Monday, December 19, 2011

Wingnut of Day: Judson Phillips

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips is found of conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality. Phillips contends that President Obama 2009 presidential campaign was funded by Hamas. From a Phillips post on Tea Party Nation web site.

The party of treason has never been shy about taking foreign cash, even though it’s illegal. In 2008, Obama even received campaign contributions from Gaza (I.e. Hamas). So where does a corrupt, unpopular President from the party of treason go for reelection cash? China, of course.

Phillips provides no proof. The wonderful thing about being a conspiracy theorist is that proof is never ended. When a conspiracy theorist like Phillips is challenged, he will demand that you prove that Obama did not receive campaign contributions from Hamas.

Phillips is a member of the birther movement that claim President Obama was not born in the United States.

After Obama released his long form birth certificate, Phillips wrote a post on how the American Bar Association should give Orly Taitz an award.

The American Bar Association frequently gives awards to lawyers who show a commitment to justice. Unfortunately, the ABA is about as far left as the Communist Party, so those who usually get those awards are lawyers committed to socialism, not freedom.

Orly Taitz has waged an almost one-woman war on the eligibility issue. She is absolutely convinced that Barack Obama is not legally qualified to be President. She had endured insults, threats, some from Judges, fines and every roadblock the Obama regime could throw her way. Had she been as tenacious on a similar issue with George W. Bush, she would be the toast of the legal community.

Orly probably does not want an ABA award, but she may be getting closer to something of great importance to her. It is the “holy grail” of the eligibility movement.

Taitz is one of the cartoonishly hysterical conservatives. There are several Youtube clips of Taitz going batshit insane on cable news programs. Taitz is the living version of a character in a Saturday Night Live sketch.

This is the woman that Phillips think should get an ABA award.

Phillips sent out an email for a post on his web site written written by anonymous Ayn Rand fan Jane Galt. This less than clear-headed blogger claims that Obama faked the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

This incident with Iran getting one of our top secret military drones, has been puzzling me since it happened. It's vaguely reminiscent of the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden, with no evidence shown to the American people. ( Personally, I think he's been dead since around 2003, have seen no evidence otherwise, and think Obama staged the incident just so he could take credit. People prove they're alive by showing up, and he hadn't shown up in any way, in years. )

Phillips actually felt this post merited sending out to his readership. I am not shocked that Phillips is not acquainted with reality. What is sad is the Republican Party takes Phillips seriously.

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