Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Invoice to the Tampa Tribune


I am submitting a $75.00 invoice for the use of my blog post "Tampa Tribune Runs Tina Dupuy Column Without Payment." used the post as part of it's opinion page content. Google cache has saved the post.

I understand Dave Dugan has submitted a $400.00 invoice for use of his comic strip Zencomix. His artwork was pulled off of my blog and posted onto

I look forward to your response.

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At September 10, 2009 7:21 PM , Blogger joe positive said...

I wonder if the Trib will scrape this and publish it... :-)

At September 10, 2009 7:25 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

The Trib have taken down all PR posts. Google cache still has the post.

At September 11, 2009 12:06 AM , Anonymous You go girl! said...

Don't let them get away with this!

At September 13, 2009 10:35 PM , Blogger Peter Schorsch said...

A letter to Janet Coats, Vice President of the Tampa Tribune, regarding the illegal use of my intellectual property.


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