Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Last week Democrats released a health care bill which essentially said to America’s seniors: drop dead."

Ginny Brown-Waite, on the House floor on July 21, 2009

Brown-Waite is notorious for makinpuerto ricansg bizarre quotes. For instance: she was under the impression Puerto Ricans are not United States citizens.

“Second, the bill sends hundreds of millions of dollars to people who do not pay federal income taxes, including residents of Puerto Rico and territories like Guam. I do not believe American taxpayer funds should be sent to foreign citizens who do not pay taxes. Americans want an economic stimulus for Dunnellon, Brooksville and Clermont, not for San Juan or Hagatna. As the legislation moves forward, it must be changed to ensure that only federal taxpaying American citizens receive rebate checks."

The Jones-Shafroth Act granted Puerto Ricans American citizenship. Brown-Waite would know that fact, if she was familiar with the invention known as Google.

My favorite Brown-Waite quote is her describing her relationship with K Street lobbyists.

“I have to go up to total strangers, ask them for money and get them to expect me to be there when they need me. What does that sound like to you?”

That is a question best left for Eliot Spitzer and David Vitter.

Hat tip to Ron Mills.

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