Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Rick Scott Meets The Daily Show

This is awesome. The Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi asked Gov. Rick Scott to pee in a cup during a press conference. Scott signed legislation requiring drug tests for unemployment compensation, welfare recipients and state employees.

The reporter, Aasif Mandvi, stood up in the middle of the governor’s questioning, and asked Scott if he would be willing to take the test since he too was using hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars” in carrying out his job.

“I’ve done it hundreds of times,” the governor responded.

Encouraged by the answer, Mandvi then tried to get other reporters to pass a pee-cup up to the governor, drawing a few complaints from executive staff.

“I hate to keep harping on this, but would you pee into the cup?” he asked repeatedly.

Scott then returned to questions from other reporters, and never took the cup.

It is not a surprise that Scott isn't willing to live by the standard he sets for others. To be fair, Scott was asked to pee in a room a media people.

The testing of people applying for unemployment compensation has been temporarily blocked by Judge Mary Scriven. The drug testing of state employees has been suspended after the ACLU issued a legal challenge. Drug testing people without probable cause has been shot down by the court. In 2008, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that Wahkiakum School District could not require all students participating in extracurricular athletic activities to take a drug test. The Supreme Court decision Chandler v. Miller found that candidate for state Georgia state office cannot be required to take a drug test. The Supreme Court found that testing candidates violated their Fourth amendment rights. Scott should be happy that the Supreme Court ruled he isn't required to pee in a cup.

Update: Here is video of the press conference.

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