Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daily Show on RNC Stripper Controversy

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We knew that The Daily Show wasn't going to pass up making fun of the Michael Steele and RNC stripper controversy.

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Florida LGBT News

Progress Florida is running an online petition to get Sen. Bill Nelson to support repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Dear Sen. Nelson:

The time has come to end discrimination in our armed forces. We, the undersigned Floridians, ask you to help repeal the failed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law by supporting S. 3065, the Military Readiness Enhancement Act.

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has resulted in the loss, through discharge, of more than 13,000 service members since it was implemented in 1993. These discharges have included Arabic linguists, pilots, medics and others that held critical skill sets. The law has destroyed thousands of careers and compromised the strength of our over-burdened military.

Ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is the right thing to do – for justice and for national security. Please support S. 3065 today.

[Your Name]

Frank Gill became the first gay man to adopt children in Florida. Judge David J. Audlin Jr. ruled the gay adoption ban unconstitutional. The state of Florida appealed. Judge Cindy Lederman upheld the ruling on appeal. Lederman was later demoted.

Gill and his sons has been invited to the White House Easter Egg Roll. Equality Florida issued a press release.

"Florida's adoption ban is the most notorious state law in the country and we continue to work toward the day when it will be an embarrassing footnote in our nation's history," said Nadine Smith, Executive Director of Equality Florida. Miami-Dade residents Mayda Perez and Simone Mayer and their three children will also
attending the event.

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Vice-President was overheard by the media tell President Barack Obama that the passage of the health care bill was a "big fucking deal." The Democratic National Committee and Organizing For America is using Biden's verbal gaffe as a fundraising T-shirt. DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse explained the reasoning to CNN.

"Health reform is a huge and historic deal that will benefit American families and small businesses," Woodhouse said. "We and our supporters agree with the Vice President – health reform is a big bleeping deal."

Biden forgot to add the bleep.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mark Lanegan - Creeping Coastline of Lights

Mark Lanegan is the best indie rock/Generation X singer.

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Quote of the Day

"Oh, you bet. I’d love to see a Jeopardy game between Sarah Palin and Barbara Boxer. Barbara Boxer wouldn’t get $10 bucks."

Hugh Hewitt, conservative talk radio host

Hugh isn't the only one who would like to see Palin on Jeopardy.

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Swiftboater Bud Day Returns

Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Bud Day is a Medal of Honor recepient and Vietnam era POW. Day had a highly distinguished military career. I wished his political activism wasn't so divisive.

Day was a member of the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth. The 527 group had several inaccurate attacked on presidential candidate John Kerry. Day has once again got himself into a controversy.

Day is now campaigning for Charlie Crist. Day made a bizarre racial attack against Barack Obama's and Marco Rubio's ethnicity.

“You know, we just got through (electing) a politician who can run his mouth at Mach 1, a black one, and now we have a Hispanic who can run his mouth at Mach 1,” Day said. “You look at their track records and they’re both pretty gritty. Charlie has not got a gritty track record.”

Day confirmed he was speaking of Obama and Rubio.

“You’ve got the black one with the reading thing. He can go as fast as the speed of light and has no idea what he’s saying,” Day said. “I put Rubio in that same category, except I don’t know if he’s using one of those readers.”

Crist needs to dump Day. The Rubio campaign will (deservingly) use Day's statement for political traction. I don't see that has happening. Crist issued a press release.

“I am more than honored to have the endorsement of Colonel Bud Day,” Crist said in the release. “Colonel Day is a true American hero who has served our country well, and I could not be more grateful for his support.”

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New Republican Party Logo

Blue Gal has created a new logo for the Republican Party. I like it!

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Ray Sansom's Blackwater Deal

In 2008, former Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom inserted an amendment that would privatize five state prisons. The contracts would go to Blackwater. The company is now known as Xe Services LLC. Blackwater best known for the controversial killing of 17 Iraqi civilians. Judge Ricardo M. Urbina dropped the charges against the accused Blackwater guards.

Florida Sen. Paula Dockery is opposed to the Blackwater contract. The town of Sneads's economy depends of the state jobs provided by the prison. Dockery issued a press release.

Senator Paula Dockery (R-Lakeland), is strongly opposed to the lengthy proviso language that was quietly inserted into the Senate’s proposed budget during last week’s Ways & Means Committee hearing. “The proposal to close unnamed existing correctional facilities resulting in the layoffs of over 1,000 state corrections officers to move inmates to private facilities is a policy decision that deserves to be vetted through a completely transparent process. As chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, I find it outrageous that major change in how we run our state correctional facilities was not reviewed by committees that were created for this explicit purpose,” said Senator Dockery. “Transparency cannot exist when there has been no opportunity for debate or testimony.”

A hush contract given to Blackwater. Maybe this is what Ray Sansom meant by saying he was a man of values. Those same values allowed Sansom to use the Republican Party of Florida credit card to buy expensive meals and tuxedo rentals. Sansom's strong values allowed him to never repay the RPoF for his lavish spending.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Beatles - Ticket to Ride

Listen closely and you can hear the Everly Brothers influence in John's and Paul's harmonies.

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C-SPAN Caller Complains About Black People on Republican Line

A conservative caller told C-SPAN that he is mad that there are too many black callers on the Republican line.

"You have black folks calling in on the Republican line, independents. And you have so many of 'em I can't believe this is just an accident. If you keep on with the way you've been programming, you should change your name from C-Span to black-span," he said. "I know they have an opinion but I wish that they would be honest and call in on the right line."

"Everyone one of 'em thinks that Obama is Jesus Christ and they don't like when anybody criticizes him."

Conservatives seem to paint this conspirary theory narrative that Democrats control the media, have the ability to take away guns, and will suspend the Constitution. Republicans seem to believe the party that nominated Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis has omnipotent political powers. Obama couldn't get Tom Daschle confirmed. How is Obama going to suspend the Constitution.

Frank Rich is correct. The 1993 Republican health care plan is almost identical to the bill Obama signed. To say the attacks against Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are not racist and sexist is to be living in denial.

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Rape is Not Funny

Darleen of Protein Wisdom takes pride in posting a comic of President Barack Obama raping the Statue of Liberty.

Oh I know I’m going to get called names on this. But I’m not going to play that game anymore. Like the sign at one of the TEA parties that said “it doesn’t matter what this sign says, you going to call it racist anyway.” When even the lawsuits now being brought by 30 plus state AG’s is considered racist, it is time to stop playing that game.

Darleen, that is because the Tea Party signs are racist. 1776 Tea Party leader Dale Robertson held this sign at a rally.

The readership at Protein Wisdom is infamously misogynist. A sample comment by serr8d.

The Barack Obama is a very rapey little dude I think. You know you love it he says.

More people will be able to buy private insurance. That is hardly a reason for rape jokes and death threats.

Amanda Marcotte has had a online dealing with Darleen. Marcotte explains that Darleen is a "textbook example of a female misogynist." If you think that sounds harsh, Darleen posted a rape comic for giggles. Darleen also called the feminist blogosphere "Vagina Warrior blogsphere." Darleen constantly bashes a movement that gave her the rights she has. That is pretty sick.

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Quote of the Day

Don’t let those little punk staffers take advantage of you and stand up for yourselves. All of us are hearing from our friends and constituents on lack of credit, you can’t get a loan, the more your government takes and taxes, the more regulations you have to comply with the more cost you have there and less amount you are going to have available to loan to customers.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, to Wall Street bankers

This is the same John Boehner who gave out tobacco industry checks to Republican Congress members, on the House floor. Boehner is the definition of corporate suck-up.

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Why Opposing Health Care Was Politically Bad For GOP

Via Pensito Review: A new Gallup finds the highest group of voters uninsured are independents. 48 percent of independent voters are without health insurance. 31 percent of Democratic voters are without health insurance. 17 percent of Republicans are uninsured. 36 percent of Democrats are on Medicare. Independents are next at 33 percent.

The Republican Party opposed to bill to appease the independents voters known as the Tea Party. The GOP's problem is their voter base is strinking. Democrats registered record numbers of voters in 2008. The Tea Party independents have long voted Republican.

Mark Blumenthal makes a strong argument that only 10 percent of independent voters can shift for either party. Third Party candidates are competing with Republicans for fundraising dollars. Democrats will use the health care bill to woe Democratic-leaning independents. Proof the Tea Party strategy was bad for the GOP: Democrats are still raising more money than Republicans.

Conservative David Frum wrote how attempts to repeal the health care bill would be a political and policy failure for Republicans.

No illusions please: This bill will not be repealed. Even if Republicans scored a 1994 style landslide in November, how many votes could we muster to re-open the “doughnut hole” and charge seniors more for prescription drugs? How many votes to re-allow insurers to rescind policies when they discover a pre-existing condition? How many votes to banish 25 year olds from their parents’ insurance coverage? And even if the votes were there – would President Obama sign such a repeal?

That is a message of hope to sell to voters.

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Crist & Rubio Debate

Gov. Charlie Crist and former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio spent most of the debate attacking the debate attacking each other. Rubio dodged questions about his lobbyist past and his slush fund. Rubio set up two political action committees. $14,000 was used by Rubio to give jobs to family members. The money was filed under "courier fees." $5,700 from another PAC was used to pay for Rubio's wife's meals. Rubio double billed the Republican Party of Florida and the Florida for 8 plane trips in 2007. In the debate, Rubio dodged answering questions about how he spent taypayer and party finances.

Crist has his own baggage with living large on the taxpayers' dollar. Crist's 2008 European trip cost taxpayers $430,000.

Rubio's PAC Floridians for Conservative Leadership in Government raised $386,000 from the health care industry. It is not surprising that Rubio's solution for the rising cost of private health insurance is allowing people to buy private health insurance. That literally is the answer Rubio gave and "has been giving. Chris Wallace asked Rubio if employers will by barred from providing health insurance. Rubio said companies could still offer health insurance. Sensing he was being pressed, Rubio offered tort reform as the remedy to cut the cost of health care. A 2008 Congressional Budget Office report found tort reform would only cut 0.5 percent of health care costs. Rubio's answer shows the utter lack of seriousness and thought conservatives put into health care. Former Bush-Cheney campaign webmaster Patrick Ruffini wrote a brutally honest assessment of the Republican Party's lack of wonkishness on health care.

On health care, I have no idea what our basic guiding principle is. Seriously, I don't.

We have tried ineffectively to stretch free market rhetoric to health care without appreciating that health care is already too far removed from a free market for the analogy to make sense. Real markets are sensitive to price. Health care isn't. The insurance companies hide the cost of actual care from the consumer.

During the debate, Rubio accused Crist of not stating a single substantive policy proposal. Rubio is correct. However, backing tax cuts doesn't show a great deal of imagination on Rubio's part. Every Republican candidate supports tax cuts. Taxes have been cut under Bush and Obama. Bush's tax cuts did not create a promised increased surplus. Obama's tax cuts were the least stimulant part of the stimulus bill. Bush billed his 2003 tax cuts as a "stimulus plan."

Other Crist and Rubio moments:

Both candidates sang the praises of Ronald Reagan and Jeb Bush. Just once I like to hear a candidate say, "I'm a Richard Nixon conservative."

Both candidates professed their undying love for Jeb Bush. Unfortunely for Crist, Jeb isn't returning to love. Jeb gave his toy sword to Rubio.

Crist is attempting to portray himself as a pragmatist. Rubio is telling conservatives they can count on him to be a no vote against President Obama. My personal impression is these are two career politicians whom will cater their image to best sell themselves.

A call the debate a tie. Crist needed to crush Rubio. Crist got in his attacks but wasn't able to rattle Rubio. Chris Wallace did a average job moderating the debate. Rubio supporters will probably take exception with Wallace allowing Crist to constantly interrupt Rubio.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

A motherly come-to-Jesus talk that might save rightwingers from jail, if not political irrelevance


Come here. Right now. NOW, I said. Sit your bottoms down and listen, because as much as I don't like having to deal with this, it's high time you faced facts.

I've had enough. Everyone has had enough. You know what I'm about to say, because I've said it before, but I made the mistake of speaking to you as though you were intelligent almost-grownups, and clearly you've got a long way to go before anyone in his right mind would call you grownups.

Your behavior is unacceptable, and if you keep it up, you're going to wind up in history's rubbish pile and no-one will want to help you or even talk to you ever again.
But, but...HE DOES IT TOO!!! He's just as bad. He was making fun of my favorite President, Ronald Reagan...
Stop it right there, mister. There is a big difference between drawing political cartoons with your new Photoshop program and standing on the steps in front of your school with a megaphone and telling your friends to reload their paintball guns, it's time to show that school who's boss. Yes, I'm talking to you--everyone heard you say that, it's on YouTube now, and you can't deny it.
Well, the school deserved it. They gave us so much homework this week, it made us mad.
Mmm-hmm. Is that your position, then? Is that your excuse: your brother does something that annoys you, so you're allowed to do whatever you want to get back at him? Or wait, let's try the other excuse: your teachers do something that's good for you, but you don't happen to agree with it, so you can do anything you like in retaliation?

You will to go to your rooms, right now, and read quietly. Yes, I know you've finished your homework, off you go anyway--you're going to do some important reading for the next several hours.

First, here's some information on something called the principle of imminent lawless action. Essentially, it says that when you rally your friends to do something illegal that could hurt people, something dangerous or destructive, and they then get busy doing those illegal things--hurting people, destroying things--before the authorities can get there to protect people from your friends, the words you were yelling into that megaphone are themselves a crime; they're not considered protected speech because they caused imminent lawless action.

Then, I want you to reflect on all the horrible things you've been saying and doing and think long and hard about them. Not just the words and actions themselves, mind you, but the long-term effect they have and the shame they've brought to your family and country. Here, a lady named Digby says it really well with this list of some absolutely dreadful behaviors--examples of what I'm talking about--and the risibly pathetic excuses you've been using:
I can hardly believe it, but apparently America's wife beaters have actually decided to use the defense that these Democrats are "asking for" death threats from the right wingers because they are "making them mad." I documented Sere and Cantor's warnings this morning, but there are more:

Breitbart: Congressional Black Caucus members went "searching for ... racism" by walking through Tea Party crowd

Graham tells Beck -- Beck! -- Tea Partiers "get mad" because they "don't like being called racist

Michael Graham: Pelosi was "asking for" response by carrying Medicare gavel

Rove warns Dems that discussing threats against them may "inflame emotions"
Now. I want you to stay there, in your rooms, reading and reflecting. I'm disconnecting the XBox and the Internet until you can prove to me that you're willing to try hard and do better, which means you're going to have to start over, okay? Hey, you're always saying that when you're losing a game--Waaah, let's start over!--well, now I want *you* to start over. Show me that you want to be a part of this family even if we don't all agree on everything; that you finally realize that you're not the only human being on the planet--not even close!--and that you truly, honestly, deeply understand that what you say and do affects all those other people.

In the meantime, I'll be keeping a close eye on you.

Also at litbrit.

House Cat Meets Bobcat

There is a glass window between the two cats. I am still surprised by how calm the cats are. It is rare for a bobcat the get this close to a home during daylight.


Howard Dean Stumps For Alan Grayson

Howard Dean filmed a Youtube video for Rep. Alan Grayson. The blog Crooks and Liars is running an online campaign to raise money for Grayson. You can donate to Grayson's campaign at Congressman With Guts.

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Required Reading

Litbrit give the teabaggers a time out.

The Rude Pundit takes issue with Bill Donahue's indefensible defense of the Catholic Church's cover up of priest's that committed child rape.

The St. Petersburg Times editorial board calls the Marco Rubio speakership era "scamalot."

Joe the Plumber said he was done supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin. Joe charged his mind after his 15 minutes of fame was up. Joe is in Arizona with Sarah Palin. They are stumping for McCain. Why not, Palin and the uncertified Plumber did such a bang-up job getting McCain elected in 2008.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Uncle Tupelo - I Wanna Destroy You

This song sums up the destructive mentality of the Tea Party activists.

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Brian Blair Threatens Libel Suit Against Blogger

I'm late to the party. I just read about St. Petersblog 2.0 blogger Peter Schorsch being threatened with a libel suit by former Hillsborough County Commissioner Brian Blair. This is an absolutely frivolous lawsuit.

Blair is infamous for lawsuits. He filed suits against political opponent Kevin Beckner and Carrabba's Italian Grill. In the latter suit, Blair claimed an injury at the restaurant impaired his career as a professional wrestler. Blair wrestled in Japan after the alleged incident. Blair's explanation was tag-tag matches were less strenuous. Blair's blood-alcohol level was 0.089 90 minutes after the accident. Blair claimed he only had one sip of wine.

Blair has hired the law firm of Barker, Rodems and Cook to possibly sue Schorsch.

Dear Mr. Schorsch:

Our law firm represents Brian Blair. We have reviewed your web posting dated February 1, 2010. , at

We write today to serve written notice under section 770.10, Florida Statues which provides that "[b]efore civil action is brought before publication or broadcast, in a newspaper, periodical, or other medium, of a libel or a slander, the plaintiff shall at least 5 days before instituting such action, serve notice in writing on the defendant, specifying the article or broadcast and the statements therein which he or she alleges to be false and defamatory.

The Supreme Court case Times v. Sullivan found that actual malice must be proven to meet the standard of "false and defamatory." Blair's attorneys make claim there are several factual errors in Schorsch's post. The Supreme Court ruled that doesn't meet the standard of actual malice.

(c) Factual error, content defamatory of official reputation, or both, are insufficient to warrant an award of damages for false statements unless "actual malice" -- knowledge that statements are false or in reckless disregard of the truth -- is alleged and proved. Pp. 279-283.

Then we have Sticks of Fire blogger Tommy Duncan attacking the day after Schorsch announced he is being sued by Blair. Duncan wrote the post "brian blair threatens loose blogger," with barely mentioning Blair's lawsuit against Schorsch. Duncan defended Blair by stating the charges were dropped (true) and calling Schorsch "juvenile" for bringing up the arrest. Tommy goes into a Bill O'Reilly "I'm really a moderate" diatribe to diss Schorsch and lament on why we can't we have civil discourse. It is no secret that Sticks of Fire is a conservative blog. I find it hysterical the blog editor of a site that sell stripper thongs and published Rachel Moran's controversal post advocating assaulting homeless people is lecturing us on good taste. Glass houses and stones.

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Crist Continues to Tout Cover Florida

I wrote previously about how Gov. Charlie Crist's Cover Florida health insurance program has been a massive failure. At the time, Cover Florida only provided insurance coverage to 3,700 Floridians. 3,560 Floridians lose their health insurance every week. Cover Florida does not make a dent into stopping Floridians from losing health insurance. Crist was so uncommitted to Cover Florida that he would not spend money to advertise the program.

Crist is again touting Cover Florida in a radio ad. The Pulitzer prize-winning Politifact found Cover Florida only provides health insurance to 0.1 percent of uninsured Floridians. When I previously checked the Cover Florida web site, there were no plans that covered hospitalization. Fortunately, the plans have gotten somewhat better. There are caps on hospital visits and other services. You are not covered once you pass the caps. Cover Florida private plans can exclude people with pre-existing conditions for the first year.

Seriously, does Crist want to run on a health care plan that only covers 0.1 percent of the uninsured? If so, then Crist need not wonder why he is behind in the polls.

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Tea Party Threatens Senate Parliamentarian

The Tea Party strategy of terror and intimidation continues. Teabaggers plan to protest in front of the the home of Senate Parliamentarian Alan Frumin. The role of the Parliamentarian is to advise the Preciding Officer (Which can be a member of the Senate or Vice-President) on the Standing Rules of the United States Senate. The Parliamentarian does not make policy. He merely advises the Senate or their rules of procedure.

That hasn't stopped the Tea Party activists from posting Frumin's address online. Sen. Kent Conrad told Fox News threats have been made against Frumin.

"The irony here is that he has people threatening him, but here's a guy who's held against us," Conrad said, referring to Frumin's ruling Wednesday night that will effectively send the bill back to the House because of minor changes.

The Tea Party blab on about how they support the Constitution. The Constitution states the Senate selects their officers. Frumin was appointed by both political parties.

Except for the Vice President, the Senate elects its own officers. The President pro tempore is usually the longest-serving member of the majority party. Other elected officers include a chaplain, secretary of the Senate, and sergeant at arms, who are not senators.

The Tea Party doesn't care about the Constitution. President Obama lowered taxes. These sociopaths just want to get their hate on.

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Quote of the Day

"Glenn Beck is a fucking asshole. I've met him. He called me the anti-Christ, and not about Avatar. He hadn't even seen Avatar yet. I don't know if he has seen it."

James Cameron, film director

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Teabaggers Respond With Death Threats

The Tea Party movement as reacted to the passage of health care reform with insanity. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told The Hill that there is in security.

"Any member who feels themselves at risk is getting attention from the proper authority," Hoyer said during brief remarks on Wednesday.

The FBI is investigating a severed gas line, at the house the brother of Rep. Tom Perriello. The Lynchburg Tea Party anonymously posted the address of Perriello brother on their blog. The blogger mistakenly believed Rep. Perriello lived at the address. The blogger urged teabaggers to pay the Congressman a visit. That is a sure invitation to trouble.

“Just in case any of his friends and neighbors want to drop by and say hi and express their thanks regarding his vote for health care,” the author writes. “I personally believe it’s so important for representatives to remain fully grounded and to remember exactly what it is their constituents are saying and how they are telling them to vote. Nothing quite does that like a good face-to-face chat. It has a much more personal touch to it.”

I have had commenters post addresses and death threats at people on this blog. I have always deleted those comments. I could care less if commenters diss me. Putting people's personal information that might endanger a person is something I have never allowed on this blog. There is zero excuse for the actions of the Lynchburg Tea Party bloggers.

Nigel Coleman is one of the two people responsible for posted the address. Coleman was unapologetic of his actions.

According to the Politico Web site, when Coleman learned that the address actually belonged to the congressman’s brother, he responded on a blog: “Do you mean I posted his brother’s address on my Facebook? Oh well, collateral damage.

The other person who posted the address is Mike Troxel. Like Coleman, Troxel showed an equal lack of sensitivity. Troxel refuses to take the address off the blog. Troxel will only take it down if he has Rep. Tom Perriello.

“If they would like to provide me with the address of Tom, then I’d be more than happy to take it down,” he said. “I have no reason to believe it’s not his house.”

Coleman and Troxel have been informed that Perriello's brother has received a threatening latter and a cut gas line. Yet, they refuse to delete their posting of the home address. These men are aware they are endanger the lives of the Perriello family. These are not freedom loving patriots. They are sociopaths.

Coleman is now backtracking from the negative publicity.

"We wanted people to go by and talk to their congressman," Coleman said.

Previously, Perriello's brother was "collateral damage." Now Coleman wants a friendly chat. Amazing how an FBI investigation can change one's disposition.

A caller on Rep. Louise Slaughter's voice mail threatened to use "snipers" against her. Slaughter also had a brick thrown through her district office window. It is obvious some nutcase is attempting to stalk Slaughter. The threat against her is serious.

Tea Party protesters called Congressman and civil right legend "nigger." Several members of the member heard Tea Party protesters chant the word to the Black Caucus. Bill O'Reilly claims there is no proof. O'Reilly failed to bring any eyewitnesses to his show. Fox News helped create the Tea Party movement. How long will Fox News be able to explain away the militia mentality of this movement remains to be seen.

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Corey Poitier Calls Obama Buckwheat

Oh, no he didn't!

I seriously wonder if some politicians can't help but put their foot in their collective mouths. Corey Poitier is a African-American Republican running for Florida's 17th Congressional District. He had the incredible misfortune of refering to President Barack Obama as Buckwheat during a speech to the Broward County Republicans. Poitier is now backtracking.

"I wasn't meaning him any harm. Maybe it was a little insensitive," Poitier said. "It's a term that my brother and I use. It was kind of a way of saying, 'dummy,' like when I say to my brother, 'Hey, Buckwheat, cut that out.' That's what it was."

Poitier wasn't making a racist term towards the President. He just thinks Obama is a "dummy." Even fellow Republicans came up to Poitier, after his speech, and informed him that his comment was over-the-top.

This is the only publicity Poitier will get. District 17 is overwhelmingly Democratic. Poitier's fundraising has been so poor he has not even filed a campaign finance report. Kendrick Meek has given up to his and the field is filled with Democrats. Rudolph Moise, Frederica S Wilson and Shirley Gibson are the serious contenders.

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Quote of the Day

"Example One: A lobbyist tried to convince that I should vote against health care reform, because people don't want health care.

"I honestly was stunned by the utter swinishness of that statement. That lobbyist had health coverage; why wouldn't he want others to have it?"

Congressman Alan Grayson

Personally, I prefer performing surgery on myself without anesthesia.

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Zombie Girl

I'm a huge fan of Nicole Parker's work on MadTV. This short film uses the zombie movie cliche to illustrate how beauty and body images issues can be self-destructive. Parker's character Stacey suffers from low self-esteem. Stacey has not been on a date in years. She gets a date from lying about herself on the internet. Stacey has been bitten by a zombie. She makes a video dating tutorial for a future zombie self to watch.

Living Stacey: His name is Brad. So, don't you screw this up. No moaning, okay, I didn't lie for two straight months on the internet for you to fucking drool and moan.

Related: Nicole Parker As A Singing Sarah Palin

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paging Senator Rachel Maddow

Washington Post columnist Howard Kurtz tweets that Sen. Scott Bown sent a fundraising letter complaining Rachel Maddow will run for his seat. Maddow's producer told Kurtz this is bogus.

Rachel Maddow, interviewed by producer, says not running for MA-Sen despite Scott Brown fundraising letter citing her as possible challenger.

I'm looking forward to Brown's next fundraising e-mail on the threat of a Ben Affleck candidacy.

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Drivin' N Cryin' Music Goodies

A truly underappreciated band.

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Sheldon Whitehouse on Health Care Bill

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse dares Republicans to run against the signed health care reform bill.

WHITEHOUSE: I think victory looks good to the American people. I also think as they become more accustomed to this bill, as the President said As it's reality, confront some of the rhetoric we have heard about it. They will learn some very important things about what this bill does. I think the Republicans have painted themselves into a corner. If they want to run against us in November on opposing closing the donut hole on seniors, protecting children with preexisting conditions against the insurance companies denying them coverage. Opposing $1.3 trillion in deficit reduction. Opposing tax credits for small business. They put themselves in a tough position.

But the Republicans still have the Tea Party!

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Quote of the Day

"Nancy Pelosi will be grinning and laughing this afternoon. Today will do more damage than 9/11."

Neal Boortz, Conservative talk radio host

Boortz compares granting health care access to terrorist attacks that killed 3,000 Americans and bogged the United States into two wars. Conservative really don't want to have a rational debate about policy.

Conservatives on Twitter, the gift that keeps on giving.

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Marco Rubio Protests Too Much

Marco Rubio is complaining those mean Democrats are picking on him. Rubio's campaign obitted what Rubio's latest controversy is about.

So it’s no surprise that Democrats are now targeting Marco with the first of many political stunts to distract voters’ attention from their flawed ObamaCare plan and the massive, out-of-control spending that has taken place on their watch.

The smears and attacks against Marco get more ridiculous each day. Today’s stunt is to enlist a maxed out Hillary Clinton supporter to file a frivolous complaint against Marco. It’s so frivolous that this individual wasn’t even willing to sign it.

Sadly, these stunts actually cost you, the taxpayer, money because government bureaucrats actually have to waste time on them. But worse, this illustrates the problem with politics today. When people can’t defend their indefensible big government policies, they turn to the same old politics-as-usual playbook of misleading, negative and false personal attacks.

What the Rubio campaign fails to mention is Rubio and his Chief-of-Staff during a two month period they spent $60,000 with a Republican Party of Florida credit card. Charges including a $600-a-night hotel and a limo. Chief of Staff Richard Corcoran had the audacity to say, ""Every penny was worth it." Talk about fiscal conservatism.

Rubio is being evasive about his lavish expensises.

"There might have been some that he paid, but I don't know which ones,'' Rubio said. "You're asking me about a (credit card) statement I've never seen.''

We are to believe Rubio doesn't know who paid his haircut or his $400 airline ticket for his (aborted) family vacation to Spain. That doesn't pass the laugh test. If we are to take Rubio at his word: how can voters expect Rubio to control federal spending when he is ignorant of his own finances?

Update: Fort Lauderdale resident Michael D. Ryan has filed an ethics complaint against Rubio. Usually, Florida ethics complaints don't go anywhere. However, the Ray Sansom credit card controversy and indictment is fresh in many people's memory. Ryan throws an interesting accusation about Rubio's political action committee.

Before he became speaker, Rubio and his wife started two political committees to support conservative candidates that raised about $600,000. Rubio failed to disclose tens of thousands of dollars in expenses and concealed other purchases by lumping them in credit card charges.

"It appears that Mr. Rubio believes that PAC stands for 'personal access to cash,' " Ryan says in the complaint, calling it a 'fraud upon his donors whose donations were solicited for political purposes, not to subsidize his lifestyle."

Ryan also implies that Rubio got an "Florida International University" during a time of lowoffs. Ryans is clearly linking Rubio's behavior to Sansom's. Ryan contends he doesn't have a political agenda.

Anyone involved with politics or files ethics complaints has a political agenda. Ask Kenneth Quinnell. My pet peeve is people having political agendas and saying they don't. I don't write this blog because the world of golf blogging is too tough. I write because I have a political agenda. I try to be fair and diss my side when it's deserved. I have a progressive idealogy and don't feel the need to hide that.

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Conservative Blogger Calls For Obama's Assassination

Solly Forell is the conservative blogger of Barack Obama was an American Electorate Mistake. On Forell Twitter profile, he claims to be a more "authentic" black man than Obama. (I wasn't aware there was an authenic black test.) Forell openly urged for the assassination of Obama. Twitter has deleted that post and another highly questionable tweet. Forell's tweet is not protected by the First Amendment. Threats against the President's life violates federal law under 18 USC Sec. 871.

Whoever knowingly and willfully deposits for conveyance in the mail or for a delivery from any post office or by any letter carrier any letter, paper, writing, print, missive, or document containing any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States, the President-elect, the Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President of the United States, or the Vice President-elect, or knowingly and willfully otherwise makes any such threat against the President, President-elect, Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President, or Vice President-elect, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

Forell is now backtracking. Me thinks that has something to do with being investigated by the Secret Service.

Can anything that angers & divides us like #hcr really B good 4 America? U.S. has bad credit? Our rhetoric is vile. Mine included. Sad day.

Forell is forming at the mouth because more Americans will have access to health care. As a progressive, I feel the mandate is is corpoate give-away. That doesn't make me want to go all Lee Harvey Oswald on the President. Bill O'Reilly rails against the anonymous commenters on Daily Kos. What to take bets on if O'Reilly ever mentions Forell on his show?

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quote of the Day

"If Obamacare passes, that free insurance card that's in people's pockets is going to be as worthless as a Confederate dollar after the war between the states -- the Great War of Yankee Aggression."

Rep. Paul Broun

The terms "Confederate dollar" and "Yankee Aggression" are code words for racism. Someone should remind Congressman Broun that he does not serve in the Congress of the Confederate States.

Another note: who the fuck has a free health card? Health care is people either out-of-pocket, with insurance premiums and goverment entitlement programs. Someone is left paying the bill. The entire point of insurance reform is to lower the skyrocketing cost of health care.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Directly From My Heart To You

Thanks to Mark at Fried Green al-Qaedas for the Photoshop

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quote of the Day

"For an image buff up and press handling Tiger Woods has hired ... (drum roll) Ari Fleischer."

Josh Marshall, editor of Talking Points Memo

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