Monday, June 27, 2011

Captain Pink Shirt's Book

Brevard Community College told the media that Florida state Sen. Mike Haridopolos' book has sold "Florida Legislative History and Processes" has sold 70 copies.

Haridopolos' literary masterpiece can be bought on for $9.99. The people that paid for are most likely political opponents of Haridopolos.

It took Haridopolos 4 years to write the book. Those years produced this academic research.

“Most importantly, a candidate should avoid wasting money on useless novelty items such as wooden nickels.”

Brevard Community College paid $152,000 for Haridopolos' book. The reality is they were paying for the influence of a state senator. I'm positive that influence wasn't paid for in wooden nickels.

Update: At the Tiger Bay Club, Haridopolos would not say that he would return the $152,000 paid to him by Brevard Community College. Haridopolos said proceeds for the book go to Brevard Community College. The college was recouped $487.90 of their $152,000 investment.

Damian Flier of Progress Florida is interviewed by WMNF. Flier talks about the Brevard Community College payment to Haridopolos.

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