Monday, September 21, 2009

Mark Foley Prepares Comeback

Mark Foley told Javier Manjarres, of Conservative Republican Alliance, he plans on having an active role in politics.

"I doubt I will re-enter the political arena as an office-seeker," Foley said. "I will use my experience and my voice to help others, to rally for economic sanity, to bring about real reforms on a local, state and even national level."

I know the first name that pops into my head as an economics expert is Mark Foley. Who is actually going to take Foley seriously? Foley probably did the interview to promote his radio show "Inside the Mind of Mark Foley."

I don't have a paid subscription to Conservative Republican Alliance. Someone send me a transcript of the entire interview. I want to know how many softball questions Manjarres threw to Foley.

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