Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crist on Morning Joe

Gov. Charlie Crist went on Morning Joe. Crist proclaims the real estate market has rebounded. Obviously, Crist missed the memo about Florida being second in the nation in foreclosures. The People's Governor will make up whatever narrative that best suits his worldview.

Crist stood by his statement that Obama will be a one-term president.

CRIST: Well, I see it because I think back in '76... when Jimmy Carter got elected. I think people were in a mood for change. Clearly, they were. We were coming off the Nixon years and Gerald Ford had inherited that. The people wanted a change from what they had seen before and they had elected then Go. Carter president.

I think the same thing existed last year, in our political climate. I think that people wanted change. Obviously, President Obama, to his credit, and to his campaign's credit, tapped into that in a very effective way and was elected. I think change is what people wanted. I don't think this kind of change is exactly what they expected. I think government has grown too much, too fast, too far and I think there is maybe a little buyer's remorse by some.

Crist runs on about the people wanting more freedom. Who exactly does Crist think Obama is locking behind doors? Crist just rambles on with Republican talking points.

Crist claims unemployment is coming down and that he lowered taxes. Unemployment went up during his term from 3.3 percent to 10.7 percent. Crist does not have a legacy to run on. Crist will create a new storyline and will drone on with conservative bumper sticker slogans.

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