investigation which was delivered by the Sanford Police Department one week ago today; areas for further investigation have been identified; and, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has agreed to assist and has been working hard with my office since Friday, March 16. I will also be utilizing the investigative resources of the Seminole County Grand Jury which will be called to session on Tuesday, April 10, 2012.

I respectfully request that the public remain patient as this process continues forward. We are a country based upon law, and as the State Attorney for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit I am sworn to uphold those laws. As I have previously stated, the public is entitled to no less than a thorough, deliberate, and just review of the facts. We intend to honor that commitment."

This is key: Zimmerman told the police that he stopped following Martin. Zimmerman claims that Martin jumped him as he tried to enter his car. Zimmerman is a fairly large man. Martin is a skinny 17 year-old. The phone logs paint a story of Zimmerman continuing his pursuit of Martin.

Update: Listen carefully: Zimmerman mumbles the racial slur "fucking coons," during his call to the dispatcher.

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U.S. Military Spending Compared to Other Nations

Mother Jones has a chart comparing United States military spending to that of other nations. Needless to say, no other country comes remotely close to the U.S. in spending.

Rep. Paul Ryan unveiled his budget plan that would increase military spending.

The Ryan plan also increases national defense spending to $554 billion in 2013, an increase of $8 billion over the $546 billion that was agreed to under the Budget Control Act.

That would reverse some of the $487 billion in cuts that the Pentagon has planned to implement over the next decade. Over 10 years, the Ryan budget would spend $6.2 trillion on defense, which is higher than the $5.97 trillion level set under the Budget Control Act.

Ryan would do well to listen to President Dwight D. Eisenhower's famous "military industrial complex" speech.

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence -- economic, political, even spiritual -- is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Stand Your Ground

"Stand your ground is the dumbest law ever put on the books."

Wille Meggs, Florida State Attorney.

The people responsible for the Stand Your Ground law are former Gov. Jeb Bush and NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer. Bush signed Stand Your Ground into law in 2005. Hammer has defended the law.

"The law was written very carefully and it means what it says: You have a right to protect yourself," she said.

Florida elected Republicans are terrified of Hammer's wrath. Hammer pushed a bill that allowed citizens to take guns into the state capital. In an environment where Gabrielle Giffords is shot by an enraged citizen how is this a good idea? Security is not even allowed to ask if someone is carrying a gun in the capital. Florida Republican legislators are willing to place their lives at risk because they fear a lobbyist. That is insane.

Which brings us to the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Mother Jones has audio of the 911 calls made to the dispatchers. George Zimmerman was told by a dispatcher not to go after Martin.

"Are you following him? the dispatcher asked. Zimmerman replied: "Yep."

"Okay, we don't need to do that," the dispatcher warned.

Zimmerman ignored the dispatcher. People in the neighborhood called about a man on top of another person. There was screaming that didn't sound like Zimmerman's voice. The end result was Martin being shot to death.

Zimmerman is currently a free man. Zimmerman said he was standing his ground and felt threatened by a 14 year-old boy.

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How Alex Sink is As Bad As GOP Presidential Candidates

Mark O'Brien sums up Alex Sink's political prospects for 2014.

Only a candidate of Sink's ineptitude and dreariness could have gotten Republican Rick Scott elected in 2010. Sink was so uninspiring that voters preferred a guy whose sole claim to fame was that he used to run a healthcare empire shot full of legal issues.

If Florida Democrats can't find a candidate more appealing than Alex Sink Part Deux, they will look as lame as the Republican candidates for president.

Sink getting compared to a Republican field that included Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and comedy master Herman Cain is not a compliment. Check out "Stop Alex Sink", if you don't want Sink running for governor in 2014.

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Worshipping False Idols

Conservative blogger Javier Manjarres has a fascinating post on the tension that has grown between Sen. Marco Rubio and the tea party base that supported him in the 2010 election.

This continued throughout the first half of 2011, as Rubio completely discounted the notion that he could possibly have a problem with those early supporters who truly believed in his candidacy and in him as person. According to some of these supporters, Rubio refused to return phone calls, texts, emails, and delegated the responsibility of communicating with these supporters to his staffers.

Unfortunately, Rubio change of posture towards his early supporters turned out to be a consistent one and not a temporary lapse of loyalty on his part. Rubio himself has personally been approached by certain key supporters who have expressed their concerns about what’s happened with him as well as whom he has surrounded himself with.

Rubio was also advised to reach out to some of the staffers and supporters who devoted themselves to his campaign and had felt betrayed by his “self-serving,” and dismissive nature. But in keeping with his non-confrontational demeanor and ‘Hear no Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil’ approach to dealing with people, Rubio did not reach out to those individuals after vowing to do so. Senator Rubio lost a certain degree of respect with a few for failing to ”do the right thing,” for not acting when he needed to.

Manjarres was an early supporter of Rubio's Senate campaign. I wonder how much of his feelings are expressed in this post. I imagine that Manjarres will catch some grief were writing this post. In Manjarres' defense, he notes that Rubio doesn't have time to touch base with every supporter. Rubio is a senator and has young children. It isn't fair for some supporters to think that Rubio can drop everything just to touch base with them.

I never had the sense that Rubio was comfortable with the tea partiers. Rubio dismissed the Senate Tea Party Caucus as a "little club." Rubio needed the tea party to force the establishment Charlie Crist out of the GOP primary. The tea party movement is fading. Rubio doesn't need them anymore. That is the way politics works.

Peter Schorsch is harsh on Manjarres.

I have avoided idol worship of elected officials. It enables me to be more objective. My interest is policy. If President Obama or another Democrat supports horribles policies than I am going to say so. Cheerleading makes peopl;e less informed. I doubt conservatives would worship Andrew Brietbart if they actually examined how sleazy he was.

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Richard Swier's Xenophobic Worldview

Sarasota resident Rich Swier is one of the most vile members of the tea party movement. Swier has publicly advocated for the bullying of gay teens. Swier has pushed the conspiracy theory that the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the Boy Scouts and the Broward REC.

I talked to two conservative bloggers that covered the Broward REC meeting. The Broward Republican Party voted Hamze's proposal to form a Republican club for Muslims. Both bloggers told me they heard no mention of the Muslim Brotherhood and had no idea what Swier was talking about.

This isn't the first time Swier has made things up. Blogger Erin Nanasi fact-checked Swier's claim that "over 70% of all HIV/AIDS cases are due to male sex with males."

I didn’t believe Swier’s math on that, so I called HANS, The HIV/AIDS Network of Southwest Florida, and spoke with Dianne Shipley. I gave her Swier’s statistic and she very kindly tore it apart. In 2010, there were 848 cases of HIV/AIDS in males and females. Of that number, 638 were male. Of THAT number, 70% self identified as either gay or bisexual. So, Swier did not include women in his 70% claim, and unless he’s psychic, he has no idea how those 447 men contracted HIV or AIDS. Oops.

You will be surprised to read that Swier is dismayed by the lack of tolerance.

In the nearly four years since that statement President Obama, his administration and his supporters have demonstrated their ability to get bitter, cling to their secularist/Islamic cults, condoms and gay agenda or show antipathy to people who aren't like them or implement their pro-illegal immigrant policies or negotiate with our enemies as a way to demonstrate their hate for the American people.

Swier wonders why the Left doesn't show him more love. It might be because Swier views Hispanics, gays, Muslims, liberals, and anyone that uses contraception with utter contempt. The title of the quoted Swier post is "President Obama's followers are bitter and cling to their condoms and gay agenda." Anyone who complains that other people are bitter by showing absolute bitterness over losing his arguments is projecting his own bitterness onto others. Swier wants to see a bitter person, all he has to do is look at his reflection. Only a bitter man would support violence against gay teens.

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Quote of the Day

"I can't remember the last time I read a book in one sitting."

Angry Black Lady, in the most unsurprising tweet ever.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

AFL-CIO Supports Reproductive Rights

Great news. The AFL-CIO comes out in support of the reproductive rights of women.

The denial of contraceptive coverage is seen as discrimination against women and an attack on workers’ right to basic health coverage. The right to quality health care has deteriorated into an attack on the character of women who want nothing more than to have a personal decision in the matter. [...]

As the AFL-CIO, we commit to ensuring that women have the right to quality health care, including equal access to contraception, and have the ability to exercise that right regardless of where they work.

The AFL-CIO cite a National Business Group on how contraception saves the private sector in costs.

In terms of costs and savings for the private sector, multiple studies over the past two decades have compared the cost-effectiveness of the various methods of contraception, finding that all of them are cost-effective when taking into account the costs of unintended pregnancies averted. The federal government, the nation’s largest employer, reported that it experienced no increase in costs at all after Congress mandated coverage of contraceptives for federal employees. Moreover, a 2000 study by the National Business Group on Health, a membership group for large employers to address their health policy concerns, estimated that it costs employers 15–17% more to not provide contraceptive coverage in their health plans than to provide such coverage, after accounting for both the direct medical costs of pregnancy and indirect costs such as employee absence and reduced productivity. Mercer, the employee benefits consulting firm, reached a similar conclusion. And a more recent National Business Group on Health report, drawing on actuarial estimates by PricewaterhouseCoopers, concluded that even if contraception were exempted from cost-sharing, the savings from its coverage would exceed the costs.

The Republican Party's contraception policy is anti-business and pro-government intrusion. The very things the GOP claims to be against.

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Quote of the Day

"Santorum declares that his support of abstinence will give him an easy victory in the Virgin Islands."

JC Christian

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Time to Party With Lobbyists

What do Sandy Adams (Fla.), Quico Canseco (Texas), Rick Crawford (Ark.), Bob Dold (Ill.), Sean Duffy (Wis.), Stephen Fincher (Tenn.), Mike Fitzpatrick (Penn.), Daniel Webster (Fla.), Mike Grimm (N.Y.), Nan Hayworth (N.Y.), Jim Renacci (Ohio) and Cory Gardner (Col) all have in common. They all partied with lobbyists at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida.

Congressmen Canseco and Gardner were seen on camera heading in to host happy hour. To get in, donors had to pay at least $10,000.

During his campaign, Gardner promised average voters would inspire his actions. One ad said, "I will always put Colorado families before the Washington special interests."

Turns out Gardner put his interest in special interests above Colorado families. Families getting their homes foreclosed upon are not important when it's time to party. Nothing says helping Americans more than playing golf and slamming drinks with Spencer Bachus, Pete Sessions, and a group freshman Republicans.

You will be shocked to learn that nine of the congressman at the vacation fundraiser are on the committee with oversight of banks. You also will be shocked to learn that none of the elected Republicans at the fundraiser wanted to be interviewed by CBS News on-camera.

Republicans on the state and federal level have been living lavishly of the campaign contributions of their corporate donors. There are those Republican Party of Florida credit card bills that the state party continues to avoid discussing. Tom Feeney lost his House seat because of his infamous golf trip with Jack Abramoff. These REpublicans talk about hard work and the power of the free market. The truth is they want lavish corporate welfare and a government paycheck.

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Lone Justice - Belfry

Maria McKee was an insane live performer during her Lone Justice. I wish there was a video of her stage-diving and crowd-surfing during the Ritz show.

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Jessica Ehrlich Makes Emily's List

Jessica Ehrlich is a Democrat running in Florida's 13th congressional district. Her Republican opponent will be GOP establishment veteran and pork champion Bill Young. Ehrlich has been endorsed by Emily's List.

“Jessica is running a strong campaign to be a leader the people of Florida can count on in Congress,” said Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List. “A dedicated advocate for job creation, working families, and seniors, Jessica is ready to make sure Washington starts working for the women and families of Florida. A St. Petersburg native, she has the support and experience to win in what is sure to be a hard-fought race against a 21-term Republican incumbent. Jessica is helping lead the charge to take back the House in 2012 and the EMILY’s List community is thrilled to put her ‘On the List’ today.”

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, Jessica Ehrlich attended Vanderbilt University and Southern Methodist University law school. She clerked for the Mid-Florida Federal Court Chief in 2003. Ehrlich went on to serve as a legislative aide in Washington where she gained valuable experience working with the House Financial Services Committee. A dedicated member of the St. Petersburg community, Erhlich’s top priority is ending the gridlock in Washington in order to create jobs and to help working families and seniors.

I don't see any links to policy positions on Ehrlich's website. Being against Bill Young is not enough. Ehrlich has to articulate what is is for to the voters. Ehrlich worked on congressional committees in Congress. Surely is has ideas on policy. If she doesn't define herself than she will suffer the same fate as Charlie Justice.

Benjamin Kirby is publicly backing Nina Hayden for the 13th district. Erhlich’s Emily's List endorsement has blown Hayden out of the water. Erhlich is the Democratic establishment candidate.

Erhlich's campaign needs to use social media better. Erhlich's Twitter feed only has seven tweets.

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Write A Caption: Rick Scott

Ladies, you're welcome.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Cat Blogging

A jornalist is stupid enough to get into a cage with a lion he has never met before. The lion was only playing, but did magane to scratch up the journalist rather badly.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Very Excited Hockey Player

Montreal Canadians forward Erik Cole was really excited about scoring his 27th goal of the season. So excited that he high-fived the referee.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Newspapers Won't Carry Doonesbury

Doonesbury has been pulled from several national newspapers today for running a strip dealing with the intrusive ultrasound bills being written in red states. Garry Trudeau deserves praise for doing this strip. Doonesbury will spend the week focusing on the ultrasound storyline.

Jodi Jacobson has a good round-up of the media reaction to Doonesbury. My favor nonsensical reason comes from the SC Herald.

“I am concerned about the graphic content.”

We are talking about a comic strip. Newspaper editors are acting like this is the torture scene from Reservior Dogs. If this doesn't prove that the media doesn't have a liberal bias then I don't know what will.

Update: Trudeau talks to the Washington Post about the content of this weeks strip.

A: Oddly, for such a sensitive topic, I found it easy to write. The story is very straightforward — it’s not high-concept like [the satiric] Little Timmy in “Silent Scream” — and the only creative problem I had to work through was the physician’s perspective. I settled on resigned outrage.

Texas’s HB-15 [bill] isn’t hard to explain: The bill says that in order for a woman to obtain a perfectly legal medical procedure, she is first compelled by law to endure a vaginal probe with a hard, plastic 10-inch wand. The World Health Organization defines rape as “physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration — even if slight — of the vulva or anus, using a penis, other body parts or an object.” You tell me the difference.

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Pat Boone: Health care Expert

Watch out Sen. Bill Nelson. Republicans are pulling out the big guns to take your seat. That is right. I am talking about Pat Boone.

Boone made the ad for the 60 Plus Association. The organization was foolish enough to back SOPA. 60 Plus also backed President Bush's attempt to privatize Social Security. 60 Plus may bill itself as an advocacy group for senior citizens. Privatizing Social Security helps Wall Street; not American seniors. The idea that Wall Street can manage the retirement portfolios of seniors after the bailout is a laugh.

Boone attacks Nelson by stating that the Affordable Care Act would make patients lose their doctors. 60 Plus made the same attack against Democratic congressional candidates in 2010. found the 60 Plus claim to be false.

Although the ads cite an April report from the office of the chief actuary of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as support for this claim, that report actually discusses cuts the law makes in payments to other providers, such as hospitals and nursing homes – not doctors. The required cuts could make it difficult for some such providers to stay in business, the report says, "possibly jeopardizing access to care" from those institutions for seniors.

But that report and another CMS document issued in August also note that Congress has a habit of negating such cuts. In fact, the August report says with respect to the legislated payment cuts to hospitals and other such non-physician providers, "Congress is very likely to legislatively override or otherwise modify the reductions in the future to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries continue to have access to health care services."

60 Plus contradicts itself, in the add, with lamenting that Medicare will be cut by $500 billion. Boone then makes this statement.

BOONE: Medicare will be bankrupt in nine years, but Washington politicians like Bill Nelson are ignoring the problem.

60 Plus can't seem to decide whether Medicare fundings needs to be cut or maintained. The people whom made this ad weren't interested in getting the wonky policy right. 60 Plus just wanted to use buzz words to scare seniors. Democrats have four effective words to do that. Those words are "the Paul Ryan plan."

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Ted Deutch Campaign Kick-Off

Congressman Ted Deutch will have two campaign kick-off events. Deutch will talk with voters about Medicare and the Supreme Court's Citizen United ruling.


Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 3:30 to 5:00 pm PBC Democratic Party South County Headquarters 6634 West Atlantic Drive, Delray Beach, FL


Thursday, March 15th, at 2:00 pm The Coral Springs Museum of Art 2855 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs, FL


Headline of the Day

This headline sums up why there is an Occupy Wall Street movement. It is not enough for rich corporate donors to be able to buy themselves tax cuts with their super pac money. These millionaires want every penny of their campaign contributions back.

Americans Elect Is Raising Money To Repay Its Millionaire Founders

These are the people Republicans call job creators.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quote of the Day II

"I thought she was the best qualified person. I thought she had the ability to excite our party, and the kind of person that I wanted to see succeed in the political arena. She was a very effective and successful governor [of Alaska]. Again, I look forward and not back."

John McCain, on why he chose Sarah Palin.

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Joe the Plumber's CNN Interview Failure

Joe the Plumber refused to answer questions and accused the CNN anchor of "gotta journalism." Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (Joe the Plumber's real name) refused to answer a question about his statement that gay people shouldn't be near his children. Wurzelbacher avoided answering a question about what qualifies him to be a congressional candidate. It is amazing that the Republican base love backing these clown candidates.

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Glen Campbell - Galveston

What always stood out for me when listening to Galveston was Glen Campbell's incredible voice. A comment on Youtube made me realized that the song is about a soldier in the Spanish-American War. However, due to the era it was recorded in, Galveston became an anti-Vietnam war anthem. The song was written by the great Jimmy Webb.

Galveston, oh Galveston, I still hear your sea winds blowin'
I still see her dark eyes glowin'
She was 21 when I left Galveston

Galveston, oh Galveston, I still hear your sea waves crashing
While I watch the cannons flashing
I clean my gun and dream of Galveston

I still see her standing by the water
Standing there lookin' out to sea
And is she waiting there for me?
On the beach where we used to run

Galveston, oh Galveston, I am so afraid of dying
Before I dry the tears she's crying
Before I watch your sea birds flying in the sun
At Galveston, at Galveston

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Jeff Foxworthy Endorses Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney first secured the endorsement of rap-rock singer and amateur porn star Kid Rock. Romney now has the endorsement of Jeff Foxworthy.

Pleased to have the support of Jeff Foxworthy, @foxoutdoors, a true southern gentleman and avid outdoorsman. #Mitt2012

If you don't know who Foxworthy is don't feel bad. Most people don't. Foxworthy's claim to B list fame was telling various of the same "you could be a redneck" joke. Foxworthy came out the the Redneck Dictionary. There was even Foxworthy's annoying song Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas.

The fact that Romney sought Foxworthy's endorsement say much about how the candidate views the South. Romney has been traveling the South talking like Forrest Gump.

"Catfish are people, my friend."

Sadly, that quote is from Romney. The former governor thinks Foxworthy's parody of Southerners is how people in the South actually behave. Romney acts just as idiotic with black people.

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Pollster Judson Phillips

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips is the first blogger, I have seen, to write about President Barack Obama's poll numbers without citing the poll. I have no idea where Phillips got his numbers. Phillips mentions the Drudge Report in his post.

Right now, Obama loses the first question overwhelmingly. Only 25% of Americans strongly approve of the way Obama is handling his job while 44% strongly disapprove. That is a huge gap. Only 30% of Americans believe the nation is headed in the right direction.

President Obama's approval numbers have been going up in polls. The question is are we talking about Obama's approval rating on the economy or national security. A March 7, 2011 Gallup poll has Obama's approval rating at 45 percent. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has Obama's approval at 50 percent.

Fifty percent of Americans approve of the president's job performance, his highest mark since the killing of Osama Bin Laden, while 45 percent disapprove. He leads former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney 50 percent to 44 in a hypothetical match-up, an improvement from December, when he was effectively tied with Romney.

The poll showed Obama's approval rating has now improved to 45 percent among white women, a key voting bloc. Those numbers could stem from the improving economy, which has helped Obama's ratings overall, or the controversies in the GOP primary, particularly the recent debate on contraception.

Again, what exactly is Phillips referencing when he writes about Obama's approval rating. Americans are generally dissatisfied with the economy. Obama's approval rating on economic matters has been less than stellar. When it comes to women, Obama's approval rating has increased. (Rush Limbaugh supporter, Mr. Phillips, fails to mention that.) An AP-GfK poll show 53 percent of women approve of the president.

I like to know where Phillips got only "25% of Americans strongly approve." I like to know the size of the poll sample and what polling firm conducted the poll. Was this poll done through automated calls or by interviewers? Anyone who knows how to read a poll can tell that Phillips is either bullshitting or doesn't understand polling data.

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The Rick Santorum Strategy

On Meet the Press, Rick Santorum revealed how he was going to win the Republican nomination. The other candidates would drop out and give Santorum the nomination.

Of course, there would be an easy way for Santorum to really make up ground: “I’d like everybody to get out,” he said.

Well, that settles that. Santorum should start working on his convention speech.


Quote of the Day

"Honestly, I don't care who runs against Obama, I'm gonna vote for them ... I don't care which of the three get there. I will vote for them to get him out of the White House."

Dodie White, Alabama Republican voter.

Mr. White doesn't care if the Republican nominee is unfit for office. Getting Obama out of office is all that matters. What do you think the chances are Mr. White has read any think tank papers on how the tax cuts the the GOP candidates will add to the deficit?

Update: Litbrit tweets a funny.

"I don't care who runs against Obama, I'm going to vote for THEM" -- You can vote for more than one person for president?


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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Atlantic Blue School of Polytechnic

"So there's $10 million for the USF students, then $22 million for Polytech, which right now doesn't have any students," Dockery said.

Sen. Paula Dockery's remark summed up the insanity of making a USF Polytechnic an independent university. The Florida House voted 86-31 to make Polytechnic independent. The Senate, where JD Alexander rules, as Budget Committee chair, voted 36-4. With the exception of the House and Senate members that voted against a bill that sole purpose was to increase the property values of Alexander's family-owned company Atlantic Blue. Alexander needs the university to justify the state building a toll road near his ranch.

The proposed 110-mile road stretches through the ranches, farms and swamps of inland Florida, from Collier County to I-4. In real estate, that's a good thing. Land prices typically skyrocket for property adjacent to newly built transportation facilities.

Nearly all of Blue Head Ranch, a massive piece of property controlled by one of Alexander's companies, lies directly in the path of the proposed roadway. The company, Atlantic Blue, plans 30,000 residential units and 11 million square feet of nonresidential development on 7,500 acres of the ranch, according to its website.

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Quote of the Day

"Catfish are people, my friend."

Mitt Romney, in a pathetic attempt to pander to Southern voters.

Romney must think Southern people are brain-damaged. Here are some other Romney quote.

"I'm learning to say 'y'all' and I like grits. Strange things are happening to me."

Romney, at a campaign event in Pascagoula, Miss.

Romney thinks everybody in the South eats grits. Someone needs to to inform Romney that most Southerners think grits are runny and taste bland. Romney won't get off talking about grits.

"I got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits. I'll tell you. Delicious."

I want a puke. Both from the quote and hearing about "cheesy grits." Romney is so bad at connecting with people that he needs to make himself into something that he assumes people will find appealing. The result is people are turned off by Romney's insincerity. I rather eat cheesy grits then have a five minute conversation with Romney.


Mark Wilson Wins Again

Florida businesses will get an $830 million tax break in unemployment compensation. The tax cut will be for 2 1/2 years. How is Florida to pay unemployment compensation to laid-off workers, you ask. Florida doesn't. The fund has been drained. Florida borrows money from the federal government to pay out unemployment compensation. The state may be constitutionally mandated to have a balanced budget. That is done through accounting smoke and mirrors. This is the classic Florida Republican tax shift game.

Ellyn Bogdanoff wrote this horrible last minute amendment. 39 state senators voted for the amendment. The amendment makes no sense with Florida's current budget problems. Yet it received bipartisan support. That is because Mark Wilson wanted this tax cut.

"Unemployment compensation tax reform is vital in positioning Florida as one of the most favorable business climates in the global marketplace,” said Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce . “Passage of this important bill will help secure Florida’s future and build on the Florida Chamber’s efforts to create a more stable and predictable business climate."

Wilson is the most powerful man in Florida politics. What Wilson wants he gets. Wilson is also hurting Florida by driving the state deeper into debt. Wilson is the same man that successfully limit unemployment compensation and speed up foreclosures. It is hard to think of any person whom is hurting Florida working class people more than Wilson.

Update: Florida Senate Majority Leader Andy Gardiner sent out this email.

Facing a $1.4 billion shortfall, the Senate stayed true to its commitment to balancing the budget without raising taxes on Floridians and directing revenue toward areas that will support job growth while serving the critical needs of Florida. Lawmakers agreed upon a $70.04 billion budget with more than $90.3 million in tax relief measures. Along with Governor Scott, the Republican caucus showed its commitment to education, supporting more than a $1 billion in additional funding for K-12 education.

Only Florida Republicans can equate borrowing money from the federal government with balancing the budget.

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The Stooges - T.V. Eye

The Stooges gets my vote for one of the ten best bands in rock history. TV Eye is my favorite punk rock song of all-time. If you don't like this song then you are fucked up.

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday Cat Blogging

Cat vs snake. Cat wins.

I had a cat that loved fighting snakes. You understand how quick cats are when you see one fight a snake.

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Quote of the Day

"We got 435 members. It's just a slice of America, it really is. We got some of the smartest people in the country who serve here, and some of the dumbest. We got some of the best people you'd ever meet, and some of the raunchiest. We've got 'em all."

Speaker John Boehner, on the people that serve in the House of Representatives.


Florida House Brings Back Drug Testing

Gov. Rick Scott and Republicans in the Florida legislature haven't learned from their defeat in court. The Florida passed passed HB 1205. The bill would make it mandatory for state workers to submit to a drug

Drug-free Workplaces: Requires drug testing to be conducted within each state agency's appropriation; authorizes agencies within state government to require employees to submit to periodic random drug testing; revises provisions relating to discharging or disciplining certain employees; authorizes agency to refer employee, at employee's expense, to employee assistance program or alcohol & drug rehabilitation program if not discharged; requires employer to transfer employee to job assignment he or she can perform safely & effectively while participating in employee assistance program or alcohol & drug rehabilitation program or place employee on leave status if such position is unavailable; authorizes employee to use accumulated leave credits before being placed on leave without pay; provides that employer remains qualified for insurer rate plan that discounts rates for workers' compensation & employer's liability insurance policies if employer maintains drug-free workplace program that is broader in scope than that provided for by standards & procedures established in act; authorizes public employer to conduct random drug tests of certain employees under specified conditions; provides requirements for public sector employer assigning public sector employee to position other than mandatory-testing position.

Effective Date: July 1, 2012

The Supreme Court ruled, in Skinner v. Railway Lab. Execs Ass'n that state employees can be randonly tested, if public safety is at risk. Otherwise, it is a violation of the Fourth amendment. Florida has tried to test state workers before under Gov. Jeb Bush. Roderick Wenzel took the Department of Juvenile Justice to court. Wenzel objected to being drug-tested by the DJJ. The ACLU represented Wenzel and won. Judge Robert Hinkle found the reasoning to randomly drug test Wenzel laughable.

But as Chandler teachers, this test cannot be met by ordinary public employees , or even high public officials, who work in offices and ought to be sober, but who do not have direct contact with the drug trade, and whose impairment would not pose the kind of public safety risk that attends to operation of a train or other dangerous instrumentality.

Pressed at oral argument to explain just what a drug-using long-range planner might do with his position, the defense in the case came up short. The suggestion was made that the planner could access confidential information on juveniles, learning the identity of a drug offender, and then contact that person or his family and demand drugs, threatening adverse consequences for any failure to go along. The defense offered no evidence that in the real world any such scheme had ever been devised, let alone carried out, even once, in Florida or anywhere else. To call this theory far-fetch would be charitable.

State Rep. Joe Negron is hardly a bleeding heart liberal. Negron sees no need for HB 1205.

“I haven’t been running across drug-addled employees who haven’t been able to do their jobs,” said Sen. Joe Negron, a Stuart Republican with a libertarian streak. “I’ve heard no evidence whatsoever why we need it."

Before the unemployment compensation drug testing, signed by Scott, was blocked by the courts, only 2 percent of people applying for unemployment tested positive. The drug testing was actually increasing expenses for the state. The state had to payback unemployment recipients that paid to be tested. Scott never got the magical savings he promised. There really is no evidence that state-wide drug testing is needed.

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Our sitting president was not vetted."

Sarah Palin, on Sean Hannity's show.

Sarah Palin might have forgotten about this little thing called the 2008 presidential election. I don't see how, considering she was John McCain's VP candidate. The media and blogosphere vetted all the candidates very thoroughly. I seem to remember Palin complaining about the media scrutiny. When people are asking to see Obama's birth certificate, I say he has been vetted.

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Meet the Obama Financial Sector Donors

Obama supporters wonder why I am so skeptical about the President. The reason is that every domestic policy that President Obama has initiated has been to please lobbyists. Obama doesn't give a damn about progressive causes. A perfect example of how Obama places the needs of corporate donors above his constituents. A 2010 meeting with Sen. Bernie Sanders is proof that Obama values protecting corporate profits more than cunsumers.

Last summer, during a White House meeting with first-term Democrats, Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, asked Obama whether he'd nominate Warren for the role.

Obama held up a half-full glass of water and told him: "That's the problem with you progressives. You see this as half-empty.

It turns out that Obama never nominated progressive darling Warren. It is hard to imagine a President whom received $1,013,091 from Goldman Sachs, $808,799 from JPMorgan Chase, and $736,771 from Citigroup would see eye to eye with Warren on financial policy. The last thing Obama wants to do his have Warren reform Wall Street.

Obama supporters will say look what the president has done for the gay community. In 2009, the Obama administration pressured Rep. Alcee Hastings to drop an amendment that would repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Democrats had super-majorities in both houses of Congress. Yet, Obama didn't want to touch DADT. The gay community started raising a record amount of money for Obama. The President had a sudden change in heart on DADT.

Obama proposed Medicare cuts that made even some Republicans flinch during the debt ceiling negotiations. Obama is as much a deficit peacock as the Republicans. Obama gave PhRMA lobbyist Billy Tauzin everything he wanted. Including Medicare being prohibited from negociating lower drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. Obama wasn't thinking about the deficit or controlling entitlement spending when he made that deal. It is no coincidence that drug companies donated big-time to Obama's 2008 campaign.

If you want to understand Obama, all you need to do is follow the money.

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Profile in Courage: Marco Rubio

It is getting harder for Sen. Marco Rubio to defend his opposition to the Dream Act. Felipe Matos pens a must-read op-ed detailing Rubio's hypocrisy.

Trying to cover over your anti-immigrant opposition to the DREAM Act, your support for Arizona's racist SB-1070 and other anti-Latino legislation by meeting with one DREAM Act student is cynical and manipulative. As many parents say, "You can't cover the sun with one finger," Mr. Rubio. The majority of Latinos in the United States support the DREAM Act and you don't. I would be ashamed of myself if I was a child of immigrants who supported anti-immigrant legislation and opposed the DREAM Act and other pro-Latino legislation. Ashamed.

Rubio's concern is staying in public office. Rubio may be viewed as a tea party spokesman. The truth is Rubio is a career politician. Rubio has served in government since the nineties. Politicians that stay in the game that long are not couragious. A few emamples.

Rubio ran from his support of the PIPA legislation after the internet blackout protest.

In 2010, Rubio backed BP paying into a restoration fund. Now that the BP spill is out of the news, Rubio feels safe to protect oil interests. Rubio claims that BP paying for the damage.

"It's unfortunate to see a good idea to help people along the Gulf Coast be turned into another Washington tax-and-spend feeding frenzy," Rubio said.

Rubio talks about policy with the depth of Frank Luntz talking points. The good Senator wants you to believe that BP paying for the damage it caused to Florida's beaches is a "tax and spend frenzy." Mr. Rubio, do you know who will pay for the restoration of Gulf Coast beaches, if BP doesn't pay? The taxpayers whom live on the Gulf Coast.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sleigh Bells - Irreplaceable

The Sleigh Bells perform a cover of the Beyonce song.

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Cliff Stearns Corruption Scandal

Republican James Jett has accused Rep. Cliff Stearns of briding him. Jett was set to run in the Republican primary against Sterns for the new District 3 seat. According to Jett, Sterns offered to a bride, in exchange for Jett dropping out.

Jett said one offer included a job on Stearns' campaign staff that would pay him to cover the approximately $25,000 he had spent on his congressional run. He also said he was told there could be a job heading the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or a U.S. marshall position once there are vacancies.

Gov. Rick Scott would have to be involved, in order for Stearns to give Jett the head position at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It could very well be that Stearns was overplaying his influence. However, it does sound shady.

According to Jett, the FBI has recorded phone conversations Jett had with Jim Horne and Jud Sapp. Horne and Sapp were to help set up the deal between Jett and Stearns. Jett isn't someone who makes these kind of accusations likely. By all accounts he is honest and doesn't stand for corruption.

This is the second time Jett has said someone has tried to pay him, illegally, for politics. A Clay County man was convicted in 1990 for offering Jett, then a county commissioner, $30,000 for his vote. Tape recordings were used in that case, by the State Attorney's Office.

Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll's name was brought up by Jett to the FBI. Jett adds that he doesn't think Carroll has done anything illegal.

Update: the Sterns story makes me wonder how often this kind of pay for play deals go on. State Sen. Jim Norman admitted to violated the law by not reporting a $500,000 house, given by campaign donor Ralph Hughes to Norman's wife. Former Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom gave Northwest Florida State College pork, in exchange for a job. It is no wonder that Republicans don't flinch when JD Alexander uses the legislative process to increase his property values of his company Atlantic Blue.

The current crop of Republicans are so confident that they have no qualms about breaking the law. Do you actually believe that Rick Scott is worried about the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation on the data erased from his laptop and cell phone? Scott and other Republicans do not have to worry about being indicted for violating Sunshine and campaign laws. Jim Norman and Ray Sansom will unlikely get convicted by the FBI. JD Alexander got the CSX line and state college near his Blue Atlantic property. Marco Rubio used the nonprofit Republican Party of Florida credit card as his own ATM. Rubio is now a Senator. Scott was involved in a huge Medicare fraud scandal and his now governor. These Republicans are going to keep behaving unethically because it pays well.

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County by County Breakdown of Ohio

Talking Points Memo has a county by county breakdown of the Ohio Republican convention. At the time of the post, Mitt Romney leads Rick Santorum 37.8 percent to 37.1 percent. Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul did not win a single county.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Mark Lanegan - Ode to Sad Disco

Ode To Sad Disco by Mark Lanegan Band on Grooveshark

This song is off of Mark Lanegan's new record Blues Funeral. This is the most modern music Lanegan has made. Some of it is almost danceable.

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Rick Santorum Song

A song and music video by Rick Santorum supporters. What is missing from this video? How about ethnic people. Santorum's base is made of people whiter than Wonder Bread.

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Meet Candidate Lois Frankel

Equality Florida is hosting meet and greet with congressional candidate Lois Frankel. To reserve a reservation email Allan Hendricks at

What: Please join us for a Meet & Greet with
Fmr. Mayor Lois Frankel
Candidate for Congressional Seat FL22
of the United States Congress

When: Thursday, March 8th6:30 - 8:30pm

Where: The Cottage Restaurant
522 Lucerne Avenue
Lake Worth, FL 33462

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Occupy Orlando Banned by Questionable Law

Mayor Teresa Jacobs has approved a law especially made for Occupy Orlando. The resolution forbids "occupy" from using Orange County Administration Center, as a protesting and camping area. The language of the bill isn't designed for any other citizens except Occupy Orlando. I fail to see how the resolution does not violate the 14th amendment.

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Resolution -County Admin Center(1)

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Monday, March 05, 2012

Ramones - 53rd & 3rd

One of the darkest Ramones song. The lyrics are about what a person will do to score heroin.

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Bogus Sharia Law Bill

The Florida Senate hasn't passed a jobs bill. (Corporate tax cuts are not a jobs bill.) The Senate did find the time to get a bill banning the use of Sharia law from being used in Florida.

A measure aimed at banning the use in Florida of Sharia, a code of law based on the Koran and the teachings of Mohammed, is on its way to the Senate floor after a procedural maneuver removing it from its last committee reference.

The Senate Justice Committee spent an entire three minutes debating the bill. If the committee took its job seriously they would have asked if any judges have sentenced women to be stoned or wear burkas. The obvious answer is no. Republicans are just pandering to the most racist parts of their base.

From a legal point of view, I support having Sharia law not being force fed down my throat. As an issue of seperation of church and state, I would be more than happy if all forms of religion are banned from receiving money and schools. Republicans aren't doing this because they respect the seperation of church and state. They want to see that Christian institutions keep getting school charter money.

What I do not respect is Republicans targeting a group of people and their faith because fearmongering is easier than actually trying to govern. This law will likely get passed. Someone will eventually get arrested under the law. Federal courts will repeal the law. The end result is Florida being the mocked nationally. Well done, Florida legislature.

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Trickle Down Economics Redux

Former Reagan administration budget directer David Stockman said that trickle down economics was designed to create deficits, that would justify cutting entitlement programs. The Reagan administration never expected trickle down economics to increase economic growth. Stockman also notes that trickle down economics was renamed supply-side economics because voters would not believe that they would somehow benefit from the wealthy getting tax cuts.

Gregory Mankiw served as Chairman of Council of Economic Advisers, under President George W. Bush. Paul Krugman noted that Mankiw has little respect for the Reagan economic team creating supply-side economics.

Consider Mr. Mankiw, in particular. Modern Republicans detest Keyes; Mr. Mankiw is the editor of a collection of papers titled "New Keynesian Economics." In an early edition of his best-selling textbook, he dismissed supply-side economics - the doctrine embraced by the sainted Ronald Reagan - as the creation of "charlatans and cranks." And, in 2009, he called for higher inflation as a solution to the economic crisis, a position anathema to Republicans like Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, who warn ominously about the evil of "debasing: our currency.

Even Republican economists admit that supply-side economics is bullshit. Remember that the next time you hear Gov. Rick Scott and GOP presidential candidates talk about how tax cuts for the rich will magically create jobs for the middle class.

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Rick Santorum Reminds Me of Bible Dude

Much like Rick Santorum, Bible Dude is a pious hypocrite. I love how Bible Dude quotes scripture that has no relevance to today. Bible Dude is also secretly gay.

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There is No Moral Majority

Jerry Falwell liked to tell Americans there was a "Moral Majority" of people that hated feminists, gays and black people with the same passion as him. The controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh's "slut" remark disproves Falwell's claim. The latest proof that Americans don't buy into social conservatism is the new Gallup poll

Mitt Romney now leads Rick Santoum by 16 percent. Republican voters didn't suddenly decide that Romney was the second coming of Ronald Reagan. GOP voters can't stand Santorum's self-ri'ghteousness. Alex Leary of The Tampa Bay interviewed Pennsylvania voters and found that Republicans felt Santorum spent too much time discussing social conservative issues.

"He's too preachy," said Marilyn Harrison, 80, who remembers Santorum knocking on her door in Mount Lebanon in his first Senate run in 1994 and being impressed with his vibrant attitude. In 2006, Harrison crossed party lines and voted for Democrat Bob Casey Jr., whose father had been immensely popular as governor and shared Santorum's pro-life views.

"Santorum is out of step with the day," Harrison said. "I'm not against family values, but I don't want him imposing his version on others."


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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Goodbye Rep. Rich Glorioso

Florida state Rep. Rich Glorioso said in his farewell address that the lobbyist gift ban was bad law.

He said it was silly to think a lobbyist could buy him a dinner and influence his vote "but he could sure educate me on the issue," said Glorioso.

Actually, if Glorioso has the bad judgement to say the gift ban was bad then it isn't silly to think that they could buy his vote. Glorioso may not be aware of this, but it is his job to educate himself on the issues. The taxpayers pay his staff to help him with legislation.

In case you are wondering, Glorioso's campaign contributions reads like a who's who of corporate and lobbying interest. It wouldn't be silly to think a steak dinner could buy Glorioso's vote.

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Quote of the Day

"I think the problem is the Republican leaders, Mitt Romney and the other candidates, don't have the courage to say what they say in quiet, which, they think Rush Limbaugh is a buffoon. They think he is like a clown coming out of a small car at a circus. It's great that he is entertaining and all that. But nobody takes him seriously."

Mathhew Dowd, former Bush-Cheney political strategist, on why Republicans are afraid to criticize Limbaugh. The radio show host has hurt Republicans with his "slut" comment directed at feminist activist Sandra Fluke.

Dowd also added that it is a "myth" that Limbaugh's radio audience is big. For a long time, radio ratings were made select listeners writing down what they listened to every 15 minutes for 3 months in diaries. Most people surf the radio. Even more people do not listen to the radio.

The diaries produced Limbaugh and NPR havibng huge radio ratings. The reason was people would fill in the entire 3 months of the diary with big name radio shows. People usually filled in the diaries right before they were turned in. New ratings methods with monitoring the radio signals of selected listers have shown a hugs drop in Limbaugh's listenership. The short answer is 20 million Americans do not listen to Limbaugh talk for 20 days of the month. Do you know anyone that listens to Limbaugh 60 hours of the month?

George Will sums up how tough his party truly is.

"They want to bomb Iran, but they're afraid of Rush Limbaugh."

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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Herman Cain's Bizarre Fish Ad

Where to even begin with Herman Cain's lates ad disaster. Why is a girl, who belongs in a creepy horror movie, standing in an apocalyptic field of death?

Why is a fake looking animated Herman Cain looking away from the viewer?

Was the goldfish in killed in the making of this video? That is very pro-life.

Is Herman Cain trying to make people think he is insane?

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