Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tea Party Turns on Mitch McConnell

The one thing you can say about Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips is his nastiness spares no one. Phillips attacks Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell referring to him as a "eunuch." Phillips goes on to say that the people from McConnell's home state of Kentucky "is the butt of many jokes from surrounding states about inbreeding." Phillips takes exception to McConnell's proposal that would not require spending cuts. McConnell's plan would allow President Barack Obama to raise the debt ceiling three times in the next year and a half.

McConnell’s idea is simple. He fears the GOP will be blamed if there is no agreement on the debt ceiling and the GOP will pay a political price.

What is the word I am looking for here?

Oh yes, COWARD!

The one mistake that both Obama and Phillips made was expecting McConnell to be a leader. McConnell's proposal isn't fully fleshed out yet. Some news reports are that McConnell's plan would give Obama the authority to raise the debt ceiling. This is unconstitutional. The Constitution clearly states: The House of Representatives has the power of the purse. House bills then have to be approved by the Senate. Under the 14th amendment, the President must pay all debts. Congress must vote on whether or not the debt ceiling is raised.

McConnell will never please tea party activists like Phillips. The latter actually wants the United States to default.

This is one issue where there is a natural alliance. We in this movement, many of whom are Republicans, do not want the debt ceiling raised, and do not want to see Obama win or the GOP blamed for this. Why isn’t the GOP calling for our help? For one thing, we can message a whole lot better than they can. We can get the word out. We can motivate people, something the GOP cannot do.

The debt will go up because the Treasury Department would have to pay greater interest on loans after the federal government defaults. Phillips is either too ignorant to understand this or is an anarchist.

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