Saturday, July 16, 2011

Problems For Haridopolos

It appears Captain Pink Shirt's ship has run aground. Key members of Mike Haridopolos' campaign are leaving.

The biggest setback for the Merritt Island Republican came late Thursday, as word trickled out that his longtime friend and political advisor, Pat Bainter, would no longer work for his campaign. Also departing: his de-facto campaign manager and spokesman, Tim Baker.

Haridopolos suggested in a written statement that the departures were no big deal. Haridopolos said he and Bainter remain "longtime" friends.

Losing a top political adviser and campaign manager is no big deal if you are Newt Gingrich. If you are trying to unseat Sen. Bill Nelson with President Barack Obama on top of the ticket in 2012 then this is a very big deal. Haridopolos has been with without a spokesman. It is a very big deal when a politician doesn't have a person to deliver his message to the media.

More bad news: Haridopolos finished fourth in the Space Coast Tea Party straw poll.

Who would you MOST like to be Florida’s U.S. Senator in 2012?

Adam Hasner – 36 votes

Mike McCalister – 24 votes

George LeMieux – 12 votes

Mike Haridopolos – 5 votes

Undecided – 13 votes

Who would you LEAST like to be U.S. Senator in 2012?

Mike Haridopolos – 62 votes

George LeMieux – 7 votes

Adam Hasner – 1 vote

Mike McCalister – 1 vote

Undecided – 1 votes Bill Nelson – 1 vote

If the tea party activists propel Adam Hasner to the Republican nomination then Bill Nelson will likely win another term. Hasner is a former moderate now running to the hard-right. Hasner has less authenticity than Mitt Romney. Haridopolos is despised by the tea party because of his penchant for pink shirts and a voice only slightly lower than Mickey Mouse. Haridopolos would be the more formidable general election candidate. The question is can he get the nomination.

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