Thursday, October 08, 2009

Charlie Crist Third Quarter Fundraising

Gov. Charlie Crist raised $2.4 million for the third fundraising quarter. Crist has $6.2 million on-hand for his Senate campaign. Marco Rubio's spokeman Alex Burgos attempted to spin away Crist's fundraising advantage.

Rubio campaign spokesman Alex Burgos responded to the numbers in a statement to TPM: "Money can't wipe away Charlie Crist's record of support for wasteful stimulus spending, historic tax increases and cap-and-trade. We're going to make sure he spends every last cent trying."

Oh really.

I remember Rubio as House Speaker during Crist's tenure as Governor. Florida borrowed money to keep government running while Rubio was in the House. I don't recall Rubio getting Florida off it's borrowing addiction.

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