Monday, December 19, 2011

Quote of the Day

But here's my point, the point I was making earlier is that if he is, if Christopher Hitchens is, in fact, in Hell, he's there because God loves him. Not because God hates him but because God loves him. And I explained what I mean by that. What I mean by that is that God loves us enough to, in the end, give us what he insist on having. If we are determined to have our own way then God, in the end, is going to give us what we insist on having, because that's what you do for people you love."

Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association.

The God that Fischer and many Christian conservatives wants atheists, gays, minorities and liberals to go to hell. This is why we hear tea party Christian cheer executions at Republican debates. Fischer wouldn't know what God's love is since he has no love in his heart.

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