Monday, September 28, 2009

Charlie Crist Claims He Increased Employment

I previously blogged about Charlie (one term Governor) Crist, at Republican Leadership Conference, insinuating Barack Obama would be a one term president Crist also told the huge whopper that he lowered unemployment and cut taxes.

Crist said Florida, much like Michigan, was plagued by high unemployment before he took over, cut spending, slashed taxes and focused on job creation. "Less taxing, less spending, less government, more freedom," Crist said. The conference continues through Sunday.

The Florida unemployment rate was 3.3 percent when Crist was sworn in. The unemployment rate remained at 3.3 percent in March of 2007. The current unemployment rate is 10.7. When Crist was running for Governor polls were conducted over how to best use the state's budget surplus. Florida is looking at a potential 2.3 billion deficit. CFO Alex Sink warned Florida is borrowing too much money to fund the budget.

"We are in trouble," Sink told the St Petersburg Times. "We're writing checks like crazy and the money isn't coming in."

Crist did not deliver on his promise to make property taxes did not drop "like a rock." Sales taxes and a 5.5 percent corporate flat tax makes Florida's tax system regressive. Crist refused to reform the system and instead raised fees and increased college tuition rates. Despite Crist's claims of being a fiscal conservative, taxpayers had to pay for Crist's lavish $430,000 Eurupean trip. Crist has created a fantasy legacy of achievements he never accomplished. There is no other way for him to explain his horrible first term.

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