Monday, November 14, 2011

Herman Cain's Libya Failure

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips finally comes to the realization that Herman Cain is clueless. What gave it away.

Tonight there is a video from the Journal Sentinel online that show an interview with Herman Cain. Forget the sexual harassment allegations. Forget Mark Block’s gross incompetence. Herman Cain needs to leave the race because he is not qualified to be President.

Phillips cites an an example that Cain does not even have a basic understanding about Libya.

Candidates have something called briefing books. These are prepared by staffers and contain, among other things, topics candidates are expected to have at least a passing knowledge of. Cain may not be expected to know the name of the President of Montenegro or the Prime Minister of Moldavia, but Libya is a question that will obviously come up.

This video is what Phillips is referring to. Cain asks the intervierer if President Obama supporting the uprising and overthrowing Moammar Kadafi. The fact that Cain doesn't know this is embarrassing. Cain goes on to say that he would be more deliberate in assessing information than Obama. Somehow I seriously doubt that.

Cain states he would have learned more about the opposition than Obama. The interviewer asks Cain if Obama failed to assess the opposition. Cain says he doesn't know. This Republican field gives me more respect for the intelligence of George W. Bush everyday.

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