Sunday, September 27, 2009

The One Term Man

Gov. Charlie Crist spoke at the Republican Leadership Conference. Crist suggested President Barack Obama will be vulnerable in 2012.

“I think the people wanted a change. They wanted a change back in 1976. You remember? Richard Nixon had been president. That ended. Gerald Ford took over. The people decided they wanted a change. They got one-Jimmy Carter. Four years later, they took care of business-Ronald Reagan. It may happen again.”

If anyone knows about members of the executive branch serving one term, it is Charlie Crist. The Governor predicted that economic growth would make the state budget continue to grow. Florida is going through it's first population decline in 63 years.Florida is currently experiencing a difficult budget deficit.

Crist chooses a Senate run over a second term as Governor. He was in New York for a recent fundraiser. The has documented the number of days off Crist has taken. The truth is Crist is lazy and has no interest in doing the heavy lifting involved in turning Florida's economy around. Crist wants the (preceived) safety of a new job. Crist is so disengaged the Florida legislator ignored last his budget. Sen. J.D Alexander mocked Crist's disengagement with a sign on his office door.

``BUDGET CHAIRMAN'S WARNING. Please Remove All Standard Issue E.O.G. [Executive Office of the Governor] Rose Colored Glasses Prior to Entering Suite. Failure to do so May Cause Severe Economic Pain to the People of Florida.''

Only an unserious man would tell Floridians how great the Florida economy is during a recession.



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