Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obama Destroys Donald Trump At the Nerd Prom

Donald Trump did not laugh once when President Obama proceeded to mock his conspiracy theories and his reality television show. It is obvious that Trump thought that Obama would never dare touch him. Trump has questioned Obama's citizenship and has expressed interest in becoming the Republican presidential nominee. Trump actually thought the man that beat the Clinton machine and the GOP in 2008 would just let him take his job.

I actually thought Team Obama should have demanded that Trump produce the finding his his bogus birth certificate investigation. Trump constantly dodged the question of whether or not his detectives found anything in Hawaii. It became obvious to me that Trump would choke under intense political pressure.

Seth Meyers came on and literally called Trump a joke. Meyers made fun of Trump's hair. Which is something that has probably not happened to Trump in such a public manner before. Trump did not stand up for the ovation the crowd gave Meyers. Trump can't seem to grasp that it isn't presidential to look like someone not tough enough to take a joke.

Update: Seth Meyers speaking about Trump at Nerd Prom.

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Trickle Up Economics

Sen. John Cornyn thinks it is the American way to redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich. Cornyn tweeted that exact sentiment.

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Satellite Image of Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage

The Los Angeles Times has before and after satellite images of an area of Tuscaloosa, Alabama hit by the tornado. The difference in the images is mind-boggling.

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Rep. Rick Crawford Gets An Economics Lesson

Republican Rep. Rick Crawford said he will not vote to raise the federal debt ceiling. The ceiling is at $13.95 trillion. Crawford told voters at a townhall meeting that the debt can be paid off by making cuts to the EPA. The debt ceiling has to be raised this summer. People in the audience asked him if he is going to let the United States default.

Crawford said he won't let the United States default and he won't vote to raise the ceiling. It is fiscally impossible to cut our way out of defaulting before the summer. Crawford is right that incurring more debt isn't a longterm solution. I really don't think Crawford understands that the United States, the federal Reserve and its lending institutions would default if the ceiling is not raised. Crawford isn't going to find $13.95 trillion in cuts in the next month.

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The Ultrasound Bill

The Florida legislature passed HB 1127 by a 81-37 vote. A text summery of the bill.

Requires that ultrasound be performed on woman obtaining abortion; requires that ultrasound be reviewed with patient before woman gives informed consent for abortion procedure; requires that woman certify in writing that she declined to review ultrasound & did so of her own free will & without undue influence; provides exemption from requirement to view ultrasound for women who are victims of rape, incest, domestic violence, or human trafficking or for women who have serious medical condition necessitating abortion; provides grounds for disciplinary action for failure to comply with such requirements; provides rulemaking authority to AHCA.

The bill is merely designed to be anti-choice. Women will have to pay for ultrasounds regardless of whether or not they wish to see the results. Women who have been raped can only opt out of seeing the ultrasound if they obtain "a restraining order, police report, medical record or other court documentation." Women have to prove they were rape raped not to see an ultrasound they never asked for. Can't you just feel the compassionate conservatism?

Republicans in the Florida legislature know that the Florida Democratic Party is so bad at winning election that they do not fear political consequences.

“What are we scared of? Are we scared of women discovering there is a heartbeat?” asked Rep. James Grant, R-Tampa, in the floor debate.

Republicans want to guilt women. If that doesn't work then they will make women deal with more bureaucracy and increase medical costs. This is the party that bills itself as less government. I have a hard time believing Florida Republican politicians care about the unborn when they let KidCare go bankrupt.

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Quote of the Day

"I gotta tell you something: if you support Medicare the way it is now, you can kiss the United States of America goodbye."

Allen West, in an interview with WPTV.

In West's mind Medicare poses a bigger threat to America than the Civil War or WWII. My qustion for West is does he plan on giving up his government health care he receives through the Veterans Administration. If not then he is just another fearmonger.

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Nicole Sandler on MSNBC

Nicole Sandler talks to MSNBC host Cenk Uygur about her arrest at the Allen West townhall meeting. Sandler tells Uygur how questions were screened. Sandler told Uygur that she was repeatedly pushed by a police officer before her arrest.

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Cee Lo Green & the Queens of the Stone Age - Make it Wit Chu

Cee Lo Green joins the Queens of the Stone Age to sing Make It Wit Chu. Rumor is Josh Homme wrote the song about his love for the game Pokemon.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Florida Senate Passes Anti-Abortion Ballot Amendment

The Florida Senate passed a proposed constitutional amendment banning public and insurance exchange funding. The vote passed by the 27 vote minimum. Unsurprisingly, the deciding vote was Democrat Gary Siplin. Joy-Ann Reid made the observation that Gary Siplin "votes more often with Republicans than any Democrat I've seen."

The law already prohibits state government funding for abortion. What the 2012 ballot amendment will do is rewrite Florida's privacy laws. This has nothing to do with the job creation Republicans promised when they won last year.

This is pandering to the Christian Right base. This is about voter turnout is 2012. Politically speaking, this is going to kill Republicans. Democrats will use the anti-abortion ballot amendment to swing women and young voters for Obama. Abortion isn't gay marriage in 2004. The more conservative South Dakota failed to ban abortion on a statewide ballot. The Florida Democratic Party may not be able to win elections. However, the DNC will be focused on Obama and Bill Nelson winning. Good luck trying to get 60 percent of voters to back an anti-abortion amendment in a state Obama won.

Side note: is Rick Scott and the Republicans in the Florida legislature going to suddenly get more poular and be able to tell women voters they have a right to regulate their bodies? I doubt it.

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Madness At Townhall Meetings Need to Stop

Nicole Sandler was recently arrested at Allen West's townhall meeting. Rep. Paul Ryan was escorted by by police out of a townhall meeting. Daily Loaf blogger Joe Bardi took Ryan to task for his lack of bravery in facing his constituents in the parking lot. After the the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, it was a good idea for the police to escort Ryan out of the building. That isn't to say that all people that go to townhall meetings are homocidal maniacs. However, since 2009, the level of civility at townhall meetings has sunk.

I am not trying to make false equivalencies between the Left and the Right. Republican politicians Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Carl Paladino and Allen West have advocated violence against political opponents. This level of rhetoric didn't help the national discourse. The tea party played on being verbally obnoxious at townhall meetings in 2009 and 2010. We now see Medicare supporters yelling at Republican members of Congress. My question is when did it become socially acceptable behavior to yell at townhall meetings?

I don't expect or want everyone to agree with each other and sing Kumbaya. What strikes me is America has not from the tragedy of the Giffords shooting. I wonder why members of Congress even bother to do townhall meetings, if they are going to have to face this kind of abuse.

The anger has more to do with the state of the economy and unemployment. If we were currently experiencing Clinton era levels of GDP and job growth, I doubt the townhalls would be this angry. Clinton had high approval ratings during the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The entire body of Congress does not have Clinton's political skills and is doing nothing to produce new jobs. Congress polls low in economic good times. Proposing entitlement cuts during an economic downturn is a political disaster.

I don't like Allen West. The man behaves like a bully and is unfit for public service. I don't think Sandler should have been arrested. I would not have yelled questions at West like Sandler did. West doesn't have to answer Sandler's question. Especially when it is repeatedly yelled at him. Yes, West is ducking tough questions. We can't force him to answer a question.

I saw a tweet that a different West townhall almost became a riot. People can get hurt. I don't care what political party you are in. If you hurt another person at a townhall meeting or make an attempt on the life of an elected official you should be punished under the full extent of the law. You're elected leaders may suck. The people in your community may have bizarre political ideas. As soon as you use violence to further your political goals you forever lose the high ground.

How Weird Is Fox News?

Answer: Fox News' John Stossel moderated a debate between Ron Paul and an Obama personator. Fox News is is filling the void left after to fall of public access television.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Millie the Cat goes for a swim.

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Why I Don't Like Lawrence Summers

Lawrence Summers blamed unemployment insurance for causing increased unemployment.

To fully understand unemployment, we must consider the causes of recorded long-term unemployment. Empirical evidence shows that two causes are welfare payments and unemployment insurance. These government assistance programs contribute to long-term unemployment in two ways.

First, government assistance increases the measure of unemployment by prompting people who are not working to claim that they are looking for work even when they are not. The work-registration requirement for welfare recipients, for example, compels people who otherwise would not be considered part of the labor force to register as if they were a part of it. This requirement effectively increases the measure of unemployed in the labor force even though these people are better described as nonemployed—that is, not actively looking for work.

All those people unemployment right now really aren't looking for work. If they stopped living like fat cats off of unemployment checks corporations would not have to pay for insurance.

Obama could have appointed anyone to his first director of the National Economic Council and he chose Summers. Sad.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

John Prine - Angel From Montgomery

Touching song about a middle-aged woman examining her life.

Rick Scott's Staff Avoid Sunshine Law

It is public knowledge that Gov. Rick Scott does not use email. Sen. Bill Nelson discovered that Scott's political adviser Mary Anne Carter doesn't use her state government email.

"I rarely check and almost never respond to work e-mail because of the open record law," Carter wrote from her private e-mail account.

Nelson was shocked to receive this email.

Government officials using private email accounts was a trick used by Karl Rove during the U.S. Attorney scandal. The Bush administration used a non-government server to fire U.S. Attorneys not going after Democrats or prosecuting immigration caees that didn't exist. All the U.S. Attorneys were given good performance reviews before they were fired. The firings happened because Rove felt these U.S. Attoneys weren't furthering the Bush administration's political agenda.

The blog Talking Points Memo started investigating the U.S. Attorney scandal. Congress started holding hearings. 22 million emails on the server were deleted.

Scott has given an embarrassing deposition and had his health care companies investigated for criminal wrongdoing. Scott's former company Columbia/HCA was fined 1.7 billion for stealing money from Medicare. Scott was never charged but was forced to step down. Needless to say, there is a reason Scott doesn't want public records.

Money quote from Brian Burgess.

"Are there things we don't want to you to know? Yes," Burgess said. "There are things we don't want to broadcast to our opponents."

Sadly, Team Scott considers their opponents the people of Florida.

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Allen West Screened Townhall Questions

Progressive blogger Daniel Tilson asks Allen West's Staff if they are screening out questions during the recent townhall meeting. Through his reporting Tilson found out that West's staff was in charge of screening questions. Busted.

Related: Nicole Sandler Arrested At Allen West Townhall

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Quote of the Day

"Those who proclaim half truths as the whole truth, whether they are from the left or the right, are endangering our open society."

George Soros, from a speech he gave today.


Florida radio journalist arrested for asking questions at Allen West's townhall meeting

This is fellow Floridian Nicole Sandler asking a followup question of Congressman Allen West at a townhall in South Florida yesterday.

West was reciting the party line, namely, that the Repblicans have this brilliant idea--"Let's bring in the magic of the marketplace to run health care for seniors, because something something competition and lowered prices, oooh, look at the birdie!"

And Nicole had the gall to stand up and call it what it is: "You're PRIVATIZING Medicare!"

So they arrested her.

That is correct: at a townhall meeting, wherein politicians are supposed to engage their constituents in debate and conversation about pressing topics of concern--and, I'd add, in the United States of America--a concerned, compassionate citizen and mother is ARRESTED and taken to jail for daring to point out that the dishonest puppet Emperor isn't wearing any clothes.

More as details develop.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Girl From The North Country - Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash

Girl From The North Country – Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan

MP3 search on MP3hunting

The best singing of Dylan's career.

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Rachel Maddow On Florida Voting Suppression

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Rachel Maddow covers the Republican efforts in the Florida legislature to repress voting rights.

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Nicole Sandler Arrested At Allen West Townhall

This is video of Florida progressive talk show host Nicole Sandler right before she was arrested at Allen West's townhall meeting. Sandler reportedly was maced by police while she was in jail. Raw Story fleshes out what happened.

A Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept. document detailing the arresting officer's take on Sandler's arrest has been acquired by Raw Story.

In it, officer William Rousseau claims that Sandler was told to leave the event because "her behavior caused many of the audience members to enter into a verbal altercation that threatened to become physical."

The officer also claims that he instructed Sandler to leave the premises "at least a dozen times," but that she would not. He further claimed that Sandler became "physically aggressive with this ofc., pushing me several times."

Video footage does not seem to bear that out, and Sandler clearly agreed to leave the event. She did however shout at the officer that he should not touch her, but did not appear to resist when he decided to make an arrest.

Here is a video of Sandler getting arrested. The incident starts at 3:35 of the video.

My advice to progressives going to townhall meeting is don't raise you voice at police officers. They don't care about freedom of speech and democracy. Cops will bash your head in if they think they are justified. Just calmly leave when they tell you to.

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Reid to Force Vote on Ryan Bill

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will allow a vote on the Paul Ryan budget.

“There will be an opportunity in the Senate to vote on the Ryan budget to see if Republican senators like the Ryan budget as much as the House did,” Reid said today. “Without going into the Ryan budget we will see how much the Republicans like it here in the Senate.”

Reid knows that Republicans do not have enough votes in the Senate to pass the bill. Reid is forcing the vote to put Senate Republicans in the position of either pissing off the tea party or alienating voters in both parties that support Medicare. Voters tend to run from conservative government once they see the policies.

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Scott Randolph Behaves Badly

Florida House Rep. Scott Randolph did a good thing by making the word uterus a battle cry for Florida progressives. What always bothers me about progressive politicians such as Jan Schneider, Samm Simpson and Alan Grayson, is the moment they go batshit insane. Randolph got into a paper and pen throwing fight with Rep. Daphne Campbell.

Tisdol said he hadn’t talked to Randolph. The Democrats leader, Ron Saunders, said he saw the incident and urged Randolph and Campbell to calm down.

“They were flinging things at each other and I said, ‘Hey, guys, this isn’t high school.’ You need to stop.” Saunders said he retrieved Campbell’s wooden pen from the trash can and gave it back to her. “It was on Scott’s desk, so he threw it away,” Saunders said.

Randolph was upset at Campbell for voting with the Republicans on anti-abortion legislation. Keeping Campbell with the caucus is one thing. A man throwing objects at a woman is completely uncalled for.

Update: a picture of Campbell's wooden pen that Randolph threw in the garbage.

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Obama Wants to Lower Corporate Tax Rates

Back in January, Bloomberg reported President Barack Obama made a speech about lowering the corporate tax rate. The New York Times reports Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner is working on lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 26 percent.

Gene Sterling, director of the National Economic Council goes in full sellout mode.

"The question is, Is the business community going to support this because it's a win for the economy over all?" said Gene Sperling, director of Mr. Obama's National Economic Council. "Or, is it going to get held up because each business will decide whether they're a temporary winner or loser compared to the status quo?"

It is harder to see everyday how Obama is the lesser evil than the Republicans.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Allman Brothers Band - Whipping Post

Duane Allman is God.

The performance was at the Fillmore East on Sept. 23, 1970.

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Bad Movie Classic: MegaForce

My God. This is one of the worst movies ever made. MegaForce was a bad Mad Max ripoff that looked like crap back in the early 80s. Unlike wine, MegaForce hasn't aged well. That doesn't mean it isn't hysterical. The flying motorcycle scene is hysterical

In the movie, MegaForce was the name of an elite military unit. Being elite meant wearing gold spandex and having bottle rockets as weapons. Notice how fierce MegaForce as they take out balloons.

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A Win For Florida's Environment

Gov. Rick Scott fought against the EPA clean water standards for the Everglades. U.S. District Judge Alan Gold has taken away Florida's right to handout pollution discharge permits and given the right to the Environmental Protection Agency. Gold's ruling comes down hard against Florida.

"Protection of the Everglades requires a major commitment which cannot be simply pushed aside in the face of financial hardships, political opposition, or other excuses," Gold wrote. "These obstacles will always exist, but the Everglades will not — especially if the protracted pace of preservation efforts continues at the current pace."

Gold was not pleased with Scott fight to allow more phosphorus in the water.

As further proof of the state's resistance to EPA water quality standards, Gold cited Gov. Scott's recent instructions to the DEP to petition the EPA to rescind its limits on nutrients in Florida waters - basically limits on how much phosphorus, mostly from farm runoff, is allowed in Florida waters.

Gold noted an executive order signed by Scott in January, which suspends all rule-making by state agencies, would likely hamper the state environmental agency's ability to create rules to enforce water quality standards.

It appears the federal government will have to step in to enforce clean water regulations. What I like to know is how does Rick Scott think allowing more phosphorus into the water will create new jobs? Is Scott aware phosphorus is used to make nerve agents?

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Marion Hammer's Birthday Present

Some people get a cake for their birthday. Florida NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer gets two pro-gun bills passed.

During debate, several lawmakers paid homage to longtime Affiliated Sportsmen of Florida lobbyist Marion Hammer, seated in the House gallery and celebrating a birthday Tuesday. She described the timing as “coincidence.”

Moments later, the House voted 85-33 to OK another measure (CS/HB 45) prohibiting cities and counties from attempting to enact local gun laws tougher than state standards. State law already pre-empts such local measures, but several governments have attempted to impose restrictions, which typically lead to lawsuits.

Of course the passage of the bills was coincidence. It is not like Republican legislators are afraid of Hammer or pander to her. Except when they are afraid of her and pander to her.

There was a perfectly logical reason to pass HB 155.

“Owning guns is a fundamental right,” said Rep. Charles Van Zant, R-Palatka. “It’s not to be infringed upon by your doctor.”

Doctors are a threat to gun ownership? This is the latest nutty thing Van Zant has said. HB 155 was an unnecessary piece of legislation. Doctors only ask gun-owners about firearms if they are near children or mentally unstaple people in a household. The NRA had a paranoid fear that doctors were keeping secret records of gun-owners. Despite not having any proof to back this claim.

The other legislation makes sense in terms of having local gun laws match state laws. What I find interesting about it is it goes against Republicans "less government" philosophy. Conservative ideology usually takes a backseat to lobbyists. And the biggest lobbyist in Tallahassee is The Hammer.

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Daniel Webster's Angry Townhall Meeting

Rep. Daniel Webster was greeted by people angry at the Republican Party plan to abolish Medicare. Tea partiers and Medicare supporters shouted down each other.

Highlight of the video: a voter asked Webster how can Republicans can lower taxes for the rich and say they are trying to lower the deficit.

Voter: Congressman, why did you vote for a budget to privatize Medicare, cut VA benefits, and turn around and turn around and gave away tax cuts (inaudable) to the highest personal rates? You're not caring about the deficit or you wouldn't have gave away all those tax cuts.

A tea partier behind the man shouts, "We can't afford it, you moron." Either this tea partier makes over $250,000-a-year (doubtful) or he believes the bogus supply side economics argument that tax cuts create greater tax revenue.

A woman tells Webster that Medicare can keeps health care costs down with its ability to negotiate prices. Dismantling Medicare would only make health care costs increase without a government program program to be a counter balance to the private health industry.

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Rick Scott's Line of Death

In 1986, Muammar Gaddafi declared that if the United States crossed "the line of death" there would be grave consequences. President Ronald Reagan ordered the bombing of Libya. Gaddafi kept declaring a new line of death. Each time giving ground to the United States. It seems Rick Scott has gone to the same school of strategy. Scott has attempted to bully the Florida legislature into passing new tax cuts. Each time Scott makes a threat the
tax cuts get smaller.

From the campaign trail he promised as much as $2.2 billion in tax cuts his first year. He reduced that to $1.7 billion before the start of session.

Now, it looks like lawmakers won't have any more than $30 million.

At the rate Scott is going he is going to ask for a tax increase in two weeks. Much to my amazement, Scott actually sucks more at negotiating, with a legislative body, more than President Obama. I don't know whether to laugh or be impressed.

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Joel Award: Newt Gingrich

It is time to give out the Joel Award. The award goes any celebrity, pundit, blogger or politician that purposely contradicts himself or herself.

"If you have mandatory carbon caps combined with a trading system, much like we did with sulfur . . . it’s something I would strongly support."

Newt Gingrich, in 2007

Gingrich did a flip and a flop two years later.

"Let me get this straight," said Gingrich. "We're not going to raise tax on anybody making under $250,000 a year unless you use electricity. And we are not going to raise taxes on anybody under $250,000 a year unless you buy gasoline. And we are not going to raise taxes on anybody who makes under $250,000 a year unless you buy heating oil. And we're not going to raise taxes on anybody who earns less $250,000 a year unless you use natural gas."

Newt Gingrich not sincere about policy? I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!

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HB 1231 Harms Net Neutrality

Shame on Peter Schorsch for running a Florida Chamber of Commerce press release without doing the due diligence of researching it first. Commerce president Mark Wilson is backing HB 1231. Wilson is selling the legislation as a way to create jobs and modernize internet and telecommunications.

The first version of HB 1231 has telecom companies removed from the oversight of the Florida Public Service Commission. The word "monopoly service" would be removed. The legislation is moving back to the days of Ma Bell. Telecom monopolies are against federal laws. That was the whole point of breaking up Bell.

The legislation is anti-transparency and net neutrality. The FPSC or any other state agency would have

364.04, F.S.; providing that the commission has no jurisdiction over the content, form, or format of 32 rate schedules published by a telecommunications company; providing that a telecommunications company may undertake certain activities... and 36 364.08, F.S., relating to price regulation, regulatory methods for small local exchange telecommunications companies, experimental and transitional rates

Are you looking forward to being billed for those "experimental and transitional rates." You wouldn't know since, under the legislation, no state agency would be allowed to ask what those experimental rates are. The state would have a harder time investigating a telecom company of criminal wrongdoing since the FPSC wouldn't be allowed to see documents or obtain a search warrant.

revising provisions relating to access of the commission to certain records of a telecommunications company; repealing ss. 364.185, 364.19, and 364.27, F.S., relating to powers of the commission to investigate and inspect any premises of a telecommunications company, regulation of telecommunication contracts, and powers and duties as to interstate rates, respectively;

I like to hear Mark Wilson explain how keeping the FPSC from investigating telecom companies for price fixing is going to help create jobs.

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Haridopolos Ignorance on Energy Policy

U.S. Senate candidate Mike Haridopolos wants to open up drilling in the Gulf and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

“We need to move away from these rogue dictatorships whether it be in central or South American let alone in the Middle East,” he said. “This is our time to lead by example. We need to open up those new opportunities in the Gulf and ANWR. Four dollars-plus in gasoline are crippling the middle class. This is the biggest tax hike ever, and Obama has pushed this way because we are relying more and more on these folks in the Middle East. America needs to lead by example on energy production and it starts with drilling in places like ANWR, let alone the Gulf of Mexico.”

Haridopolos' position is political suicide in a general election. Crude oil is still washing up on Florida beaches. Bill Nelson has a strong record against offshore drilling and will hammer Haridopolos on his position. However, I doubt Haridopolos will be the Republican nominee.

Read more »

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Merry Clayton - Gimme Shelter

Merry Clayton sang the backing vocals on the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter. Clayton's larger than life voice was a perfect counterpart to Mick Jagger. Clayton recorded her own version of Gimme Shelter a year later.

Bonus: here is Jagger's and Clayton's Gimme Shelter vocals without the instruments in the mix.

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Big Brother Government: State Department Edition

The new changes the State Department is making it harder for travelers to require a passport.

The U.S. Department of State is proposing a new Biographical Questionnaire for some passport applicants: The proposed new Form DS-5513 asks for all addresses since birth; lifetime employment history including employers’ and supervisors names, addresses, and telephone numbers; personal details of all siblings; mother’s address one year prior to your birth; any “religious ceremony” around the time of birth; and a variety of other information. According to the proposed form, “failure to provide the information requested may result in … the denial of your U.S. passport application.”

This will just create a backlog of paperwork. Why does the State Department need to know the details of the religious ceremony of my birth. I have no idea if I was baptized after I was born. I don't have contact information for my employers from when I was a teenager. I don't even know if the people I worked for is still alive.

The State Department is now assuming al-qaeda terrorists are homegrown in the United States. None of the 9-11 hijackers were born in the U.S.

Here is a PDF copy of the State Department form. The form asks your mother's address at the time of your birth, a year after your birth and your mother's employer at the time of your birth. The State Department also wants to know the name of your mother's employer at that time and the job address. How people whose mothers are deceased going to be able to provide that information is not the State Department's problem. You also have to know if your mother had pre-natal or post-natal medical care.

I blame Hillary Clinton for this form.

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A post I wrote about Barack Obama being born in America was linked to on a message board arguing about whether or not the President is born in America. Here is an example of the way the mind of birthers work.


Where did anybody say anything about obammy coming to someone's house to present the document? If he did, I missed it. You know as well as I do that if obammy would release it, there would be any number of news services there to examine it and publish pictures of it. Aren't you grasping at straws here?

Another birther, madsci_guy, produces a headline attached to a dead link.

Dateline-Sunday, June 27, 2004

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

If it comes from a dead internet link then it must be true. Obama announced his Senate candidacy in 2003. I didn't he Obama had a Kenyan father before he ran for president. I never recalled it mentioned during his Senate campaign. The biggest news about that Senate race was which Republican would step up for the right to lose badly to Obama. The loser-winner of that contest was Alan Keyes.

World Net Daily ran the bogus story that Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie couldn't find Obama's birth certificate. Fact: Obama's birth certificate exists and has been verified.

In an attempt to quash persistent rumors that President Obama was not born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961, Hawaii's health director reiterated Monday afternoon that she has personally seen Obama's birth certificate in the Health Department's archives:

"I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago...."

You can believe USA Today or World Net Daily. The latter has Chuck Norris has an investigative reporter.

Update: Franklin Graham claims Obama will not release his birth certificate.

News flash to Mr. Graham: this is Obama's birth certificate.

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Rick Scott Too Radical For Lobbyists

It says a lot when Gov. Rick Scott is to the right of the insurance industry? Insurance industry lobbyists spoke to the Gainesville Sun about Scott wanting to kill Citizens Property Insurance.

The industry lobbyists protested that Florida carriers could not absorb all of Citizens' business, records show. The gap would force many Florida property owners to turn to the unregulated surplus lines market, where rates are unchecked and policies are not backed by a state guarantee fund.

A lobbyist who attended the meeting advised others by email that Gov. Scott knew about the gap, but was not bothered.

"He doesn't seem to care whether they are insured in the voluntary market or surplus lines," the lobbyist wrote.

The concept of shutting down Florida's largest and, at the moment, best-capitalized insurance company outraged lawmakers whose constituents rely on the public company.

Emphasis on Scott doesn't care.

I have been critical of Citizens in the past. Unfortunately, it is needed because insurance companies won't provide property insurance to homes in high risk hurricane areas. Citizen has had financial problems in the past. Currently it is running in the black. Scott wants to kill a financially solvent government program and the insurance industry isn't sure why? This will open the floodgates for fly-by-night unregulated insurance scammers to take advantage of homeowners. Scott want propose new regulations because he has made it clear he is against regulations.

Documents show Scott brought insurance in the insurance industry to write legislation. (Remember, this is the Governor that campaigned against special interests.) The insurance industry did not want to have to compete with Citizens. The very reason Citizens was created is because insurance companies were denying property, sinkhole and flood coverage. Now insurers wanted to peel some of those customers back from Citizens. Scott went a step further by planning to eliminate Citizens.

Insurers knew that homeowners would demand coverage from these companies. Sentiment would eventually grow so that the Florida legislature would either have to restart Citizens or create regulations forcing insurance companies to provide coverage to high risk homes. This is what happens when lobbyists do business with a radical maniac.

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Where is Jennifer Carroll?

It is nice to know Gov. Rick Scott values Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll. Check out Carroll's entire schedule for April 26, 2011.


Location: Sumterville Plant
Address: 4750 E C 470
Sumterville, FL 33585

Does anyone seriously think Carroll shapes policy in the Scott administration? I have yet to read an article where Carroll was involved in policy decisions.


Harry Barbour Out

Haley Barbour announced that he would not for President.

"I will not be a candidate for president next year. This has been a difficult, personal decision, and I am very grateful to my family for their total support of my going forward, had that been what I decided.”

A candidate for president today is embracing a 10-year commitment to an all-consuming effort, to the virtual exclusion of all else,” Mr. Barbour said. “His (or her) supporters expect and deserve no less than absolute fire in the belly from their candidate. I cannot offer that with certainty, and total certainty is required.”

A major reason Barbour is not running is that his PAC raised only $1,081,643. Haley's PAC has $391,610 on hand. That level of fundraising would not be able to compete with President Barack Obama in a general election.

Another problem for Barbour is he spoke to the Council for Conservative Citizens. Scan the Council for Conservative Citizens' web site and you can quickly figure out it is a white supremacy group. The web site features a link to "Boycott Thor". Apparently, the Council of Conservative Citizens is in an uproar over black actor Idris Elba (Stringer Bell in The Wire) playing a Norse God in Thor. The Council for Conservative Citizens are racists and comic book geeks. Getting laid isn't high on their agenda.

The Council also has the Derek Black Radio Show on their blogroll. Black is the son of former Klu Klux Klan grand wizard Don Black.

Barbour's racist history would kill him running against a sitting black president. And deservingingly so. Good riddance to the Barbour presidential campaign.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Free Hand of the Market

The invisible hand of the market magically fixes hamburgers and the financial sector. Just ask Alan Greenspan.

Today's competitive markets, whether we seek to recognise it or not, are driven by an international version of Adam Smith's "invisible hand" that is unredeemably opaque. With notably rare exceptions (2008, for example), the global "invisible hand" has created relatively stable exchange rates, interest rates, prices, and wage rates.

The Great Depression of 1929 and the Great Recession of 2008. Greenspan is right. They were notable. The housing bubble was a partial cause of the 2008 financial meltdown. Economist Joseph Stiglitz blamed Alan Greenspan's failure to raise interest rates or regulate mortgages.

First, key regulators like Alan Greenspan didn't really believe in regulation; when the excesses of the financial system were noted, they called for self-regulation -- an oxymoron.

The market will fix itself. With the notable exeption of the Federal government having to commit $700 billion in bailout money.

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Bad Movie Classic: Red Dawn

Red Dawn is a classic bad movie. Directer John Milius' intended to make a conservative action movie. The intended result of Milius' efforts was a bascic cable comedy classic. Many people have watched Red Dawn and laughed at the over-the-top scenes. Powers Boothe alone makes Red Dawn worth watching. Boothe delivers every line with mock dead pan seriousness. One gets the feeling a great actor like Boothe knows he is in a shitty movie. Boothe's lines are hysterical.

The video has a scene of (literally) the worst version of America the Beautiful ever recorded. Milius' intended the audience to be moved by the prisoners show of patriotism. I couldn't help but laugh when the Russians executed them.

The next part of the clip is Patrick Swayze doing some seriously hammy acting. "Don't cry!" Swayze's character screams at the top of his lungs. All this does is make the other characters cry even more. It is not clear whether they are crying from seeing loved ones murdered or having to endure the horrendous rendition of America the Beautiful.

Update: I found Powers Boothe big campfire speech on human cannibalism. It's after the ambush in the video.

Convoy Ambush With Andy by movieclips

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The Gas Commission

Three months from now we won't hear anything about the Gas Commission investigation. Anyone really believes the Justice Department will prosecute an energy company. There hasn't been a major SEC investigation of any of the major financial institutions involved under President Barack Obama's watch. These companies needed bailout money because they hid their losses through off-the-books accounting practices. The New York Federal Reserve withheld announcement of a AIG credit swap exchange with.

"Do you think it might be feasible to hold off on the Maiden Lane III 8K and press release until next week?" Brett Phillips, a New York Fed lawyer wrote in an e-mail [to AIG counsel]. "The thinking is that the Maiden Lane III closing will be a less transparent event, and it might be better to narrow the gap between AIG's announcement and the New York Fed's publication of term sheet summaries."

Former New York Reserve chairman Tim Geithner was paying AIG 100 cent on the dollar of taxpayer money. No interest was charged. Geithner then went on to become Treasury Secretary.

I have no faith in the Obama administration cracking down on energy companies.

Update: another reason I doubt the White House will crack down is because it purposely sent out bogus numbers on the BP spill.

On 4 August, Jane Lubchenco, the NOAA administrator, demanded that the White House issue a correction after it claimed the "vast majority" of BP oil was gone from the Gulf.

A few days earlier, Lisa Jackson, the head of the EPA, and her deputy, Bob Perciasepe, had also objected to the White House estimates of the amount of oil dispersed in the gulf. "these calculations are extremely rough estimates yet when they are put into the press, which we want to happen, they will take a life of their own," Perciasepe wrote.

The financial crisis and Gulf spill gave the White House the opportunity to do the right thing. The White House felt protecting corporate interests is more important than the environment or taxpayers. The Obama administration bleeds neoliberal. People should stop kidding themselves that Team Obama is most concerned about the people.

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Quote of the Day

"Wisconsin police stand with Van Jones?"

A teaser headline from Glenn Beck's Fox News show.

Mother Jones has compiled Beck's teaser headlines and they are bizarre.

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Donald Trump: Investigative Reporter

This the second time Donald Trump has dodged the question on what his investigation into President Barack Obama's birth certificate has found. The first time was during a CNN interview. Trump ducks the question again when asked by Daily Beast blogger Meghan McCain.

Donald: I’ll give you an example though of what you were saying before when you were talking about fighting Obama. This guy has more protection than any human being. When I mention why doesn’t he show his birth certificate, the press kills me! It’s unbelievable! But I keep mentioning it.

Meghan: Why do you think this birther thing still has such legs?

Donald: Because I think there’s something to it. For weeks, I said to people, “No, he was probably born here, but I’ll check into it.” You know a certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate and all that. I’m more and more convinced he may not have been born here.

Meghan: You sent people over to Hawaii to investigate, correct?

Donald: Yes.

Meghan: Did you find anything?

Donald: Well, I better not comment on that yet.

The interview gets more hysterical when McCain asks if she can work on Trump's campaign.

I want the media to keep asking Trump what his investigation has unveiled. Rationale people know Trump's birther investigation is bogus. No comment is not going to cut it forever. Trump has placed himself in a position where he has to either produce a smoking gun or be revealed as a publicity-seeking fraud.

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Nancy Pelosi Orlando Townhall Meeting

Nancy Pelosi makes the case for Medicare and Medicaid at a Orlando townhall meeting. Pelosi details how Republicans feel about the sick and needy.

"In my remarks on the (House) floor, I said to the Republicans, 'Do you realize that your leadership is asking you to end Medicare as we know it? Do you understand that you are voting to abolish Medicare?' and they did," Pelosi told a mostly partisan crowd of about 60 people who attended the event at the L. Claudia Allen Senior Center in Orlando. "But the fact is, they think they can do this without the public being aware of it," she added.

The creator of the Republican House budget is Rep. Paul Ryan. This is the reason Ryan got into government.

"The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand."

Rand wrote "The Virtue of Selfishness: A New Concept of Egoism." Rand actually preached that selfishness was a virtue.

Below is an interview Rand did with Tom Snyder. Rand told Synder that selfishness leads to being a "morally virtuous person."

SNYDER: "...happiness comes from making other people happy."

RAND: "Who hasn't heard it and that's the trouble. Let's aim for the day when people will not hear it anymore. Because it isn't true. It isn't justifible and the first question you would have to ask is why? Why is it good to want others to be happy but not yourself."

What person in their right mind would have this horrible woman be his role model?

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AFGE Urges Members Not to Vacation in Florida

John O’Grady, president of American Federation of Government Employees, told members not to vacation in Florida because of its right to work policies.

“In a show of solidarity with our brothers and sisters, we are also recommending that any employees that do vacation, boycott those states that have taken anti-labor or anti-union positions such as Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin,” the AFGE statement said, according to Politico this morning.

The American Federation of Government Employees represents employees of the Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is lobbying the Florida legislature to pass the Payment Protection Act. The legislation would forbid union members from voluntarily given a portion of their paycheck to their unions for political activities. The legislation is merely designed to bust up unions.

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Frankly Saturday: Frank Zappa's Bogus Pomp; UCLA, 1975

Frank Zappa and the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra perform Bogus Pomp, from the album Orchestral Favorites. Set to video footage of the Other Famous and Relatively Recent Royal Wedding.

I'm somewhat torn between loving the visual spectacle and gorgeous costume of British tradition and loathing the silly notion of spending obscene amounts of public money on private people simply because they were born to one set of parents as opposed to another.

On balance, I submit that our finest crowns and heartiest accolades should go to the artists, musicians, teachers, and scientists among us--that we should celebrate those who make life on earth a happier, healthier, and more meaningful experience for their fellow humans.

I have a feeling Maestro FZ would agree. As would his famous forefather, Marcus Tullius Cicero:

Salus Populi Suprema Est Lex

(The welfare of the people is the ultimate law.)

What say you?

Also at litbrit.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Archers of Loaf Reunion Show

The Archers of Loaf did a reunion show at Cat's Creadle earlier this year. In the video, the Loafs perform Might and Web In Front. The latter is one of the best break up songs of all-time.

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Quote of the Day

"I've been on food stamps and welfare. Anybody help me out? No."

Craig T. Nelson, on Glenn Beck's show.

Nelson told Beck he doesn't want to pay taxes for programs he doesn't support. I wonder if that includes food stamps and welfare.

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Republican Union Busting

Mark Wilson, president of the Florida Chamber of Commerce wants union leaders to take an economics course.

"This is a sincere offer," he said. "I'm willing to pay for 100 union leaders to go through an Economics 101 class so that they have a basic understanding of how this economy works."

Unions are withdrawing money out of Regions Bank, Bank of America, PNC Bank, SunTrust Bank and Wachovia. The banks are member of the Chamber of Commerce. Unions are doing this in protest of the Paycheck Protection Act.

What unions are doing is classic political activism. After Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat on a Alabama bus. A boycott ensued. On June 4, 1956, the segregation of buses was ruled unconstitutional. The boycott also financially hurt white Montgomery, Alabama businesses. I doubt the union protests will be as successful. Unions are doing this because Wilson supports legislation that would financially destroy the right to collectively bargain. Unions don't need an economics lesson to understand that Wilson wants to lower wages and benefits.

The Palm Beach Post correctly pointed out that Republicans in the Florida legislature are using the legislation has political payback. Republicans don't want unions to be able to collect dues to engage in political purposes. Yet Republicans in Tallahassee have no problems in restarting the once banned Leadership Funds. The hypocrisy is staggering. Grover Norquist publicly said Republicans will break groups that don't back the GOP.

GROVER NORQUIST: "We plan to pick up another five seats in the Senate and hold the House through redistricting through 2012. And rather than negotiate with the teachers' unions' and the trial lawyers and the various leftist interest groups, we intend to break them."

Legally, the Payment Protection Act makes no sense. Laws are suppose to protect life, liberty and property. Who is harmed from a union member giving a voluntary deduction to the AFL-CIO? The Supreme Court ruled in Citizen United v. Federal Election Commission that government can not limit profit or non-profit corporate expenditures on political activity. The Payment Protection Act is designed strictly to limit union expenditures on political activity.

The Payment Protection Act will eventually be signed by Gov. Rick Scott. The legal challenges will begin after that.

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Leave Donald Trump Alone

Poor Donald Trump is mad at those mean reporters asking him about President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

“The problem is every time I go on a show — like as an example, this morning — the first question you asked me is about the birth certificate,” said Trump, who has said on numerous occasions that he’s “proud” to embrace the issue. "I think my strength is jobs, the economy and protecting our nation from OPEC, China and the other countries that are ripping us off.”

It is interesting that Trump is changing his tune. He advised the Republican Party to go birther 24/7.

TRUMP: "I think it's a very bad thing for Cantor to have done because I'll tell you, people love this issue especially in the Republican Party. And there's something to what we're saying."

I like to ask Trump when is he going to reveal what his crack team of CSI investigators have found in Hawaii. I'm guessing never.

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Kathy Castor On Republican Budget

WMNF has an interview with Rep. Kathy Castor. The Tampa Democrats says the Paul Ryan budget would privatize Medicare. Castor wants to after after the tax loopholes that allows several corporations to not pay taxes.

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Rubio Still Dumb

I am not surprised when Marco Rubio says dumb things. The man is not smart. For instance: Rubio has never opened a history book.

America is pretty much the only military power in human history that has not used his power to conquer land and grow it's territory.

Military power was used to take land from the Mexicans and Indians. The fact that a United States Senator is unaware of this is disturbing.

Rubio supports drilling off the coast of Florida. The Daily News editorial board was shocked to learn that Rubio was unaware the Air Force was against offshore drilling because of military exercises.

But he was unaware of military officials’ concern about expanded drilling, which complicates the issue here on the Emerald Coast. In June, the commander of Eglin Air Force Base’s Air Armament Center told our editorial board that more drilling in water ranges that are used for training will, “at some point,” have an impact on national defense.

Mr. Rubio said he would have to research the matter.

The Miami resident also seemed unfamiliar with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s recent shutdown of amberjack fishing, which has riled folks in Destin. The most he could muster was a one-size-fits-all observation that federal officials were “overreaching.”

Read more »

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Friday Cat Blogging

More on the cheetah cub at Busch Gardens.

The second video shows the young cheetah living with a puppy. Busch Gardens plans to have the cheetah and puppy live together for the rest of their lives. The cheetah segment starts at 1:31. This will drive the people at Big Cat Rescue crazy.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gov. Scott Coached During TV Interviews

It is not unusual for politicians to get media coaching before an interview. It is unusual to get coaching on policy before interviews. For instance: Rick Scott spent the day before his WESH 2 News Sunrise interview promoting the web site GulfSafe. Scott couldn't remember the web site's name. What is even worse was Scott had to be coached on why he wasn't suing Transocan for the BP spill.

Not only did Scott receive coaching about whether or not Orlando residents vacation in the Panhandle, he also got advise on how to explain why he accepted $30 million in marketing money from BP instead of going after potentially billions from TransOcean.

"Just continue to say that what's best for Florida is to continue to work through the process," an adviser said.

That has what Scott has been saying about BP since he came into office. Why does he need to be reminded of a message he repeated countless times? I don't think Scott is dumb. I just think he doesn't give a shit about the job.


In Response to Ben Kirby on Rick Scott

Benjamin Kirby asked me if Rick Scott could win a second term as governor. The answer is yes.

I do not share Peter Schorsch's view that Dave Aronberg is a political star. Aronberg ran a shitty campaign against Dan Gelber and lost the primary. Any guy who aligns himself with Jeff Greene should be laughed out of all serious conversations for statewide office. I cite Aronberg to show how weak the Florida Democratic Party bench is. The party spent time grooming Alex Sink and she lost to Scott.

Scott's real motivation is to become president. Scott's attacks on President Obama and appearances on Fox News are setting the stage for a 2016 run. Serving as governor gives him the resume. That is why Scott doesn't care if he alienates everyone. I don't think Scott has the political skills to get elected president. Scott's ego will blind him to his fear or answering questions and lack of charisma.

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Another Bogus Republican Claim About Planned Parenthood

Republicans keep getting caught making bogus claims about Planned Parenthood. U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl made this outragious statement.

Kyl: Everybody goes to clinics, to doctors, to hospitals, so on. Some people go to Planned Parenthood. But you don't have to go to Planned Parenthood to get your clolesterol or your blood pressure checked. If you want an abortion, you go to Planned Parenthood, and that's well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does.

Kyl's office later said, "His remark was not intended to be a factual statement, but rather illustrate that Planned Parenthood, a organization that receives millions of dollars in taxpayer funding, does subsidize abortions."

Apparently, the United States Senate has less regard for facts than the standards for a third grade book report. Not only is 90 percent of Planned Parenthood's services not abortions, the Hyde amendment forbids federal funding of abortions. There are no tax dollars going for abortions. That is a fact Kyl can not dispute.

The latest bit of Planned Parenthood misinformation comes from the Florida House. Rep. Ronald Renuart (R-Ponte Vedra Beach) made this statement to Stephanie Kunkel, executive director of the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates.

RENUART: "In 2008, Planned Parenthood, they put out a report, and it showed that they did 305,000 abortions and the average cost was $450. Their total income for Planned Parenthood alone was $374 million, of that $137 million was actually for abortions. So that's almost 37 percent of the total income from Planned Parenthood is from abortions. And to me, it sounds like they don't want to lose business.

Renuart never read a 2008 report from Planned Parenthood on abortions because it doesn't exist. Politifact checked and found that Renuart got his numbers from conservative anti-abortion blogs. Politifact rated Renuart's claim false.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

James O'Keefe Music Video

James O'Keefe hysterically thinks he is the second coming of Michael Jackson. I wonder if conservatives will still defend O'Keefe as a serious journalist after this clownish video.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scott & Bondi Really Heart BP

I predicted that Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi would not sue BP. Turns out my presiction is correct. The Buzz Bondi will let the Wednesday deadline to file a lawsuit against Transocean pass.

Scott is still talking like litigation is still a possibility. Let's make this clear. Scott has no interest in suing Transocean or BP. Apparently, the interests of Transocean are more important than the financial and environmental damage done to Florida. Transocean is not strapped for cash. The executives awarded themselves bonueses for safety. Never mind that workers were killed on the Deep Horizon rig.

Fact: Scott and Bondi have appointed no attorney to handle legal action against BP or Transocean. Attorney Steve Yerrid was appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist to handle litigation. Yerrid was let go when his term expired. Yerrid emailed Scott three times and never received a response. Bondi's office never asked for documents from Yerrid.

Scott and Bondi are going to let a billion dollars slip away. Do you really believe they are no the side of Floridians?

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Dressing Unemployed As Super Heroes

Only in Florida: Gary J. Earl, the Central Florida director of the Agency for Workforce Innovation is being investigated for spending $16,500 on super hero capes and form cutouts of Dr. Evil Unemployment. Earl planned to spend a total of $73,000 and hand out 6,000 red capes to the unemployed. Earl claims this was part of an outreach program to the unemployed.

He said with any marketing push, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and that "not everyone will agree on creative strategy."

"The plight of the unemployed is why we exist," Earl wrote, "and to help them, we have to engage them, introduce them to our services and connect them with job opportunities."

Earl said his agency would cooperate with investigators but he did not address other questions about the probe. Several Workforce Central board members, including Chairman Owen Wentworth, did not reply to emails or phone calls to the Sentinel.

I'm all for making people more aware of unemployment services. Dressing the unemployed as super heroes is an amazingly stupid way to inform the public. Republicans will use this disaster to justify cutting unemployment benefits. The unemployed shouldn't be punished for Earl's horrible judgement.

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Poor Attendance at Fort Walton Tea Party Rally

The tea party Tax Day rally at Fort Walton Landing drew only 100 people Event organizer Henry Kelley said he was not disappointed by the turnout.

"We're still making strides and making progess," Kelley said.

Progress must include poor attendance. It would help if local tea parties did not hold Tax Day rallies on a work day. Yes, I know the filing deadline was on Monday. However, Monday is a horrible day to hold a political rally.


In honor of the many lives shattered and snuffed out by BP this time last year...

...I offer this beautiful and provocative video installation, by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist.

Rist created the work in 1997, and I first saw it in New York's MoMA back in 2000, while touring the latest featured collection with my co-author Linda Lindroth, herself an artist whose works can be seen there as well as the Met and other art museums.

It's a violent, beauty-destroying world out there. As they have since time immemorial, the corporations are acting all corporation-y, and as the saying goes, one can either conform, go crazy, or become an artist.

I took a good whack at the first option for, oh, the first few months of my life. (Or so I'm told. That particular time is immemorial, ha!) As soon as I could form words and choose colors, though, the second and third options seemed both inevitable and a whole lot more appealing.

As Robert gets ever-closer to his goal of running an all-wind-and-solar-powered farm, I hereby pledge that when it comes time to retire my current vehicle, the next one will be a hybrid or, better yet, a slick little electric car that I can plug into my solar-powered outlet.

Pass the sledgehammer.

Also at litbrit.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sharron Angle Sings "God Bless the USA"

Former U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle steals a page out of Alan Keyes' playbook and bursts into song. Angle gave a speech at a tea party rally. At the end of the speech, Angle sang God Bless the U.S.A..

Conservative talk show host Joe Scarborough tweeted these words.

Left Specchless.

I doubt Scarborough was left speechless because of Angle's show of patriotism.

If Angle wants to sing in public or prove her patriotism then that is fine. It helps if she can actually sing. Her performance isn't going to change people's views that she is an unserious politician.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Candy, Candy, in the old days, when you have a war and you win, that nation is yours."

Donald Trump, advocating going into Libya and taking its oil.

Stealing another country's resources is illegal under international law. The oil belongs to the Libyan people. Trump should read article 47 of the Hague Regulations of 1907 before he makes he opens his mouth to CNN's Candy Crowley.

Art. 47. Pillage is formally forbidden.

Update: Donald Trumps attacks Eric Cantor. In the process, Trump accidently reveals that he is using the birther issue for political gain.

TRUMP: "I think it's a very bad thing for Cantor to have done because I'll tell you, people love this issue especially in the Republican Party. And there's something to what we're saying."

Republicans were afraid to dispel the birther conspiracy theory when it first came out. The GOP now has to eat this shit sandwich.

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Write A Caption: Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott.

The Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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The Ayn Rand Dating Site

Ayn Rand fans now have their own dating site. Atlasphere is for Ayn Rand dating and networking. All you objectivists looking for love now have a place to go to. Megan McArdle must be asking yourself where was this web site when she was single.

Atlasphere is news to me. It has been around since 2003. Time has a composite of answers on that special someone Randians are looking to meet.

A libertarian gal who has a good attitude.

An egoist bastard with a loving heart.

A man who can stand alone against a tide of opposition.

An independent, rational, logical, ambitious, selfish, productive [woman who is] proud of her moral character [and] values maintaining physical attractiveness.

Guys, if you want to be successful in love you need to be an egoist bastard and able to stand against the tide of oppression. And inflict oppression on those people too lazy to get out of their wheelchairs and stop collecting Medicaid.

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Mike Thomas Fan Letter to Rick Scott

Benjamin Kirby wrote that Howard Troxler and Carl Hiaasen should get over the election of Rick Scott.

Was I depressed when hospital grifter Rick Scott and a veto-proof hard-right Republican Legislature got elected in November? Yes. For a couple of weeks. In fact, maybe I'm still a little upset -- but I have also moved past it.

You'd better do the same, if only for your own sanity. I'd say the same thing to Troxler and Hiaasen.

Fortunately, for Kirby, Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas answers the call with an op-ed about how much he loves Scott.

•There is no Solantic conspiracy. This was one of the loonier theories pushed by Democrats. Scott supposedly invested $70 million on a long-shot gamble to become governor so he somehow could direct enough state business to his Solantic clinics to make it all back, and more. That almost is up there with Obama being born in Kenya. Now that Scott is selling his share in the clinics, we can put this behind us unless Donald Trump runs for governor in 2014.

•How many politicians have promised to "end politics as usual in Tallahassee"? Only one has done it.

•Next to Casey Anthony and Dancer the tiny dog, Rick Scott is the best thing that ever happened to our website.

I wonder how many op-eds like that Kirby can read? I'm sure it won't be the last penned by Thomas.

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The Uterus Song

The Raging Grannies have created the Uterus Song. You can hear the song on Youtube. I am not going to post it to the blog because the song is bad. I believe the word uterus should be celebrated. The song not so much. If someone is going to do a song about the uterus it should have a Marvin Gaye vibe. That would get everyone on-board.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Afghan Whigs - Let Me Lie To You

Greg Dulli intentionally pisses the audience off by telling them the band will play a fast punk rock song. Another video from the same show has Dulli chewing out an audience member for requesting Freebird.

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Andrew Breitbart Tells Unions To 'Go to Hell'

Wisconsin: Andrew Breitbart repeatly tells union members to "go to hell." John Fund, of the Wall Street Journal, floats the conspiracy of voter fraud. Fund alleges that Wisconsin was illegally won by Barack Obama. The Right actually considers Breitbart and Fund journalists.

Side note: it is fascinating to constantly watch Breitbart have meltdowns in publics. I'm glad that Republicans want Breitbart to be their spokesman.

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Thoughts on Obama's Open Mic

Constantly praising Republicans have resulted in stalled legislation, midterm election losses and poll numbers in the forties for President Barack Obama. Obama's open mic moment was great politics. (I wonder if the White House knowingly made a fake mistake.) Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Paul Ryan have issued every kind of attack imaginable at Obama. The one time they are attacked they start crying. It makes Boehner and Ryan look weak.

The Republican caucuses aren't going to work with Obama. The President has to run for re-election. The only way for Obama to pass legislation is to make the case why his policies are better than the Republicans.

Politically, progressives will love Obama factually pointing out the failures of Republican policies. Obama is correct. Ryan can not call himself a deficit hawk after voting for excessive spending bills during the Bush years. Ryan voted for the Medicaid bill that went over the original budget projections by $100 billion. Ryan now is painting himself as a reformer of Medicaid.

The open mic is a win/win for Obama. Obama is not losing anything from Republicans since they aren't bringing anything to the bargaining table.

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Quote of the Day

"Hey, folks. He's trying to save your jobs and pensions."

Sarah Palin, telling unions to supporting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Apparently, taking away collective bargaining is Palin's idea of protecting jobs and pensions.

Update: you can't judge for yourself how well Palin's message did with union members.

By the way, this was suppose to be a tea party rally.

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Another Racist Obama Photoshop Email

Ever notice that people who are racist defend themselves by saying they have black friends. Case in point is Orange County, California tea party activist Marilyn Davenport. This is what she told the OC Weekly.

Reached by telephone and asked if she thought the email was appropiate, Davenport said, "Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black. Besides, I only sent it to a few people--mostly people I didn't think would be upset by it."

I like to see racists forced to produce these mysterious black friends they have. A journalist should ask these people if they could meet their black friends. Bigots should get called on their B.S.

Below is the image and message Davenport sent out.

"Now you know why no birth certificate.

Davenport is a birther, tea party activist, a member of the Orange County Republican Party central committee and thinks photoshops of Obama as a money is hysterical. I really like to see her produce her black friends. Davenport won't be able to do it because her black friends don't exist.

Related: Wingnut Alert: Another Republican Racist Photoshop of Obama

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Marco Rubio: Constitutional Scholar

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the Supreme Court majority opinion for SNYDER v. PHELPS. The Supreme Court ruled that the mean-spirited protests of the Westboro Baptist Church was protected under the First amendment.

Given that Westboro’s speech was at a public place on a matter of public concern, that speech is entitled to “special protection” under the First Amendment. Such speech cannot be restricted simply because it is upsetting or arouses contempt. “If there is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment, it is that the government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable.” Texas v. Johnson, 491 U. S. 397, 414 (1989). Indeed, “the point of all speech protection . . . is to shield just those choices of content that in someone’s eyes are misguided, or even hurtful.”

Roberts acknowledged that Westboro did the protest of fallen military veterans to gain publicity. Where Roberts drew the line was in restricting free speech. That doesn't stop Marco Rubio from being a co-sponsor of the bill Sanctity of Eternal Rest for Veterans.

Rubio, a first-term Republican from Miami, added his name to the list of senatorial sponsors.

"The men and women of our military who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country deserve to be buried in peace and with honor," Rubio said in a statement issued this week. "I'm proud to support this common sense legislation that honors our nation's heroes."

The proposed bill is backed by a variety of military support groups, including the gold Star Wives of America and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

"Several of our members have been forced to endure these unseemly, irreverent protests at the funerals of their beloved fallen spouse," said a statement released by the Gold Star Wives. "Losing a beloved husband or wife is traumatic enough without also having to endure these protestors and their nasty signs and obnoxious behavior."

Lawmakers making legislation that is suppose to serve a narrow cause is always a bad idea. Gov. Jeb Bush and the Florida legislature approved Terri's law. The sole goal of the bill was to keep the brain dead Terri Schiavo from being taken off life support. Conservatives lost every legal battle on the Schiavo case. The Supreme Court refused to hear the Schiavo case.

Terri's law was unconstitutional because it violated to Equal Protection clause. All laws are suppose to apply equally. Laws can not be made to apply to a single person. The Jim Crow laws were unconstitutional because they only applied to blacks. What Rubio is co-sponsoring violates the first and 14 amendments of the constitution.

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