Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quote of the Day

"When I arrived in Florida yesterday, I was called a radical. Now my kids call me names from time to time, you know, not always radical. I was called a radical because I believe in balancing the budget. I was called a radical because I’ve embraced the Ryan plan. Now if you take a look at the Ryan plan there are some pretty good fixes and solutions there. Well, that's ok, you get name calling every now and again in politics. All I can say is guilty as charged. I must accept that outcome if that's what people choose to do."

Jon Huntsman, Republican presidential candidate.

Republicans are running away from the unpopular Paul Ryan plan.. Huntsman embraces it. The Ryan plan only cuts $700 billion in the first three years. Those savings would be offset by Ryan making the Bush tax cuts permanent. Ryan would also eliminate the taxes from the Affordable Care Act. If Huntsman actually supported a balance budget he wouldn't support the Ryan plan.

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