Saturday, July 16, 2011

Did Pam Bondi Stop Investigation into Illegal Foreclosures?

I have wrote extensively about how homeowners have been illegally removed from their homes by fraudulent attorneys and the "rocket docket" courts with judges that don't even bother to read legal docements. Don't expect anything to change with Attorney General Pam Bondi in office.

According to former Assistant Attorney General Theresa Edwards, she was fired from the office for pursuing banks too aggressively. In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, Edwards claims that she and colleague June Clarkson were in the middle of investigating the state’s foreclosure mills when they were fired.

At the time they were let go, Edwards and Clarkson were collecting evidence of legal malpractice and fraud engaged in by banks and loan servicers.

The investigations had originated under Attorney General Bill McCollum. But once Rick Scott and now-Attorney General Pam Bondi were elected, the focus and the spirit of the Attorney General’s Office shifted.

If Edwards' allegations are true then we have an Attorney General who is willing to destroy criminal investigations to protect powerful corporate interests. This is horrifying.

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