Saturday, March 26, 2011

Does Rick Scott Have a Blind Trust

Columnist Stephen Goldstein sent me a tweet. Goldstein has asked Gov. Rick Scott's office for the fourth time, if the governor has set up a blind trust. Goldstein has still not received a response.

Update: For the fourth time in over a month, I asked Gov. Scott's office if his vast financial holdings had been placed in a blind trust - if yes, the trustee's name; if no, if and when there would be a trust and who would manage it. I still have not received an answer.

But surely, all Floridians need to know if there any conflicts of interest from the governor's public policy decisions, especially in light of his tainted past.

For example: Does he still personally control his $62 million share in Solantic urgent care walk-in centers, his single largest investment - and is his opposition to Obama's health reform a way of protecting or increasing its value? As CEO, Scott might have thought he could stonewall such a question, but Gov. Scott owes the public an answer!

Scott's stake in Solantic in not managed by a blind trust. Scott's wife now manages the governor's Solantioc assets. Frances Scott can not be considered a neutral third party.

The problem is Scott's family still financial benefits on health care decisions as governor. For instance: Scott signed an executive order having state employees randomly drug tested. Scott supports legislation making mandatory for welfare recipients to be drug tested. Solantic provides drug testing as a service.

Another question is what did Scott's transition team lawyers, Enu Mainigi, James Fuller, and Richard Coates discuss with the Florida Commission on Ethics. There are no records of the meeting that took place on Dec. 7, 10 and 16.

Mainigi is an old friend of Scott. She has defended money launderers, and security fraud. Fuller worked on the Clintons tax returns. Fuller has represented accused tax criminals. Richard Coates has represented former Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom. Why is Scott having white collar criminal lawyers visit the ethics commission? These attorneys usually don't appear unless the client thinks he is about to be indicted.

The question remains if Scott has a blind trust? Judging by his stonewalling and the legal team he has put togeter; I am skeptical.

Exactly what transpired between Mainigi, Fuller, Coates and the Florida Commission on Ethics.

Does Scott talk to his wife about business matters relating to Solantic? I don't see how it is not possible.

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At March 30, 2011 3:25 AM , Anonymous Annemarie said...

I'm so glad someone has decided to scrutinize Scott's tax returns.. he should be forced to release details of his/his wife's ownership of Solantic..and also the video of his August 9th deposition on Glencross vs Solantic & the outcome of the Federal investigation.

The various Solantic companies they own are all "foreign limited liability companies" (saw in lawsuit doc)...probably why the big charity donation & extensive investment portfolio, reported loss & capital gains tax level. A big wealth protection/tax avoidance much has he parked wherever his foreign LLC country is?

Imagine the income going through Solantic when he's pushing through quarterly drug tests & HMO partnering on his Medicaid reform...he'll be raping Florida.

Once a crook, always a crook.


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