Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mercenary Contractors Still Abusing Tax Dollars

Blackwater changed their name to Xe. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is still using the marcenary company's services in Iraq. Xe will continue to provide helicopter transport to embassy officials to and from the green zone. DynCorp International is to take over duties. DynaCorps have experienced the same problems as Blackwater/Xe.

The company is not short on controversy. Under the Plan Colombia contract, the company has 88 aircraft and 307 employees - 139 of them American - flying missions to eradicate coca fields in Colombia. Soldier of Fortune magazine once ran a cover story on DynCorp, proclaiming it "Colombia's Coke-Bustin' Broncos."

US Rep. Janice Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat, told Wired magazine that hiring a private company to fly what amounts to combat missions is asking for trouble. DynCorp's employees have a history of behaving like cowboys," Schakowsky noted. "Is the US military privatizing its missions to avoid public controversy or to avoid embarrassment - to hide body bags from the media and shield the military from public opinion?" she asked.

The Obama administration isn't attempting to change the dependence on private military personal. The Defense Department is switching to DynCorp because they are a less offensive name brand to progressives and the media. DynCorp has the same level of corruption and incompetence. April G. Stephenson, director of the Defense Contract Audit Agency Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stephenson told the commission DynCorp overbilled the Defense Department by $50 million.

There is more: DynCorp subsidiary Global Linguist Solutions was awarded a $4.6 billion contract to provide linguistics services. GLS cut a deal with L-3 Communications. In total, GLS awarded $2.9 billion of it's DoD contract to 18 subcontractors. Stephenson testified that these subcontracts never underwent Defense Department review.

During the 2008 campaign, Obama was asked if he intended to stop using companies, such as Blackwater and DynCorp. Obama made it clear he will continue to use private contractors. Obama is more concerned with image than changing the current military culture that awards mercenary contractors.

I want you to walk to a mirror and say, "Obama is change I can believe in."

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