Monday, June 27, 2011

Adam Hasner's Anti-Global Warming Position

Adam Hasner spoke at a Pinellas Park tea party furom. Hasner received applauses when he said global warming was a myth.

"I don't believe in man-made global warming. I don't buy into the alarmist mentality out there that the world is coming to an end," said candidate Adam Hasner, a former Florida House majority leader from Boca Raton.

He chalked up climate change to an "agenda" by some to control the economy and make the country fit in with global wishes.

Hasner floats a conspirary theory about global warming because the best way to gain tea party support is to be anti-science. The anti-science Hasner has yet to explain why he was a cosponsored of cap and trade legislation.

He cosponsored the legislation calling for the creation of a cap-and-trade regime in Florida. And when it passed the Florida House, his office issued a press release on behalf of the bill's sponsor praising the initiative

"Responsibly addressing global climate change and anticipated national cap-and-trade legislation, while continuing to focus on energy diversity, reliability and affordability, the bill will place Florida's energy sector and economy in
a position to best protect the interests of Florida's citizens," the release read.

Hypocrisy from Republican candidates is not surprising. Voters must ask themselves does Hasner refuse to believe scientific evidence or is he a political opportunist?

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