Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rick Scott's Robocall Disaster

Since May Gov. Rick Scott has sent out a series of robocalls to Floridians. Scott sent out his latest robocall out Friday.

“Hi this is Gov. Rick Scott. I wanted to personally call and share some very encouraging news about our efforts to get Florida back to work. ... Unemployment is down for five straight months, bucking the national trend.”

It turns out people do not want to hear the voice of an unpopular governor brag about a 10.6 unemployment rate.

“I’m on a 'Do Not Call’ list, I work out of my house, and I really don’t need extra calls,’’ said Odessa resident Kathy Winarski, a registered independent who was “a little frightened” the first time she picked up the phone and heard Scott’s voice. “Why’s he bothering me with this? He should just hold a press conference, instead of these one-way, targeted calls.”

I don't think "a little frightened" was the reaction Team Scott was looking for. Scott just can't help but scare people. It would help if Scott didn't look like a super villain.


Another reaction on Scott's robocalling.

And another: “Whoever this is STOP!! I don’t know who or why, but my mom is elderly and feels she needs to get to the phone with this same number that calls 15-20 times a day. ENOUGH!! I don’t care who or what it is ... we don’t care, we just want it to go away.”

Scott could try to govern or manage the media better. Since that would requiring governing like an adult, Scott is going to keeping pissing people off by robocalling them to death.



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