Saturday, November 05, 2011

Rick Perry Advocates Nuclear War in Middle East

Rick Perry's Israel policy (or lack of) has become more scary. Perry would support Israel launching a nuclear preemptive strike against Iran. Perry is so stupid I am not even sure he knows what he is saying. This is an example of how the neoconservative movement has taken over the Republican Party. Don't believe. Perry told Sean Hannity about his advisers.

You know, I have some great foreign policy conversations with Liz Cheney and with John Bolton, I mean, people who actually understand intimately where these countries are.

Apparently, Perry's qualification for foreign policy advisers is being good at geography. Liz Cheney has zero foreign policy experience. John Bolton advocated for blowing up the United Nations.

"If the U.N. secretary building in New York lost ten stories, it wouldn't make a difference."

The sick irony is Bolton later attempted to get confirmed as U.N. ambassador. Bolton's confirmation could not get passed a Republican-controlled Senate.

Perry's foreign policy advisers are the daughter of a vice-president Dick Cheney. Cheney was so unpopular in 2008 that he did not appear at the Republican National Convention. Bolton flirted with running for president. The result was Bolton becoming a punchline. Perry has surrounded himself with advisers too radioactive for Republicans.

This leads to a bigger problem. Perry's recent bizarre speech in New Hampshire leads me to believe the guy is crazy. Perry now publicly advocates for Israel starting a nuclear WWIII in the Middle East. This goes beyond pandering to the base. There is something seriously wrong with Perry.

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