Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wingnut of the Day: Jim Inhofe

It amazes me that Republicans have so little faith in the Constitution and the political process. Jim Inhofe is one of the most extreme U.S. Senators. So he might actually believe America won't be around in 16 months.

“I never dreamed I would see an administration try to disavow all the things that have made this country different from all others,” Inhofe said to more than 300 people at a town hall meeting in the Grove Community Center.

“I have never seen so many things happening at one time so disheartening to America.

“Those of you who think like I do hope this country can hang on another 16 months” until the next congressional elections, the Oklahoma Republican said.

Inhole doesn't bother to say what great American things the Obama administration is disavowing. Unless Inhole thinks torture and the Iraq war are things that make America great. It certainly didn't improve America's international image.

Does Inhole believe America can not be great if Democrats are in the White House? In Inhofe's mind was America a shithole during the Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy administrations? Perhaps Inhofe would prefer an administration that would be more tolerant of him discrimination against gays. A Republican administration let Inhofe lead Oklahoma in pork barrel spending. Now Inhofe is worried about fiscal conservatism.

I have more faith in America than Inhofe. If the U.S. SEnate can survive Inhofe than Obama will not sink America into the ocean.



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